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Pushya Nakshatra - The Most Sacred Constellation

Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra is 8th among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology.

What is Pushya Nakshatra?

It is one of the most auspicious Nakshatra. Barring marriage, every work is considered good to start in this Nakshatra. Brihaspati is the preceptors for Gods. It conducts all the rituals for the Gods. As a result , he perhaps neglects his family. Therefore, starting of a family ( union for progeny) in Brihaspatis nakshatra is not considered auspicious.

Pushya Nakshatra is the star of nourishment. This Nakshatra is also associated with Lotus, which is pure knowledge. Even if a native of this Nakshatra did not get any formal education, these people rise in their career. This Nakshatra is the star of nourishment. It is represented symbolically by the udder of a cow, which is nourishment and caregiving.

Mythology with Pushya Nakshatra

The sage or planet associated with Pushya Nakshatra is Brihaspati, as explained above. Brihaspati is the Manas -Putra (Mind child) of Bharma with the lineage of Angiras (Born of Charcoal).  Brihaspati was a stillborn child, but his father, Kashyap Muni, with continual praying he could bring Brihaspati back to life.

Secondly, Brihaspati was involved in advising the Gods. He was the counselor to the Gods. He was mighty with the ‘Arthshatra’, the political science of governance. In addition to this:

  1. This Nakshatra is also law making, law enforcement.
  2. Brihaspati is lord of scared speech and prayers.

How to use this mythology

  1. Some health issues,
  2. Some issues with the parents.
  3. These people can be a speech therapist
  4. The child speaks early and intelligently.
  5. It this is malefic involved, there may be some stammering problem or would talk late.
  6. This Nakshatra is involved with people who translate.
  7. Pushya Nakshatra is great Nakshatra for teachers.
  8. The natives of these Nakshatra are spiritual warriors wanting to bring a change.

Another Mythology of Pushya Nakshatra

This Nakshatra is also connected to Guru Shukracharya, the planet ‘Shukr’ or Venus. Guru Shukracharya was another manas-Putra (mind child of lord Bhrama). Guru Shukryacharya could bring back the people who are dead.

How to use this mythology?

  1. Those who have a prominent Pushya Nakshatra can bring back people to life. Further, they transfer energy in such a way that ailing people become fit again.
  2. Those who are chronically ill, when get associated with people having a strong or prominent Pushya Nakshatra, are cured of their illness.

Mythology of Pushya Nakshatra Disrespecting the guru- Mythology

First mythology of this Nakshatra is disrespecting the Guru. It so once happened that Guru Brihaspati went to Indralok to visit Lord Indra. As we all know, Guru Brihaspati was the political advisor and preceptor of God. Lord Indra, who was into deep meditation, did not recognize the presence of Guru. Angered by this, Guru Brihaspati left the Indralok and, thus, the Gods.

Guru Shukracharya, who was the preceptor of the demons, at once, came to know that the Guru has left the Gods. Therefore, he advised the demons to wage war against the Gods. Which they did and eventually won. Defeated Gods realizing their mistake went into penance to win back the Guru Brihaspati. Guru Brihaspati finally conceded to their demand and again took charge. As a result, the Gods fought back and won their kingdom back.

How to use this Mythology

  1. The strong Pushya Nakshatra natives tend to disrespect their Guru.

The mythology of Bhrihaspati, soma, and tara:

 There is a story in which Soma or Moon woos away Tara, the wife of Brihaspati. And they have an illegitimate son ‘Budha’ or Mercury.

How to use this Mythology

  1. Those who have a prominent Pushya Nakshatra, their wife may get wooded away by a third party.

Major themes, traits of Pushya Nakshatra

The natives of this Nakshatra generally have the traits of to spread. They try to enhance the career related things. Following are some of the basic themes , traits arising out of natives of this Nakshatra.

  1. Nurturing, nourishment, and caregiving.

  2. The hospitality industry, cooking, and restaurant business.

  3. Fitness guru

  4. Business Gurus

  5. Philosopher, Advisors, and counselor.

  6. Marriage trauma

  7. 3rd party seduces the Spouse.

Some secrets of Pushya Nakshatra

The ancient name of Pushya Nakshatra is Tishya, Sidya, or Pushyamani. Therefore this Nakshatra is a nourishing Nakshatra.

  1. These people travel to the corner of the world to seek knowledge.

  2. These people are thirsty for knowledge

  3. The animal associated with Pushya Nakshatra is sea crow. Sea crow hunt for fish after fish. It means they are hungry for knowledge.

  4. Among trees, Krisha is a Peepal tree. People worship the Peepal trees because it is Brihaspati.

  5. The energy associated with Pushya Nakshatra is the ‘Bharmavarchaya Shakti’ or the power to harness the creative spiritual energy. Harness the creative spiritual energy is related to the priest. These natives are capable of transferring their energies to other people.

  6. This Nakshatra is associated with ‘Kamadhenu’, who is a wish-fulfilling cow. It is a nourishing animal.

  7. People whose tenth house is connected to a prominent ‘Pushya Nakshatra’ they can go for a business of  Milk-based products or sweets.

Some famous personalities born in Pushya Nakshatra

Based on the characterstics of this Nakshatra, many people born in this Nakshatra have become world famous in their fields such as Madhuri Dixit ( the Indian bollywood personality), Nancy Reagan, Lata Mangeshkar, Raj Kapoor, Vivian Richards.

Activation of Pushya Nakshatra as per nadis

As per Nadis, the this Nakshatra gets activated at a particular age of the native. So, when and what houses it activates are explained as below:

  1. In the 24th year, this Nakshatra activates the second, sixth, and tenth houses of the horoscope.

  2. During the 33rd year, this Nakshatra activates those houses which represents prosperity.

  3. In the 65th year, it activates and implements itself.

In the end, I suggest all to use these principles very judiciously. Also that these are the general guidelines as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. However actual results may vary person to person. Therefore it is better to consult a good astrologer for specific results. And I also welcome the observations that you may have regarding Pushya Nakshatra.

Nakshatras play a very significant role in naming a business and naming a child as per Vedic astrology.

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