Krittika Nakshatra a Misra Nakshatra denotes Fire and Sacrifice

Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika is the 3rd Nakshatra of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Krittika Nakshatra is also known as the star of fire. I will explain all about the main traits, characteristics, themes, planets, mythologies & famous personalities of Krittika Nakshatra in the below narration. 

What is Krittika Nakshatra?

Krittika is also called as the star of fire because of its connection with Agni. Agni always has two heads and seven tongues.

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Agni, the god of Krittika Nakshatra

Agni is the consumer of the sacrifices through fire rituals or Homa. One of the heads is a mortal head; the other head is connected to the heavens. It distributes the sacrifices. It also carries a ladle spoon. Agni has three legs, which shows its presence in all three worlds.

Krittika and Kartikeya

Krittika Nakshatra is also associated with Kartikeya, the Son of Shiva and Parvati. Kartikeya slayed the demon Tarakasura who had the boon that only a six days old boy could slay him. When he was just six days old, Kartikeya had all the qualities to combat and eventually kill the demon Tarakasura. Thus, ‘Shashthi tithi’ is of prime importance and is associated with this Krittika Nakshatra.

The direction of Agni

The direction of Agni is South-East or the direction of the kitchen. Agni in the south is a funeral. In the north direction, it becomes Arti. Krittika is called a Mishra or a mixed Nakshatra. It is a soft as well as a harsh Nakshatra. Fire can also weld things and can even melt things. In the kitchen, it makes the food, but it can also burn it down.

Shakti of Krittika Nakshatra

The Shakti associated with Krittika Nakshatra is ‘Dahana’ Shakti. Dahana is to burn and purify. It is also in the belly to digest the food.

Krittika Nakshatra is formed of seven stars known as six sisters. It is also associated with the six wives (Kritikya) of the seven Rishis. These six mothers have a special significance in raising Kartikeya.

All things associated should be sharp e.g., if the second lord is associated with Krittika Nakshatra, the speech would be blunt and sharp. The profession associated with sharp objects (like surgical items) and those who work with fire.

Planet of Krittika Nakshatra

Planet associated with Krittika Nakshatra is ruled by the Sun. This gives leadership and can also give martial properties. If you provide a complex problem to a Krittika native, he will break it into small chunks and solve it.

Because it is Demonic Varna, it is materialistic, but since it is fire is Bhramin by caste. Krittika Nakshatra Natives are high risk-takers, and more often than not, they get good results (like a mountain goat). Krittika native have a unique ability to crush hypnotism or can quickly overcome people who mesmerize. These native they can subdue poison like nature.

The mythology of Krittika Nakshatra

Agni and Six wives of the Saptrishi

Agni somehow became obsessed with the six wives of the seven Rishis. He goes to each one of them to accept him, but all of them reject his proposal. Depressed, disgusted, and ashamed Agni venture out into the forest for severe penance. In the woods, one of the daughters of sage Daksha, Swaha, got fascinated with Agni. But the dejected Agni rejected the proposal of Swaha. Swaha, when came to know the real cause of Agni refusing her proposal, thought of impersonating the six wives of the Rishis. Each time she would impersonate the Rishi wife, Agni would accept her and then would make love to her. Swaha would preserve the vital fluid coming out of such union. Now, seventh time, Swaha failed to impersonate Arundhati, the wife of sage Vashistha, because of the blessing and boon she had from Lord Vishnu. Here, Agni comes to know about the foul play.

So Theme emerging out of this mythology

1. Adulterous and illicit nature, Sage Varahmira says that these natives tend to sleep with other wives. Such as Agni’s lust for the six wives of the Rishi.

2. Rejected and dejected, coming out very strongly with this Nakshatra.

3. IVF, sperms, or oval donors, because Swaha takes vital fluids for storage.

2nd mythology associated with Krittika Nakshatra

Birth of Kartikeya or Skanda

The six fluids that were accumulated by Swaha were to be given to someone for nurturing. Now, these six wives were abandoned by their husbands as they were accused of the so-called cheating. These six wombs of these mothers were used for the nurturing Kartikeya. The Krittika, Agni, Swaha, and Sara Vana (forest) all came to lay a stake on Kartikeya. Now the theme which emerges out of this mythology is:

1. Surrogacy

2. The legal battle for children

3. Illegitimate children

3rd mythology associated with Krittika Nakshatra:

Burning of the Khandva Forest by Agni

Agni consumed the massive Khandava Forest in no time. From this theme, the following things also emerge for Krittika Nakshatra native:

1. Monstrous appetite

2. Indigestion (if there is a malefic influence over it)

3. Acidity (if there is a malefic influence over it)

Themes of Krittika Nakshatra

Summarising the pointed theme of different mythologies, main themes arising out of this Nakshatra are as below. The natives of this Nakshatra tend to have the following themes, habits.

1. Illicit bed pleasures

2. Sex scandals

3. Foster Parenting

4. Gastro problems.

5. Extramarital affairs.

6. Surrogacy

7. Huge eating pattern.

8. Improper sexual relationships.

So, this is how the Krittika Nakshatra is applied and is interpreted from a chart.

Some famous personalities born in Krittika Nakshatra

Based on the overall characteristics & themes of this Nakshatra, many people have become wealthy & more importantly famous. To name a few of them are: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Sushmita Sen (Indian beauty crowned as Miss World), Sridevi (Late but popular Indian Bollywood personality), Prince Harry, and so on.

Nakshatras play a very significant role in naming a business and naming a child as per Vedic astrology.

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