11th house astrology identify your Fair Weather Friends & also how can they run you down.
Dr Vinay Bajrangi, a PHD scholar in astrology says, “People love you for your flowers, not your roots. So, when autumn arrives, they prefer deserting you. Most people are aware of this statement but learn from it only when it happens to them. The problem with all of us is that our friends, aides, supporters, etc are controlled by the eleventh house of the horoscope, which is an Upachhaya house or a house of growth. 11th house astrology reveals all this & its all effects. When we start doing something good or think of doing good in life, this Upachhaya house gets activated and so do the fair-weather friends. The activation of this eleventh house simultaneously activates all the sources of incoming along with acquaintances, which suddenly start meaning a lot to the individual.”
He continues, “When this increases, an individual draws distance or does not concede to the advice of his family (fourth house, which is sixth to the eleventh house). This unintentionally increases the strength of his enemies (sixth house which is eight to the eleventh house) and eventually, his business or career begins to crumble (tenth house which is twelfth to the eleventh house). A person getting backstabbed by a close acquaintance, a person getting wrong advice from a group of opportunists who get associated during good times, a person getting and believing in wrong advice, and a person getting blindfolded by a group of well-wishers are the few examples wherein the individual has wrongly activated his house of success. This could be primarily due to either rahu in 11th house, or saturn in 11th house, or ketu in 11th house, or venus in 11th house, or jupiter in 11th. 
It is, thus, imperative to understand the concept of managing the houses of growths in the right way so that they work for you positively.

11th house astrology enables a good astrologer to  gauge the strength of traitors hidden in the horoscope along with the potent remedial measure of combat. Many parents too rightly remain sceptical about the actions of their children and fear for their future. Astrology can help bid adieu to doubtfulness and possible helplessness,” he ends. Contact Dr Vinay Bajrangi for love astrology, astrology reading online. Read more on his Blogs.