Why people misunderstand Mangal Dosha & its effects on Marriage

manglik dosha

Manglik dosha or being Manglik is generally considered a curse when it comes to marriage especially in India. There is a very strong belief but I would say a misconception that Manglik Dosha hinders the marriages, the most. We also know Mangal dosha as Bhom dosha, Kuja, or Angarakha Dosha. And once Mangal dosha is slapped on a person, there are many questions to a person's mind:

How long Manglik dosha lasts?

Can Manglik dosha be removed?

What are the remedies for Manglik Dosha?

Can a Manglik marry a non - Manglik?

What if a Manglik marries a non - Manglik?

Will a Manglik dosha spoil my married life?

Facts behind Mangal/Manglik Dosha

Let me confirm that Mangal Dosh or the Manglik Dosh is not the only & always the reasons for marriage problems. Marriage can have troubles but there are many factors responsible for it than only Manglik Dosh. One should try to go deeper into these reasons before we get scared or involve ourselves in Mangal Dosh Nivaran remedies & rituals. Marriage Astrology helps you to know exact reasons & then solutions also. Astrologers due to lack of knowledge or enthusiast with common belief declare many a Manglik , full Manglik, Anshik Manglik & likewise. But my experience of over two decades of practicing on Vedic Astrology says that over 50% of the people who feel or are told that they are Manglik are not at Manglik. 

Astrology for Manglik Dosha

We all know Mangal is associated with planet Mars which is aggressive in nature. The presence of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a person's birth chart results in Manglik ( Mangal) dosha. There is a belief that Mars in the first house leads to physical conflicts between the spouse. Mars in the 2nd and the 4th house brings troubles in family life, and the professional & financial life of a person respectively. Mars in the 7th house makes a person very irritating and high tempered. Mars in the 8th house means the person will be very lazy and careless. Mars in the 12th house means the person will have a lot of enemies, mental problems leading to financial losses.

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Effects of Manglik (Mangal) Dosha on Marriage

All these characteristics in a person's nature no doubt can result in bitterness in relation but then why blame only Mars for unrest in marriage matters. Is a Mangal dosha always bad for marriage? I say NO. Because I, after many years of practical karmic astrology have identified many factors other than Manglik Dosh which cause unrest in marriage and married life. These factors become the actual reasons for marriage life. You read it and you will know these are quite practical reasons. And surprisingly, these factors have nothing to do with Manglik, Mangal dosh. Most of the same are as under:

1. Affairs and infidelity,

2. Sexual problems particularly a loss of libido.

3. Significant differences in values and beliefs.

4. Spouses outgrow each other.

5. Traumatic or life-changing events.

6. Work-related or long-term mental health issues causing prolonged periods of stress. 

7. Jealousy.

8. Family issues.

9. Domestic violence.

10. Lack of responsibility from one partner regarding finances.

11. Unrealistic expectations

12. Addictions

13. Excessive indulgence in Social media.

14. Lack of support particularly in difficult times.

15. Manipulation or over-involvement in a relationship with family and friends.

16. Lack of communication about important matters.

17. Poor vision for the future.

18. Lack of concern, care, and consideration

Anyone or a combination of the above points can be responsible for issues in marriage life. Therefore it is wrong to say that Manglik dosha always results in problems in marriage, before and after the marriage. Now to the people who always blame or attribute a negative Mars to issues in marriage life I have some explanations:   

1. First of all, Mars is not the only negative planet in the horoscope. If it (Mars) can influence someone’s character in any way then Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun can also influence the same way or even with a higher degree.

2. The consideration of Manglik Dosh is very loose and has no bearing or mention in any of the classical astrological texts.

3. It is the misconceived brainchild of present-day astrologers, to misguide.

4. A negative Mars cannot be harmful to all the significations of twelve houses.

A real story of the myth regarding Manglik Dosh 

Now I will explain all such myths about Manglik Dosha with a real story.

A couple visited my office for getting the horoscope of their daughter matched for marriage purposes. They had been carefully scrutinizing all those proposals that had come to them, and in the end, they had shortlisted five horoscopes and wanted to know which horoscope matched the most. Before I could start with my process they informed me that:

1. Their daughter had a Ghor (fierce) Manglik Dosh, and they shortlisted all those who also had Manglik Dosh.

2. That there were a few other matches which were worth considering, but they left them out as they were non-Manglik

3. That they have done much Upaays for the dreaded Mangal.

4. They were informed that the potency of Mars faded by the time the native turns 28 and as their daughter had turned already turned 28, is that Mars still affecting her prospects of marriage.

5. That their daughter was seeing a fellow working in her organization, but they had refused to him as he was not a Manglik.

I started scanning all the six horoscopes,’ and my apprehensions that this couple too was misinformed proved correct as:

1. All though Mars was positioned in their daughter’s eights house but was in Libra sign. This Mangal does not retard the longevity of the marriage and the husband to be. So I clarified that their perception that she had a Ghor Manglik Dosh was misconceived.

2. Out of five Boys in question, only two were Mangliks whereas the rest three again were non-Mangliks.

3. The couple also had the horoscope of the boy who worked in the girl’s organization. This horoscope did not have a Manglik Dosh but still matched with their daughter perfectly.

They had spent a good one year, in shortlisting these five horoscopes and in the process they had rejected many horoscopes those as per them were non-Manglik, and the Astha-Koot Milan (Gun-Milan) was low.

A little knowledge here proved far more dangerous than ignorance. This little knowledge ate upon the precious time, created a rift that shouldn’t have been, and played with the emotions of the girl in question. In fact, she had feelings of disgrace & depression that she had a Manglik Dosh & that too.

I had to take two lengthy sessions to convince them that the girl can marry, the person she loved. For me, it was a challenge to prevail upon all the myths about Manglik. It was one of the rare cases in my journey of practicing on Vedic Astrology but then I did it as someone has to bell the cat, someday. 

The girl in question married at the age of 29 with the person whom she loved. This marriage could have taken place three years before, but the Planet Sun (father) and not Mangal played the spoilsport and delayed her marriage.  It is always better to consult a master than to wade the dagger in darkness.

Then comes another very pertinent question. 

Can a Manglik marry a non - Manglik?