Bharani Nakshatra Denotes Revival & Reproduction

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra is the 2nd of the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Bharani Nakshatra is a fierce (ugra) Nakshatra with the main theme as revival. Below I will explain the main mythologies, traits, and famous personalities born in Bharani Nakshatra. 

What is Bharani Nakshatra?

Bharani means the barrel. Bharani Nakshatra is associated with the Vulva or the female reproductory organ and also the womb. The fundamental principle of Bharani Nakshatra is revival. If something dies, then some other thing has to take birth. If something new has to be created, then something old has to die.

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए भरणी नक्षत्र पर क्लिक करें।

This nakshatra 'Ugra' or fierce Nakshatra as Bharani is also associated with Maa Kaali, a form of Maa Parvati, giving it an 'Ugra' Nakshatra ability. And it also denotes the womb. Therefore, people who have their focal planets in this Nakshatra can experience the coziness and warmth of a womb. However, if it has negative influences on itself, it also signifies restlessness and imprisonment. 

Further, this Nakshatra also stands for scandalous pregnancies, single parenting, and being foster kings. Now read its Mythology to understand this more aptly.

Who associates with Bharani Nakshatra?

The Diety associated with Bharani is Yama, who is also known as Dharamraj or Diety of righteousness. If you see the Dharamraj Yama picture, you could see he holds a staff in his hand. This holding of staff signifies that he wants all to adhere to the Dharma, or he has his ways to teach lessons.

Dharamraj rules South direction and oversees death. This means that the old will give way to the new. One more thing to understand is that Dharamraj Yama was the first mortal to descend to the heavens. Dharamraj also is associated with the ancestors.

How to correctly use Bharani Nakshatra's energy?

Now, if the house or Bhav, which is governed by Bharani, is not giving due results, then it is best to follow the order of Yama there. By this, I mean:

1. Forger old habits and practice.

2. Practice Dharma by observing what wrongs are being done continuously.

3. Give due respect to the ancestors. There may be a potent 'Pitra Dosha' ascribed to the house/planet ruled by Bharani.

Bharani Nakshatra Lord

The ruling lord of Bharani nakshatra is the planet Venus. 

Secrets of Bharani Nakshatra natives

If there is a prominence of Bharani Nakshatra or if more planets in a horoscope are positioned in this Nakshatra, then the person becomes:

1. Secretive

2. Love privacy

3. Philosophical

4. Becomes very ethical

5. Become moralistic

One important thing is to understand that the above traits behold the person only when there is a benefic influence on the Bharani Nakshatra. If there are more malefic influences on this Nakshatra, then the person's traits shall be opposite to what has been written above, i.e., Anti- Dharma.

People who have their main focal planets in Bharani nakshatra generally stand for a social cause and become people fighting for a noble cause.

Mythology associated with Bharani Nakshatra

Yama was unaware that his real mother was not" Chhaya" but Sanjana. Sanjana, who could not bear the brightness of the Sun (Yama father), asked her sister Chhaya to take care of the kid Yama and went to her Father Viswakarma for solace.

The Bharani Nakshatra is all about:

1. Foster parenting

2. Raising by Nannies and not by real biological mother.

3. Artificial impregnation of the womb.

4. Single parenting.

5. Scandalous pregnancies.

Now, if the fourth house or the fourth house lord gets associated with this Nakshatra, the person receives step-motherly treatment from his biological mother or not having the real mother.

The Bharani Nakshatra energy

Yama is self-strain, tolerance, and metamorphosis or the soul's transformation by following the right code of conduct. The power of Bharani Nakshatra is to take things away, which means that it can take away thing the house or house lord it gets associated itself with.

The Purushartha or the eventual goal of this Nakshatra is prosperity when one operates through society's laid principles or the right moral conduct.

If a person has too much negative Bharani energy, then the Varna, which is 'outcaste', shall start operating, and the person goes into drugs and alcohol addiction.

Themes of Bharani Nakshatra

So, the themes what emerge out of this Nakshatra and energy is as follows:

1. Fighting for Justice or a social cause.

2. Step motherly treatment or unfairness.

3. Restraint, death, or death like situation.

4. Sense of struggle and suffering

Now the main question is how to apply these principles in the chart?

So, look for the houses or the planet which has a heavy influence of Bharani Nakshatra on to it. See for the significations of that house, lordship of the planet, and the planet's natural orientation. See also the energy with which the Nakshatra is operating, i.e., is it positive or negative, and judge the effect as per the above narration.

Some famous personalities born in Bharani Nakshatra

Just to give you a glimpse, read the name of some famous personalities born in this Nakshatra: Bill Clinton, Nora Jones, Asha Bhonsle, M S Subbalakshmi, Ronald Reagan & it goes on.

Activation of Bharani Nakshatra as per Nadis

1. 28th year the year when this Nakshatra first operates and ted to activate all its energies in the house with which it is concerned.

2. 33rd is another crucial year when this Nakshatra does some sought of improvement or reversals in life.

3. In the 51st year, the 2nd house and the eleventh house to the Bharani Nakshatra operates and activates.

Nakshatras play a very significant role in naming a business and naming a child as per Vedic astrology.

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