Astrology Solution for Childless Couples

Childless Couples

It is probably you, or someone known to you is facing the issue of failed progeny, the childlessness and that has brought you here on my website.

There are basic things related to progeny

The possibility of having a child, means overcoming Childlessness. This am explaining in this blog.

Extended part of this progeny is happiness through progeny. This is explained in another detailed blog on the given lnk. Once you win over the menance of childlessness, it is worth to read much more insights regarding progeny.

There are many matters which rattle an individual, but the issue of childlessness or failed progeny is a permanent nagger as it leads to depression, mental sickness, unhealthy relationships and loss of honor in the society. Why shoud the need of Child be so siginificant in one's life. Because child is considered protector of a tradition, torch bearer for next generations & to upkeep values of life. In India specific importance is given to having a child, progeny. Infact the basic purpose of life seems defeated without having a child, good progeny. Coming to an astrologer for this issue is necessitated because the usual natural methods have failed, and the other applied medical method has not only proved futile but also it has given heart breaks with a hole in the pocket.

But, the truth of the matter is that even after all medical test which show no problems in conceiving or reproducing many couples fail to have a child and for this failure medical science has no explanation. Moreover, many couples go for the artificially induced medical methods like the artificial insemination, the IVF and many more, but even there they fail to get blessed with a child.

For those for who the natural methods and the medical assistance has proved of little help, astrology can help. Astrology has unique ways to unfold the mystery of childlessness. The unique tools that Indian Vedic astrology has are known to most of the astrologer, and some of those are the reading of the PanchamBhav.

Where Medical Science Fails, Astro science helps

The ‘PanchamBhav' or 5th house of the horoscope tells about the possibility of conception. If the ‘PanchamBhav' shows a negative indication, then the Vedic astrologer will recommend the rituals that are to be performed to correct this problem. First off, he assesses the ‘Lagna' and ‘Lagnesh' of both husband and wife and suggests a workaround to overcome the problem. If even after all the astrological efforts, if the ‘PanchamBhav' is not favoring a natural conception, then he recommends conception by any of the artificial means such as IVF (IN Vitro Fertilization), GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer), or ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer). At times, after conception through an artificial method, there could be detrimental effects on the family, leading to disillusionment. In such cases, adopting a child is suggested.

Sometimes, when the ‘Kundlis' are examined, the husband's ‘Kundli' might indicate about 80% possibility of a kid while the wife's ‘Kundli' might indicate only about 20% chance or vice versa. In such cases, some remedy has to be figured out to enhance the capability of the weaker Kundli. After strictly following the advice, eventually, things start favoring the ‘PanchamBhav,' and the couple gets blessed with a baby.

A Perfect Astro-Macers - Is what you need ?

But do you know something that astrology may have many tools, as described above and those you have read in my blog, to tackle the issue of childlessness but it is the experience and intellect with the blessings on the astrologer which matters more? It is like having a helicopter to fly but not knowing how to operate.

Just understand these facts:

  • While going for medical aided conception, a couple wasted on a good amount of money and compromised on the health of the female, only to fail many times.
  • A otherwise healthy couple choosing the artificial means because of some reckless diagnosis from a reputed doctor.
  • Couples not admitting that their horoscope has no Yoga for childbirth.
  • Mother suffering heavily on account of health during birth.

Above are few cases which are being dealt with by me on a regular basis and the success rate to bring out the couple from the misery is astonishing. The results are far better than the results that are achieved without astrological opinion.

So, if you are or someone in your family is not blessed with a child and all the efforts including that of going to an astrologer have failed, then it is my duty to make you understand that my long and continual experience of dealing which such kind of cases and in-depth knowledge has brought my success rate close to 80% .

It may be possible that your planets may not be aligned in the right manner till now and that has prevented you from taking a right astrological adviser.

We rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Sometimes our past life karmas also attribute to childlessness.