Astrology Solution for Childless Couples

Childless Couples

The biggest happiness a woman can have after marriage is to become a mother. Most women who have an overwhelming urge to fall pregnant are not able to conceive for some reasons and consequently, they are dejected and begin to feel that the society looks down upon them. Also, sexual unison, conception, and reproduction are the essentials, based on which the world exists. Sexual unison is not just for sense pleasure. Child birth might seem to be scientific and ordinary, but it is actually more of God’s gift and cosmic power plays an important role in a successful insemination. Traditional women, desperate to have children, tirelessly visit temples and shrines to implore God to bestow them with a baby. Can astrology help them in anyway?

Astrology is all about right time for anything. It is evident from all the objects in nature that are created in time, evolved in time, and their life is ended in time. Accordingly, the development of a foetus in a mother’s womb will happen in time. Also, it is essential that you should have the astrological matchmaking done to see if you and your fiancée are divinely made for each other. Astrology can help you do this. It can help you gain healthy, contented, and socially well-adaptable children. For this reason, it’s always suggested that you consult a Hindu astrologer when you are planning to marry. He will assess the ‘Kundli’ or birth chart of both the bride and bridge groom and see if they make the right match. In the process their life after marriage – financial, relational, and posterior-related – are also assessed. This astrological assessment can help astrologers check if pregnancy is possible. If he learns that there is no sign of addition of new members in the family, he will suggest not to go ahead with the marriage. In case, the marriage has already happened without the reviewing both the ‘Kundlis,’ he will help find a solution to overcome the problem by analyzing the birth charts, distinctive to the couple.


Here are the few things a Hindu astrology horoscope can reveal:

  • Chances of offspring according to the birth charts of both husband and wife
  • Number of possible biological children through the couple
  • The probable year of conception
  • Chances of miscarriages
  • Chances of delivery through any other delivery procedure
  • How to minimize the adverse effects of fatal planets
  • How to maximize the chances of naturally conceiving a child

The ‘Pancham bhav’ or 5th house of the horoscope will tell you the possibility of conception. If the ‘Pancham bhav’ shows a negative sign, then the Vedic astrologer will recommend the rituals that are to be performed to correct this problem. First off, he assesses the ‘Lagna’ and ‘Lagnesh’ of both husband and wife and suggests a workaround to overcome the problem. If even after all the astrological efforts, if the ‘Pancham bhav’ is not favouring a natural conception, then he recommends conception by any of the artificial means such as IVF (IN Vitro Fertilization), GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer), or ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer). At times, after conception through an artificial method, there could be detrimental effects on the family, leading to disillusionment. In such cases, adopting a child is suggested. However, the condition of the child over a period of time is not encouraging because of the ‘Pancham bhav’ of the person, which badly influences most of the time, but his younger brother ‘Saptham bhav’ is complimentary. After adopting a child, the woman will revive the capability to fall pregnant naturally.

Sometimes, when the ‘Kundlis’ are examined, the husband’s ‘Kundli’ might indicate about 80% possibility of family while the wife’s ‘Kundli’ might indicate only about 20% chance or vice versa. In such cases, some remedy has to be figured out to enhance the capability of the weaker Kundli. After strictly following the astrologer’s advice, eventually, things start favouring ‘Pancham bhav,’ blessing the couple with a baby. However, there are cases where  the couple is blessed with a baby, but his or her life span is limited. This is because of ‘Putra dhosh’ or ‘Santhan dhosh’ (threat). This is somewhat connected with the past life for which ‘Prayaschith (compensation)’ has to be done. The way of compensating depends on the ‘Kundli’ of both husband and wife.’ Dr. Vinay Bajrangi will study your birth chart and tell you the probable events in the past life which are hindering now. He will also tell you how to compensate and get away with the problems, leading a contented family life.