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​What to do when the wife is more attached to the maternal home?

Marriage is an institution of sharing, caring, patience, and sacrifice. Both partners have to play a vital role in bringing happiness and prosperity to their married life. If you walk together and support each other, you can easily maintain love, peace, and harmony in your family. You can't step back from your responsibilities. 

Astrology has a clear explanation of marital relationships. Astrology can reshape your love life, and things become better. It helps you to control the most complicated and unmanageable issues of your life with simple remedies. In addition to enhancing marital happiness and life partners' cooperation in their married life, it aids in understanding the good and bad times of their future lives. 

Sometimes, there is a lack of sense of commitment, cooperation, and compassion between married couples. A wife's reluctance to go to her maternal home again and again, may also create many problems in their married life. 

Despite the sweet and smooth relationship between husband and wife, the wife can be leaned more toward the maternal side of the family. A husband and wife may encounter conflicts or difficulties in such a situation. Generally, the wife's excessive attachment to the maternal house may cause tension between the couple.

Planets responsible for attachment to the maternal side

As per astrology, different planets play a crucial role in forming and breaking relationships. Sun is associated with fatherhood, Moon with motherhood, and Mars with siblings. Any relationship may be filled with discomforts, and disagreements, if the lord of these planets starts losing its strength in the horoscope. As Moon, Sun, and Mars come in the fourth house in a man's horoscope, so does a woman's. She has the same love for her parents, siblings, and abandoned home as does a man.

India used to have a tradition of prominent joint families until a few years ago. These families provided a lot of love and a sense of security to family members, but at the expense of freedom of speech and action to some extent. Due to circumstances, the available resources were split among many siblings. Today, some nuclear or small families have only one daughter, which means Moon (mother) and Sun (father), and if there are siblings, they are present. 

The fourth house symbolizes the house of home and family. In the case of single daughters, the attachment to the fourth house does not decrease. Instead, it increases further because of their excessive contact with their parent's side. As a result, such girls find it hard to integrate into their in-laws' families fully. 

As a result, conflicts and estrangements may arise in the family, and a girl may never recover from the wound of displacement. Additionally, if the wife's present family is socially or financially weaker than her own family, if the husband has a simple house or looks like an ordinary person, and if the food culture is different, then personal issues will keep growing because the girl finds it difficult to adjust to the new family's atmosphere. 

Understanding the strength of planets and houses through horoscope matching

Horoscope matching is the best way to determine whether two people can be together or spend their lives together. You can handle your problems efficiently with the help of your horoscope. The relation of the Moon, Sun, Mars, etc., can't be terminated from the ascendant of the girl, and the relation of the boy's ascendant, second and fourth house cannot be analyzed with a very advanced girl. While matching the horoscope, in such a situation, one should examine whether the man's horoscope can neutralize the strength of the girl's horoscope. Matchmaking ascertains the mental and physical compatibility of the couple. With matchmaking, you can be assured that your marriage will be successful. Along with this, the girl will keep her love for her home, which will not hurt the boy as much.

It is now significant to ask whether there is any nectar for men suffering from this problem.  Astrology can provide answers to all your problems. It helps you to prepare yourself to deal with the highs and lows of life through its precise predictions. People can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Along with telling you about your problems, astrology will suggest remedial measures for each problem. We can even predict whether you will adopt this system by studying your horoscope in depth or not.


Overall, how a wife feels about her home is unimportant, but the critical question is how you can handle her devotion to you and your family. You only need to worry about whether your wife's maternal love will adversely affect your family. Wives' energy should be directed toward their husbands and families to channel it effectively.

But, the key to solving these issues lies in the horoscope of both husband and wife. We can provide accurate and easy solutions to your problems based on the complete analysis of your horoscope.