Auspicious Miracles in Life

Bajrangi ji

The word “Auspicious” needs no introduction & all of us need Auspicious Events in our life. But do you know these Auspicious Events are & can be of 2 types.

Result of our Karmas of Present Life.

These are planned and created by ourselves with the Karmas of our present life. Meaning thereby we make efforts in a direction to create these Auspicious Events in our life say Marriage, Birth of a child, Birthdays, Pooja & Havan on festivals & likewise. These are no unexpected but we know we are making efforts for these Auspicious Events.

Results of our Karmas of Past Life

These Auspicious Events are the results of our good deeds ( Karmas) in the Past Life and such events are embedded in our Horoscope. Any learned Astrologer can decode these Auspicious Events which would come in our life unexpectedly. Surely these are Miracles & sometimes such events change our total life. Read what are these Auspicious Events or Miracles.