Career Astrology, Career Selection

Career Astrology, Career Selection  Career means something that governs us throughout life, not only our own life but also our family & society also to a larger extent. So one should give due respect to career selection. In astrology also, the selection of a career is one of the most cha
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You may have the wrong birth date or birth time due to which the correct horoscope reading could be a distant dream. In Vedic astrology, accurate birth time is the soul of horoscope & if there is an error in birth details, it is better not to take horoscope reading. In some cases, even the di
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Regular Feed back & Review of Progress

Regular Feed back & Review of Progress Infact this facility is provided only to the people who come to Dr Bajrangi with a faith and start following his advise on the Karmic Corrections and perform the rituals ( only if suggested by him). We expect the people to share their feedback after afte
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