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Mrigashira Nakshatra - Signifies a Searching Constellation

mrigashira nakshatra

Mrigashira Nakshatra is 5th out of total 27 Nakshtras in Vedic Astrology. Mrigra + Sira means the Deer Head, which is also a Saumya (Tender) Nakshatra. A deer is a lunar animal (swift, freckle, wandering, seeking, searching). Mrigsira Nakshatra is a searching Nakshatra.


इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए मृगशिरा नक्षत्र पर क्लिक करें।


What is Mrigashira Nakshatra and its Mythology

This Nakshatra has many mythologies unlike other Nakshatras. I will explain all these mythologies as below:


1st Mythology Associate with Mrigsira Nakshatra

Sita Mata wanted the golden deer. Lord Rama went to fetch the golden deer. The golden deer was the root cause of all the problems to Lord Rama. Those who are prominent Mrigsira Nakshatra, they tend to go after a golden deer in life. By prominent, I mean when the ascendant, Moon or the ascendant lord fall in this Nakshatra. The Golden deer is a metamorphic analogy which means desire.


How to use This Mythology:

  1. Mrigsira is related to problems in married life.
  2. It is undue suspicion and is a misunderstanding.


2nd Mythology Associate with Mrigsira Nakshatra

Shiv and Parvati were married in the Mrigsira Nakshatra. They initially had a troubled married life, but with time it smoothened away. So, the next theme which comes out of this Nakshatra is:

  1. Early problems in the married life and later on it gets smoothened out.
  2. The seers saw this Mrigsira Nakshatra as Shakti or primordial Goddess of energy and power. This Goddess is Uma or Parvati, the concert of Lord Shiva. Therefore, this Mrigsira Nakshatra is thus beginning of manifestation (Shiv- Shakti).


3rd Mythology Associate with Mrigsira Nakshatra

As per mythology, Lord Bharma inclines (incestuous) towards Goddess Saraswati. Knowing this Goddess Saraswati took the form of a female deer and went into the skies, Lord Bharma also took the form of a stag and chased her in the skies.  


The theme that emerges is that Mrigsira is therefore called:

  1. A searching star, and it stands for hunting, seeking, curiosity, and searching.
  2. And also, Mrigsira natives do not worry about the consequences even if they know they will get doomed.


‘Soma’ rules Mrigsira Nakshatra. Mrigsira Nakshatra natives are soul searching for new experience, multi-faceted nature, continually thinking about what to do next, these people tire out early and then comes in lethargy. Mrigsira Nakshatra is highly suspicious is the major shadow issue.


An analogy:

When should a Homa (fire sacrifice) be done? It is best when Moon transits Mrigsira Nakshatra.


4th Mythology The grand Yagna of Daksha

The grand Yagna of Daksha, the father-in-law of Rudra, was devastated by Rudra. The Yagna, which was organized by Daksha, was devasted by Mahakali, a form of Rudra and Veerbhadra.


How to use this Mythology:

Mrigsira Nakshatra Natives, who perform the yajna of life without taking due care or follow the mortal conduct. Then as a result, they are going to face many trials and the problem of life. Rudra is there to stop and devastate their Yajna of life.


5th Mythology of Brihaspati, Soma, and Tara

Tara, Brihaspati’s concert eloped with Soma (Moon). But later on, the intervention of Lord Bharma, Tara, came back to Bhrihaspati, the rightful husband.


How to use this mythology

  1. Strain relationship between the spouses
  2. Lover going away and coming back.
  3. Elopement.
  4. Fight to get the wife back.


Main Themes, Traits of Mrigsira Nakshatra

The main characterstics , Themes of the native is that they somehow do not tend to follow the rules of the society. This they do even if their head may get chopped off, as Shiva did to Bharma. Bharma’s fifth head, which was looking over the sky, was chopped off by Shiva when Bharma, in stag form, was following his daughter Usha or Saraswati, who was in the form of female deer. Now understand more themes, traits of the natives of this Nakshhatra as below:

  1. Mrigsira Nakshatra is a Mridu (gentle) Nakshatra.
  2. Their sense of feeling and hearing is very high.
  3.  Mrigsira love Gems, sensory indulgences are its forte.
  4. The alternative symbol of this, Mrigsira Nakshatra, is a pot full of Soma.
  5. It has a strong attachment to pleasures, comfort, and sexual activities.
  6. This Nakshatra is all about self-gratifying oneself. Its desire to gain lordship over plants.


So, putting everything together, we would find the following subtle points or themes coming out of Mrigsira Nakshatra.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Meditation
  3. Substance Abuse.
  4. Psychosexual Development.
  5. An altered state of consciousness.
  6. Pleasure seeking and multiple relationships.
  7. Afflicted to perfumes.
  8. Intoxication
  9. Brewing
  10. Illegitimate children.


Some Famous Personalities Born in Mrigsira Nakshatra

As the above traits also describe, people born in this Nakshatra like B V R Raman, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Salman Rushidie, Indian Actor Ashok Kumar, Brroke Shields have become very popular and famous. This list has many more similar names for academic purposes.


Activation of Mrigsira Nakshatra as per Nadis

As per Nadis, the Mrigsira Naksharta gets activated in some particular year, and they also influence some House, Bhav, and Traits. And these are classified as under:

  1. In the 25th year, this Mrigsira Nakshatra gets activated, and there is some separation, blame on the native, or the native has to quit the place of his/her residence.
  2. In the 34th year, this Nakshatra gets activated, and it simultaneously activates the 5th,10th, and 11th houses.
  3. Mrigsira Activates again in the 50th year and forces separation and also gives some kind of misunderstanding with the spouse and children.


The above points are researched points and have to be very judiciously used to arrive at results.


In the end, I would like to emphasize again that a Mrigsira Native is that whose ascendant or ascendant lord or Moon falls in the Mrigsira Nakshatra. Once again these are are general guidelines of Vedic Astrology. Therefore any specific horoscope, it is always suggested to consult a good astrologer.


Mrigashira Nakshatra is related to Foreign Travel & Settlement and Bussiness Astrology. So it is a very auspicious constellation to start a new business. Apart from this, traveling abroad in this constellation is also very auspicious.

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