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All you need to know about bahu-vivah yog?

Bahu-vivah yoga in ancient India was a matter of personal choice, a status symbol, and at times a social, moral, and religious obligation for kings and other wealthy people. According to Hindu scripts, even the gods used to marry many apsaras. The great King Dasaratha, the father of Lord Rama, had three queens. Draupadi, the leading character in Mahabharat, had five husbands, and Lord Krishna also had many queens for different reasons. But, in the present time, this practice of more than one marriage is banned. Under the Indian judicial system, a Hindu person is not allowed to remarry if their partner is alive or without dissolution of the marriage.

From the philosophical perspective, many rational reasons influence a person to do multiple marriages, like not having children from the first marriage, not having the desired life partner, lack of attractiveness, lack of physical and mental compatibility, family disputes, etc. But astrology states some other reasons also for multiple marriages. This article highlights the reasons for bahu-vivah yoga according to the astrological point of view.

Possibilities of bahu-via yoga

Bahu-vivah yoga is one of many strange yogas that appear in the horoscope. Bahu-vivah yoga refers to having more than one living spouse. We can quickly determine from a person's horoscope whether he will marry more than one person and, if so, under what circumstances. We should understand the astrological reasons for this. It is interesting to know that every kundli contains bahu-vivah yoga. However, you may think you have only been married once and have no chance of getting married again. But to your great surprise, multiple marriage yogas are present in every kundli. Some of the yogas given by Parashara Rishi are considered to be the most reliable source for discovering bahu-vivah yoga in the horoscope. 

Reasons for bahu-vivah yoga in changing perspective

Due to the dominating male society, If any young man finds this yoga in his kundli, he and his parents feel delighted. On the other hand, if a similar yoga appears in any girl's horoscope, then she and her parents will get worried and upset. But, in the present time, everything is changing rapidly. Earlier, there was no trend of remarriage after divorce. Society allows you to remarry only when one partner in the couple dies. But, it is prevalent in present days for couples to get separated. The most probable reasons for the dissolution of marriage are - Physical and mental incompatibility, the disparity in their strength and weaknesses, mismatch of house, doubt about a relationship with someone else, and lack of commitment, etc.

Significant astronomical reasons for creating bahu-vivah yoga yoga

You can understand these things through an easy and simple example. Earlier, afflicted seventh and twelfth houses indicated bahu-vivah yoga in your horoscope. But nowadays, we have come across many horoscopes that contain only the eleventh house afflicted, and the person got married more than once. But the degree of the affliction of the seventh house indicates first marriage, second marriage, or third marriage, i.e., the more afflicted the seventh house, the more marriages will occur. In light of this, it is interesting to understand why people with less afflicted seventh houses or people blessed with the auspicious aspect of Jupiter and Venus tend to marry again, even a third time.
Suppose you want to determine the quality of your marriage in your kundli. In that case, you need to examine the seventh house, the Lord of the seventh house, the twelfth house, Venus and Jupiter and their preferred houses, and the Navamsa Kundli.
In some way or another, each person suffers from one or more of these seven causes, which forms bahu-vivah yoga. Now it depends on the wisdom of the individual whether they can overcome it or whether it overcomes them. 

Need for the rectification of Karma and Ascendant amendment

It is essential to rectify your Karma and adjust your ascendant in this instance, and we can assist you. All of you must understand that if the seventh house, or its Lord or significator, is afflicted even a little, it encourages you to have bahu-vivah yoga. The spouse's horoscope also plays a vital role since bahu-vivah yoga gets strength from there.
If you are also passing through a rough relationship phase, you must check your horoscope to determine whether there will be this multi-marriage yoga in your horoscope. If this yoga is present, it will never allow you to flourish in your relationship. But if you are already divorced and ready to remarry, we put efforts into flourishing this yoga.