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Ardra Nakshatra - Constellation of Activation

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Ardra Nakshatra is the 6th Nakshatra out of total 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology.


What is Ardra Nakshatra?

Ardra means the moist one or the wet one. It also means freshness. Ardra Nakshatra represents the mind or thinking capacity. Mostly it shows the characteristic of the human thinking capacity.


Ardra Nakshatra is represented by "Rudra" (The howling God of Destructive storms and thunder) or Anger. It is the star of operations or the star of sorrow. ‘Rudra’ is also the lord of wild animals and medicines. Ardra Nakshatra along "Chitra" & "Swati" Nakshatra are the three Nakshatras formed by single stars.


Ardra Nakshatra people are the most unconventional people. They tend to go against family values. But again, they have the power to think out of the box.


हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए आर्द्रा नक्षत्र पर क्लिक करें।


Mythology of Ardra Nakshatra

There are 3 different mythologies associated with this Ardra Nakshatra. I am explaining them all as below:


1st Mythology

Child Rudra was howling and crying. Lord Bharma asked the cause of his crying to which the child replied that he does not have a name. This is the time when Lord Bharma starts giving him names like Eisana( lord of the North-East), Pashupatinath (Lord of the wild animals), and many more. The child rejected all eight names until Lord Bharma suggested ‘Rudra,’ which was taken up by the child.


How to use this Mythology?

  1. Ardra Nakshatra’s dominant people have a problem of recognition in their lives.
  2. They are unsung heroes.
  3. They are anti-social people.
  4. Even though they have contributed very much to an assignment, they would not get a name for themselves.


Note: A point to understand

The child’s or Rudra’s tears created the thunderstorm, and the tear also became the seeds of Rudraska (the tears of Rudra or Shiva). These seeds have great healing powers. But before putting them on, one has to observant of many values such as complete abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, meat, speaking lies, thinking wrong about others, etc. 

Ardra Nakshatra is a Teekshna (fierce) Nakshatra. People with prominent Ardra Nakshatra have butcher like very materialistic qualities. People of this Nakshatra are faithful and loyal.


2nd Mythology of Ardra Nakshatra

Rudra severs the head of Prajapati with his arrow.


How to use the Mythology?

Ardra people cannot take lies. They are straight forward in harming those who have done this to them.


3rd Mythology of Ardra Nakshatra (understand the basic function)

Rudra was born of the fury of the Vishwas Devas, and the Vishwa Deva immediately abandoned the Rudra after he was born. He was not even allowed to sit in front of the sacrificial fire where the ‘Homa’ was carried out. Due to this, Rudra maintained a peculiar dislike against his originator i.e.the Vishwa Devas. Rudra, for this reason, loved solitude, did things that were not liked the community.


This Mythology brings out many themes which can be summarized as under:

  1. Ardra dominant people become social outclass.
  2. Difficult childhood.
  3. Parental issues.
  4. Addition defying the traditional values.
  5. These people love their freedom and independence.


Characterstics of Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra people have problems with their parents. Typically, Son will have issues with his father, whereas the Daughter will have issues with her mother. The following features find a permanent place in an Ardra Nakshatra Native.

  1. Sense of being a misfit.
  2. Complication at birth and themes of destruction.
  3. These are largely loners, and they try to live in solitude.
  4. Animal lovers
  5. Make an effort and ‘never to die’ attitude.
  6. They are hard to crack, even under immense pressure they would not buckle.
  7. If Ardra Nakshatra is present with some more negative influences, they can be highly anti-social and even murder.


Some Famous Personalities Born in Ardra Nakshatra

Many people born in Ardra Nakshatra have become world famous with some or the other traits mentioned above. To name a few, we have people like: B O Derek, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar ( the Indian legend of Constitution), Satya Shri Sai Baba, Prince Williams.


Activation of Ardra Nakshatra as per Nadis

Whatever planets sit in, Ardra Nakshatra gets activated at different times. As per Nadi, the activation happens as follows:

  1. On 15th year the planet which is in the Ardra Nakshatra activates, and it simultaneously activates the 6th house of the horoscope.
  2. On 24th year, the 6th house activates, or some Rahu (Cheating or backbiting) type of event happens
  3. In the 37th  year, the planet which is placed in the Ardra Nakshatra activates. 

I have tried to give a complete insight into Ardra Nakshatra ruled by Rudra. One should use it very judiciously in charts and also recommended to consult a good astrologer to understand its actual impact on you.


For the natives of Ardra Nakshatra, there is a good chance in court or litigation matters. There is a higher chance of success in court-related work and victory in litigation or court cases.

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