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rohini nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is 4th out of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Rohini Nakshatra means the red one, which is associated with a young girl who also signifies that it is very fertile Nakshatra. The energy associated with this is Rohan Shakti.

  1. Rohini is associated with transport and also owning a super luxury vehicle.
  2. Rohini Nakshatra is always associated with prosperity and abundance.
  3. This Nakshatra is always associated with beauty.

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Who is Rohini?

Rohini was the favorite wife of Moon. Rohini knew how to woo the Moon. Dancing, singing music drama acting is strongly connected with Rohini Nakshatra as Rohini was apt in all these things, and because of these features, she could woo Moon the best than the other twenty-six consort of his.  The twenty-six other wives of Moon were all jealous of Rohini.

So, the theme which emerges out of Strong Rohini Nakshatra Native is that people will be very jealous of him. On the hind side, Rohini Nakshatra dominant people will be narcissists, people who adore themselves the most.

Rohini Nakshatra is a ‘Dhurva Nakshatra’ or a fix Nakshatra. Marriages, house warming, journey, administering medicine, signing of big deal etc. are best done in Rohini Nakshatra.

The deity of Rohini Nakshatra is Prajapati or the creator. The Rohini Nakshatra has the capability to hypnotize or to attract people. Wearing of Kajal, contact lenses is also attributed to Rohini Nakshatra. These people want people to adore their eyes.

Mythology associated with Rohini Nakshatra

The curse of Daksha:

Twenty-Seven wives of Chandra were the daughters of Daksha. But Chandra used to spend more time with Rohini and not with the other twenty-six sisters. These sisters made a complaint to their father, Daksha, that Moon does not spend enough time with any one of them but is engrossed with Rohini. Dasha then cursed Moon of an ailment which was close to tuberculosis. Due to this curse moon started losing weight and becoming thin (waning). As we all know that Moon is a nourisher; due to this waning of the Moon, the earthly beings (animals and plants) began to die. All then went to Shiva to reverse the curse. Shiva expressed his inability to reverse the curse but modified by giving a boon to Moon due to which it waned for a fortnight and waxed for another fortnight.

How to use this analogy

There is always a curse associated with this Nakshatra. Those houses or the lords which this Nakshatra governs remains in some sough of a curse. People reach the pinnacle but in an alternative pattern.

The mythology of Brihaspati, Moon, and Tara

Chandra eloped with Tara, the wife of Brihaspati. Brihaspati, when he came to know about this, went to Moon and asked for his wife back. The Moon refused and said that he would not as Tara has come on her own, and he had not forced her. To settle the issue, Lord Bharma had to intervene, and he asked Tara to go back to Brihaspati. But by this time, Tara was already pregnant with Moon’s child. Eventually, Budh (Mercury) was born to Tara. Now Moon is the father of Budh, considers Mercury as a friend, but Mercury being an illegitimate child of Moon, views Moon as his enemy. Jupiter, in the meantime, impressed with the intelligence of Mercury, formally adopts him.

How to use this Mythology

It is best used while ascribing the tendential nature of both the planets for each other. Illegitimate child and surrogacy and adoption comes out of it.

Themes, Traits of Rohini Nakshatra

A point to remember here is that Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it is also the Mool Tricona sign for the Moon (The Moon is so comfortable in this sign). Those people having their Moon or 10th house lord in Rohini, can go into fashion designing, maintain an orchard, resto-bars, architect.

Lord Krishna had both his ascendant and Moon in Rohini. He was to the core romantic, had influence with many women, and enjoyed their company. Rohini can be attributed to beauty, the opposite sex, and experiencing mental and physical ecstasy.

  1. Dancing, Music, Singing, Drama, and Acting.
  2. Erotic self-interest in oneself and Multiple affairs.
  3. Adoption and surrogacy

So, a native having a strong Rohini influence over him can have the following tendencies:

  1. He can have a long chronic ailment.

  2. It can have multiple affairs.

  3. Can love Dance, Drama, Singing, Music, and acting.

  4. Very possessive about his possessions (especially girlfriends).

  5. It leads to a luxurious life.

  6. Adoption and surrogacy.

  7. Illegitimate connections.

  8. Good fertility.

Now, we have to be very cautious using the above traits before jumping on to the conclusions:

We have to be observant of the fact that what this Rohini Nakshatra oversees (lordship, Planet, and house), and we have to be quite cautious while describing the traits of the native for which we are reading the chart.

Some famous Personalities born in Rohini Nakshatra

Many people born in this Nakshatra have reached phenomenal heights in their life. To name a few are: Lord Krishna, Queen Victoria, Vinoba Bhave, Roger Moore, Charlie Chaplin, Jakie Chan and the counts go on.

Activation of Rohini Nakshatra as per Nadis

The house or house lord who is dominated by Rohini Nakshatra gets activated, and one can experience the following things in the following years.

  1. 11th year, event related to some animal or water.

  2. 36th year, the Planet in Rohini Nakshatra activates the sixth house.

  3. 83rd year, Rohini Nakshatra activates itself, wherever it is seated.

I always maintain that all these narrations are as per the general guidelines of Vedic Astrology. However, it is always better to consult a good astrologer for specific effects on you based on a particular Horoscope.

Nakshatras play a very significant role in naming a business and naming a child as per Vedic astrology.

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