All employees cannot become employers

employer yoga

Career astrology clearly defines results of some Yogas are different as an employee and an employer. Sometimes distinguished success of an employee prompts one to venture into own business especially in the same industry. Nothing wrong in it but just take care of few important factors as many planets & Yogas give different results as an employee or an employer. Now read my latest article in HT City dated 15.03.2020

Better decisions means improved life

A premium educational degree, loads of experience, innovative capabilities, state of the art thinking abilities, boundless enthusiasm, ability to see big, adaptable, and loyalty are the qualities that make a person outshine his peers and stand tall in his chosen field. But once the person starts outshining his peer, co-workers and competitors (he) starts to get that extra edge of dependence from the organization or the employers. When pride gives way to egotism, and it is when various weird feelings creep in. "I am wasting my energy for someone else" is the first thought that enters one's mind. The second and most perilous, which slowly sets in, is "these people can do nothing without me," and the final nail in coffin becomes "If I start this off my own, I can grow even bigger." These sentiments sometimes set in to doom the individual.

Harish Krishnamurthy or Harry was a Harvard Business graduate of 1998 batch who, by his qualification and eventual experience, served as a global CEO & likewise positions of many top-rated companies of the world. He was charismatic and had many of the qualities mentioned above. He would do relatively good in any of the allotted roles and had a habit to outshine others. Although he was not foolish to change his job that often, but in fifteen years, he changed quite a few after hitting their pinnacle.

When Saturn started transiting Scorpio in November 2014, he decided to quit his job and started almost the same venture that he was heading before quitting his job. He had the experience, had the know-how, had the business etiquette, had the contacts, and was self convinced that the people had confidence in him, could pull experienced staff, and above all, he had adequate finances with him. Despite all these positive things beside him, he could not manage to run the show.

It was just for initial few months that his business rose, but after that, it never grew. Even after four years into the business, he had to pump in a substantial amount of funds to run the show. Those banks accounts which once overflowed were in deep debt. Such a brilliant head could not figure out what went wrong. He forgot to analyze that cracking a deal being a servant is altogether different from breaking it while one is the employer himself.

A deep scientific analysis of the horoscope can bring a few startling revelations like "whether it has an employee Yoga or an employer Yoga" or whether being an employee rake up the Laxmi Yoga or being an employer does the trick. Don't get fooled by impulsive decisions.

Important decision at the time of career selection or changing career should be verified from the Horoscope as many positive yogas in horoscope blossom only when you work for someone as employee and not as master.