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A Manglik may not need another Manglik for Marriage

As per Hindu astrology, a person born under the influence of Mars is said to have Mangal Dosha. It is considered one of the most influential and intense Dosha in a horoscope from the marriage point of view. 

A good astrologer knows that kundali matching is not mere Guna matching. When the time comes for the children's marriage, many questions arise in the children's minds and their parents, whether their children are Manglik and whether the Manglik can be married only to Manglik. At this time, you need proper guidance because Manglik can get married to a non-manglik. Usually, people have a lot of delusions regarding Mangal Dosh, like being Manglik increases the chances of early death. How to trace out whether there is Mangal Dosh in the horoscope or not? How Mangal Dosh affects your life. What exactly is Manglik Dosha? How does Manglik Dosh end, and at what age Manglik Dosh ends? Are there any effective remedies to erase Mangal Dosh from the birth chart? Etc. Today, through this article, we want to clear all your doubts regarding this issue. Through different examples, we try our best to make you understand that a Manglik can marry a non-manglik. Along with this, this article will help clear your confusion regarding who are the victims of Manglik Dosh. An honest attempt has been made from our side to provide you with adequate information regarding this issue.

It may not be necessary for a Manglik to marry another Manglik

A few days back, Mishra ji called us and said - Guru ji, I have been watching your articles for a long time. They are really worthful. Your article regarding horoscope matching is awe-inspiring. Earlier, we used to think that horoscope matching is enough at the time of marriage, but after reading your article, we came to know that there are too many other factors also which you have to consider at the time of marriage. Therefore, please check my son's horoscope. For your kind information, my son is Manglik, and surprisingly the three girls we have liked in the relationship are also Manglik. All three girls belong to nice family backgrounds. My son doesn't have any issue with marrying any of them. As a result, we will accept anyone whose horoscope you match. 

After listening to him carefully, we told him- Despite the fact that horoscope matching is a very complicated and time-consuming process, you have called us with so much faith that we have to match your son's horoscope at this time. However, please come to Bajrangi Dham next time. Please provide us with the basic information about your son, like the timing, date, and place of birth so that we can make his accurate birth chart. On this, he has provided us with the following information.

Date of Birth: 17 July 1986

Time: 4:20 am

Also, the details of the first of the three girls were as follows

first girl

Date of Birth: 9 March 1988

Time: 7:20 pm

Location: Rohtak

On the basis of the provided information, we made his birth chart and surprised him by telling him that his son was not Manglik. You can't declare anybody manglik just by checking the presence of Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house. It is also essential to check which zodiac sign Mars is located in. We can see Mars is present in the Venus sign on the boy's birth chart. Due to Venus' relationship with ghee and Mars' relationship with energy, the fire that comes out is considered auspicious. So we do not consider Mars in the boy's zodiac sign as manglik. We also advise you not to consider your son as Manglik. 

Let's discuss the first case, i.e., the matching of the horoscope with the first girl. After matching the horoscope with the first girl, we come to the conclusion that your boy will not find any problem in marrying the first girl. But this girl will alienate your son from your whole family, she will not allow your son to meet you or speak to you, and slowly she will take your son toward her family and completely separate you. So, in our opinion, this match is not suitable for you. 

Second girl

Date of Birth 5 October 1987

time 11:10 pm

Location: Chandausi

Let's discuss the match of the second girl. After examining their horoscope, we find that the boy has a good age, but there is a strong possibility of widowhood in the girl's horoscope. Although their horoscopes match, you can't ignore the strong yoga of widowhood in the girl's horoscope. In such type of cases, the life of the child should be very long, and they should also get good support from the life partner. But we have yet to find any such cooperation in this girl's horoscope. Hence, we can not allow this marriage. 

Now, let's talk about the third horoscope, which is as follows

Third girl

Date of Birth: 1 June 1990

Time: 12:30 pm

Location: Ranchi

This girl's horoscope is excellent and matches the boy's. The girl's horoscope shows that she will touch new heights in her career. From a professional perspective, she will always be ahead of the boy. If the boy earns 100 ₹, then she will always earn 70-75 ₹ more than Whatever may be the salary of the boy, but this girl's salary will always be more than the boy's salary. Another critical point is that she will remain thoroughly professional and never quit her job.

Moreover, if you move forward in this marriage, your boy will remain in a trance. In addition, the Moon plays a weak role in the boy's horoscope, so he may also suffer from an inferiority complex. Hence, we cannot allow you to get married even to this girl. 

In such a situation, we feel extremely sorry to disappoint you. Although the horoscopes of all three girls are very good and the qualities of all three girls match your boy, we find different problems in their horoscopes. Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, we will not advise you to marry your boy with any one of them. Besides all these things, you must keep in your mind that your boy is not Manglik. In the end, I suggest that in the future also, you will keep matching horoscopes so that you do not have to face problems in life. Next time, you will have to come to Bajrangi Dham for horoscope matching; only then can we determine which girl is suitable and which is not.