Atheist Non-believer in astrology

non-believer in astrology

Why non-believer & atheist also start believing astrology 

Self confidence & self belief or sometimes misconceptions about Astrology makes a person non-believer in astrology but some actual incidents of life turn a atheist into a theist. Is it because of wrong practices in astrology or over- confidence or arrogance?  

Rahul, my client's son, was a surprise visitor to my office last week. I say 'surprise' because there is a tale behind Rahul. It was the year 2005 when Rahul's father visited my office to learn about his son's future. Rahul, a 26 year-old lad, was a firm believer in himself, a non-believer in astrology and was totally against seeking astrological advice. Therefore, it was a task for his father to bring him to my office. Rahul was at that time preparing for civil services and had already attempted a few times without success.

Despite his failures, he wanted to try yet again, but his father was apprehensive about his success and was wanting him to go for some private job, without wasting further time. I could see a good Government job in his horoscope but not that apex one for which he was desperately preparing. Moreover, despite being a computer engineer, I could not see a foreign-yoga in the horoscope, therefore I told them to simultaneously to go for class -II Government jobs also.

I could see that he did not like my advice and his no- dialogue attitude with me further suggested the little belief he had in my science and he was an absolute non-believer in astorlogy. As per our system, my office got regular updates from them. He secured a class-II Government job in 2008 after exhausting all his civil service attempts. His sudden advent into my office now without his father was thus a surprise. "Will my job remain" was the only question that a one-time non-believer in astrology had. He had messed up in his current office.

He was accused of doing some financial bungling, and the charges were on the verge of being proved. Though he was not entirely clean, his chart showed some compelling promises. I assured him that he will not lose his job. He may face some critical issues, but he will come out of it. I could see that my word calmed his nerves to a great extent. His departing words were, "I have great faith in your words as you had predicted my job, and I am ready to undergo any sought of ritual that is deemed necessary." Rahul is not the only one in my astrological career where a non-believer in astrology turned a believer after being so fiercely against.

When the stakes rise, and the ability to influence a situation begins to fall, I have seen many change their stance. Planets have an influence, and this impact can be read if not altered. We can surely plan our voyage keeping the influences of these planets in mind. And mind you not desperate mindless rituals but it is just a small karma evaluation what is required. Dr Vinay Bajrangi is a PHD Scholar, Vedic Astrologer. Meet Dr. Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.