Divorce and Separation in your birth chart - Reasons & Solutions

divorce reasons in astrology

Divorce and separation, It can be termed as the death of marriage. After death it is the most dreaded work. Astrologically divorce is the termination of a marriage or marital union and legally it is the cancellation or reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibilities that had come with marriage.

Do you fear of a similar situation in your life?

Don't worry, very soon I will be publishing a comprehensive method where you will be able to get answers and solutions to many divorce related matters. 

In the mean time, let us explore about divorce through an astrological angle, the result of which are perfect and the solutions that are offered immaculate. 

Timings and Divorce Reasons in astrology 

Many a times the reasons of divorce or separation are incidental & circumstantial. It is worth mentioning that many cases of divorce could be avoided if matching of charts for marriage was done on the basis of comprehensive marriage compatibility factors. But if,it was not done and we have reached the situations of divorce and separation become inevitable. Then also a proper scrutiny of the horoscopes will take you back to the same factors. A proper analysis of birth charts will indicate signs and reasons of divorce in astrology. There are specific planets and houses responsible for divorce and separation. To figure out these astrology reasons of divorce, astrologer will study birth charts of both the spouses. People reach the situation of divorce due to effects of malefic planets & activation of some specific houses in the birth chart. Sometimes conjunction of some planets in a malefic condition also is responsible for separation of married couple. I will explain about both , the planets & houses responsible for divorce as below:

Planets and Houses leading to Divorce 

Astrology for divorce helps identify the specific planets & houses responsible for divorce in a horoscope. A careful analysis of birth chart clearly indicates which of these planets or house lead to divorce in a particular case. Apart individual planets, there are different planetary combinations which become signs of divorce or separation. Some of the important signs of divorce in birth chart are explained as under: 

Planets and Houses leading to Divorce 

Astrology for divorce helps identify the specific planets & houses responsible for divorce in a horoscope. A careful analysis of birth chart clearly indicates which of these planets or house lead to divorce in a particular case. Apart individual planets, there are different planetary combinations which become signs of divorce or separation. Some of the important signs of divorce in birth chart are explained as under: 

1. The fourth house in the horoscope is to see family peace, mental peace, satisfaction, etc. household happiness. The presence of the fourth house in a trinity, or the influence of any sin-house, is like poison for planetary pleasure, if the auspicious planets are not able to cancel the effect. Astrology for divorce can identify all this. 

2. If there is a change in the fourth house and the seventh house, there is a relationship between each other, there is a change of the ninth house. Or if the Saptesh is aspecting the fourth house or Bhavesh, it becomes a sign of divorce in the birth chart. 

3. The combination of Lord of seventh House and Lord of sixth house in the seventh house and if the seventh house is under the influence of sin, then it leads to separation as per basic rule of divorce astrology. 

4. If the Virgo zodiac is rising in the ascendant, Dwadesh is in the seventh house of the Sun and the lord of the sixth house is in Saturn, then it leads to separation in married life in your horoscope. 

5. If Saptamesh is with Dwadash or if Dwivedesh is with Saptamesh in VII, then marriage is severed. Even if the combination of Saptamesh and Dwadhesh is in the tenth place, husband and wife can be separated. If the zodiac sign is in the tenth house, then also it becomes a sign of divorce or separation of the husband and wife. They could be living at place distant from each other.

6. Dwadhesh is a marriage-breaking agent per astrology for divorce. If it is in the seventh house with any other such planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, etc., which themselves promotes separation, then the possibility of divorce prevails.

7. There is a possibility of marriage separation even if Saptamesh is in the tenth house and Rahu is transitional

8. Venus is considered as the karaka/doer of marriage. If Venus is in the seventh house and the Lord of seventh house is in the twelfth house then it can lead to separation per your horoscope especially if the effect of any sin-house is also on the seventh or twelfth house.

9. Conjunction of Sun-Venus, or Moon-Venus in the horoscope and if it is aspected by Saturn or Rahu or the lord of any sacral place or otherwise, then the marriage is severed & it becomes a reason of divorce in a horoscope.

10. Any weak or inauspicious planet in the seventh house with no auspicious house aspecting it also becomes a sign of divorce. 

11. Placement of Venus in Arda, Moola Kritika or Jyestha Nakshatra can lead to separation or divorce. Here Venus in kritika nakshatra is especially harmful for happy married life.

12. Dwadhesh in the fifth house along with the seventh and Rahu or Ketu in the seventh house also leads to divorce in a birth chart.

13. Rahu in the ascendant or seventh with Saturn also becomes a sign of divorce or chances of marriage breakage are there. 

14. If the ascendant is exalted in the sign of Venus, Taurus or Saturn in Libra, then there is a strong possibility of divorce in that horoscope. Saturn has a trident between 19 to 22 degrees in Taurus and between 6 to 10 degrees in Libra.

15. Presence of the Sun with the Moon in the seventh house can result the wife can leave the husband under the influence of another person. So it is another reason in a natal chart for separation in married life.

16. Also if both Sun and Moon are under the influence of Saturn, then married life can lead towards divorce or separation. 

17. If Rahu and Ketu are in the seventh or in the 1: 4 or 2: 4 with aspect of Venus, then it indicates divorce in a horoscope. Even if one is saved from the separation, there will be no harmony in married life. 

18. In a woman's horoscope, if the Mars is in the fourth position from the moon, then there is no possibility of harmony in married life and there is a possibility of separation in that horoscope. 

19. If Venus is under the influence of the planets in the ascendant, second, fourth, seventh eighth, or tenth place, there are signs of separation in marriage in husband’s birth chart. This separation in marriage can be due to mutual dispute or death.

20. Placement of Mars in the fourth house in the birth chart of wife leads to separation in married life. This can lead female getting widowed i.e the husband does not remain till the whole life of wife. 

a. If auspicious and sinful planets are situated in the seventh house and auspicious and sinful planets are present, and if the seventh house and Venus force is inferior, then there can be separation.

b. There is a possibility of divorce in a birth chart even if Papakrant Saptamesh is a lawyer.

21. If Saptamesh is in Dwadas place and Rahu is situated in Lagna then it can lead to separation or divorce. 

22. In the Rahu Lagna, if Saturn of Venus is making a conjunction , then the wife separates from her husband under the influence of another. Others are of the opinion that if Saturn and Rahu are in the seventh house then it leads to separation where the husband renounces his wife at the behest of other people.

23. If Venus is in the eighth with Mercury in the female horoscope, it leads to separation of wife from the husband.

24.The planets which have been termed as marriage breakers, that is, Sun Rahu or Saturn, in these conditions, in the differential state. Especially if they are related to the fourth or seventh house.

25.In the inter-state of the condition of Saptesh, Ashtamesh or Dwadhesh.

a. In the case of differential condition, if it is in any of the three positions.

b. If the marriage has happened in the case of Adhyayesh who suffers from the ill effects, then the marriage can also happen in the same condition.

Grounds for Divorce & Effects of Planets on these reasons

Grounds for Divorce & Effects of Planets on these reasons

This is very unique information towards astrological solutions to divorce cases which you would have never read before. In a situation where spouse is hell bent upon filing for divorce, one should know the implications and legal reasons for divorce & how would planets will effect on these reasons. The effect of planets on divorce reasons helps you to have an idea as to which direction the divorce case could go. It can sometimes guide you to soften your stand or may try for a settlement. Therefore it makes a sense to consult an astrologer as to how your planets support you in divorce case in the court of law. It can also give you an idea about weak planets in the birth chart of your spouse which again becomes useful for you to take a stand legally accordingly. Now understand what these legal reasons for divorce are and how you planets stand against these reasons.

You can get many information about you using our free calculators on the link given below. 

Infidelity / Armour factor in Divorce

In astrology, a fierce Mars along with blemished Venus is responsible for Adultery. Check the horoscope for adultery and see for yourself if adultery serves as a reason for your divorce case.  

Infidelity or adultery as the name spell is cheating on marriage rules & a very prominent reason of divorce. Infidelity or adultery means keeping illegal sexual relationships with person other than the legitimate spouse. This covers live-in-relationship also in the modern times. This trait or sign of infidelity can be read from the birth chart. And in case either of the spouse has confirmation of infidelity sign from the birth chart, the stand for legal case against the opposite spouse becomes very strong. Then the aggrieved spouse with all confidence can sue the opposite spouse u/s 13(1)(i) of Indian Marriage Act, 1955. I can not say about other countries but in India Section 10 defines adultery in the Indian Marriage Act. The divorce petition shall prove that the opposite spouse was involved in Sexual intercourse outside the marriage, Intercourse voluntary in nature. 

Domestic violence or Cruelty is another Reason for Divorce

The indication that either of the spouses will have tendency of cruelty or domestic violence against the opposite spouse can be seen from a birth chart. A flawed Saturn impacting the moon is responsible for this. Mars along with flawed Saturn in a birth chart shows the signs of cruelty. This also if authenticated from the horoscope serves as a strong reason of divorce & person’s confidence against the opposite spouse becomes better. With this reason identified, aggrieved spouse can file a divorce petition under Section 13(1) (ia) on the ground of cruelty. Fights between the spouses, generally is not cruelty. Cruelty can be of two types:

Physical: Physical cruelty means subjecting the entire spouse’s violence which may inflict any bodily injury. Bodily injury is such that it is dangerous to life of spouse, grievous, or inflicts the pain. Apart from husband, other family members can also be convicted for the same. 

Mental Harassment for dowry or any type of coercion which lead to disturbance in the mental health of the woman. Other than Mental and Physical, any act which makes it difficult either partner to live with the other one with cruelty. 

Desertion as a Reason for Separation

When the spouse lives separately after getting married, it is dissertation & leads to separation. However, the ground of dissertation is valid for filing divorce petition if: 

Desertion as a Reason for Separation

When the spouse lives separately after getting married, it is dissertation & leads to separation. However, the ground of dissertation is valid for filing divorce petition if: 

1. The separation period is not less than two years

2. There is not culmination for two years

3. Desertion is with the intent to abandon the other person

4. Desertion is continuous and without consent

If any of the above situations arise, a person can file suit for divorce Under Section 13(1)(ib) of Hindu Marriage Act, 1995. This clearly defines dissertation as a reason for divorce

Conversion of religion:

Sometimes a person decides to adopt another religion after marriage. This conversion of religion can be voluntary or under the influence of others. Rahu in a birth chart is the key to analyse this. In this situation also, the aggrieved spouse can file a petition for divorce in Hindu Marriage Under Section 13(1)(ii). This is another valid reason for a divorce and separation case

Unsoundness of mind

Divorce cases can be filed, if one of the spouses suffers from lunacy and is unfit to spend their lives together. The indication of unsoundness of mind can be seen from a flawed Lagna, flawed moon or ascendant from the birth chart. Instable or unsoundness of mind serves as a valid reason for divorce.

Verification of this trait from the birth chart of one of the spouses gives a strong support to the other spouse to file a case of divorce. Such cases are filed under Section 13(1)(iii) of the Act. The cause of unsoundness of mind can be taken when sound spouse cannot reside with the unsound spouse. 

Long-term mental disorder (Schizophrenia)

Long term mental disorder (Schizophrenia) is a type of mental illness in which a person suffers split personality; this can be a reason for divorce. The symptoms of schizophrenia in birth chart are seen from flawed Lagna, a blemished moon or ascendant. Verification of this from horoscope by an astrologer makes the spouse gain better stand in filing and winning a divorce case. Under these conditions, the petition is filed under Section 13(1)(iii) of the Act which is covering mental illness. 

Virulent and incurable leprosy

A birth chart indicates symptoms of virulent & incurable leprosy reading sixth and eight house. If these symptoms are identified astrologically then it gives a valid reason for divorce or separation from the spouse inflicted with such diseases. This also strengthens the chances of aggrieved spouse to prove his intent asking for divorce. When either of the partners suffers from leprosy which is incurable and harmful can serve as a reason for divorce. The ground for divorce petition due to these factors is covered under Section 13(1)(iv) of the Act. 

Venereal disease in a communicable form

When one of the spouse is suffering from any sexual disease which is communicable from one to another it is a legal reason for divorce. Here again exploration of sixth and eighth house in birth chart gives an insight to this. If this trait is verified in a spouse astrologically, it gives a valid reason asking for divorce. It also strengthens the chances of the aggrieved spouse to win the case in the court of law. The divorce petition for this particular reason is filed under mutual ground under Section 14(1)(v) of the Act. 

Entering new religious order

If one of the partners renounces the world by entering a religious order it serves a legal reason for getting divorce. This symptom in a person’s horoscope can be seen exploring Rahu. This proves a point in favour of the aggrieved spouse to file a case for separation. It also strengthens his / her chances of winning the divorce case in the court of law.

Presumption of death

Birth chart indicates the longevity of a person. You can read more about life expectancy of a person.

Whenever there is case of divorce filed in the court and the person is heard / assumed “not to be alive”, the chances of winning the divorce case swings in one direction. Astrology helps the aggrieved spouse to have an idea about the longevity of spouse from birth chart. This longevity factors becomes a strong reason of divorce and also the confidence & stand gets strengthens in the court of Law. 

To conclude: One gets married to enjoy life. It is better to marry after checking marriage compatibility factors in birth charts of both the spouse. But sometimes some intentional & unintentional reasons lead either of spouses to ask for divorce or separation. In my above narration, I have explained that most of the reasons of divorce can be seen from the birth charts. The chances of divorce reduce if such signs of separation after marriage are seen before hand while marrying. But still if anyone reaches the curse of separation post marriage, one has to resort to legal course. There also astrology can help you to weigh your chances of winning a divorce case from your birth chart. Careful study of different houses and planets responsible for divorce and planetary combinations which help you to win court cases for divorce are explained above. Still whenever anyone face such situations, hiring a lawyer is inevitable. But it is also better to consult a good astrologer for vetting the various astrological reasons for divorce and separation.

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  • What are the signs of divorce in a birth chart?

    Astrology explains three primary signs in a native's birth chart that sheds light on the native's breaking relationship. Astrologically, it depends on the ongoing native's Mahadasha. When an individual is born, various types of periods—major period, sub-period, and sub-sub-period—of planets begin in their life. Each period plays a crucial role in defining various aspects of his or her life. 

    During a native's marriage, if the planet whose major period is going on has positive afflictions, then he or she will enjoy a happy married life. Such types of people always have a warm relationship with their spouses. Even if certain planetary conditions indicate divorce and troubles, the favourable major-period's effects will annul all their adverse outcomes. On the contrary, if the ongoing Mahadasha is negative, it will mitigate all positive yoga effects in native's kundali and lead to troubles. 

    The planets—Ketu, Rahu, and Saturn—give rise to many challenges in native's life. A qualified astrologer considers these planets' placement while searching for yogas of divorce in native's kundali. When these planets are strongly positioned, they bring pleasures and comforts to native's life. On the contrary, if they are weakly placed, they give pain and sufferings in native's life.

    An astrologer peeps into the seventh house of native's kundali to predict about marriage and spouse. It is thoroughly examined by an astrologer to discern the yoga of divorce in native's kundali.

  • Can I avoid divorce? How Can Divorce Be Prevented ?

    Naturally, marriage is an auspicious bond between two souls, and divorce is the negative aspect. So, husband and wife, who adore each other, will never think of separation. Sometimes, due to misfortunes of life, they tend to separate from each other, which results in divorce legally. Because of this, their kids are the worst affected and feel insecure and deprived. The solution to this problem lies in Vedic Jyotish. A qualified astrologer tries to find who is solely responsible for this problem—husband or wife. And then accordingly peep into their birth charts, give a solution to stop this catastrophe.

    Matching both husband and wife' horoscopes proves very useful for a qualified astrologer to effectively solve the couple's issues. For this, an astrologer examines the placement of planets—Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu—with the seventh house and its lord. Having known which planet causes the issues, an astrologer can suggest remedies. 

    A well-qualified astrologer gives a proper astrological and psychological solution to a couple to cope with the issues that cause tension between them. It includes suggestions towards their conduct, gestures to appease partner and a way to end their annoyance and grievances. In addition, an astrologer suggests gemstones, yantras, mantras, etc. to maintain their conjugal bond. 

  • Can astrology predict the timing of my divorce?

    Basically, astrologers abstain from giving exact dates and time for any event of a native's life; though, it can be predicted to provide a precise time of divorce. From an astrological point of view, a separation between husband and wife occurs when they undergo the major-period of the Saptmaesh. The planet is related to the sixth and or the eighth house. The planets afflicting native's fourth house also play a vital role in determining divorce's exact time. When they influence the Chaturtha Bhava, and whether they have lordships over the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses, the alignment of these planets is considered. 

    Rahu's major-period also plays a vital role in calculating the exact time of divorce for a native because separation can occur while it is going on. Besides, the conjunction of Saturn, Mars, or Rahu gets associated with the fourth, seventh, or twelfth house in any manner; then, a divorce can occur during that duration as well.  As mentioned before, the right moment calculation is an exact science; all astrologers do not like dabbling in it. So, the predictions should not be taken as set in stone.

  • Can astrology predict a divorce? Are there yogas of divorce in my birth chart?

    Astrology explains many yogas of divorce in a native’s horoscope. So, it is difficult for any astrologer to predict all of them. Nevertheless, we will discuss some of the crucial indicators that can indicate a divorce in a native’s life. 

    If the Saptamesh is positioned in the first house, it shows that there are possibilities of marital discord, as per astrology. On the other hand, if the lord of the twelfth house lies in the seventh house with Rahu, it indicates that problems are likely to happen in native’s married life. If the Saptamesh and Dwadashmesh are lying in one another’s houses, and Rahu is associated with one of these planets, then too, there are probabilities of divorce in native’s kundali. 

    If the native’s moon sight is under Mars’ lordship or Saturn’s lordship, Venus is present in the ascendant, and the seventh house is afflicted, then this implies that a native’s spouse will break off relations. The conjunction of Venus and Moon is not favourable for a couple to lead a happy married life. Besides, if malefic planets influence this planetary combination, a yoga for divorce is formed in the native’s birth chart. Likewise, according to Vedic Astrology, many significant yogas cause divorce in a native’s life, and more need to be examined from the native’s birth chart.  

  • What are the causes of divorce ?

    Nowadays, a divorce between a husband and a wife has become a common problem in view of many issues—sexual compatibility, financial issues, unrealistic expectations, childbirth, etc. Also, there are other reasons which depend on the couple’s kundali. The planets responsible for causing a divorce between husband and wife are Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Now, we will discuss these planets one by one:

    Sun: The sun is a very hot planet, so it increases the temperament of those whom it influences. If it lies in an adverse situation and is connected to the seventh house, it brings many problems in one’s married life. 

    Mars: If this planet lies in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of a native’s kundali, this event is called Mangal Dosha. This Dosha brings lots of problems in native’s married life. Mars is also the lord of war, so it signifies physical harassment and quarrels.

    Saturn: This planet is responsible for causing yogas of divorce in native’s kundali. If it is associated with houses related to marriage, it will make a native suspicious by nature. As a result, they will always suspect their partner, which result in clashes. 

    Rahu: This planet also creates yogas for divorce in native’s kundali, just like planets mentioned above. When it gets associated with marriage-related houses, it creates turmoil in a couple’s life. 

    Ketu: There is a big controversy about whether this planet causes divorce or not. According to most astrologers, it is dead sure that its malefic effect leads to a separation between husband and wife.

  • Can I get married after divorce ?

    Indubitably, divorce is a tragic incidence of one's life. But, when it takes an ugly turn, it is not a bad thing. It gives both husband and wife freedom when they cannot reach an amicable solution due to their vexed problems. 

    Now, we will peep into yogas of second marriage in a native's kundali.

    Second marriage is likely for the natives if the Saptamesh gets a dualistic sign or the seventh house itself is one. When Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in the seventh house and occupy the eleventh house, the native will tie the knot twice. If Ketu is involved in this yoga, then the second marriage will occur surreptitiously.  If the Saptamesh is dualistic by nature and is somehow related to the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, then it indicates second marriage in astrology. If the seventh house's lord is negatively impacted in the moon chart and is positioned in a dualist sign in the Navamsa chart, this form yogas for the second marriage in native's kundali. Similarly, there are many such yogas of second marriage in a native's kundali. Each case needs to be adequately studied for the correct assessment.

  • How to get child custody after divorce?

    A divorce is a sad moment not only for a couple but also for the whole family. If both parents are struggling for their children's custody, then they suffer the worst. At this moment, astrology help through the yogas, which describe whether the children's custody will go to father or mother. 

    Now, we will discuss this problem in detail astrologically. The fourth house in the native's kundali represents the kids' mother, whereas the night house represents their father. Regarding the planets, the moon is the child's mom's indicator, whereas their dad is represented by the sun. Malefic planets, which cause separation in the houses explained above, also causes separation between parents. Besides, the significator planets are weak in such situations.

    When the Mahadasha of a separation-causing planet is going on, the divorce will take place. At this moment, if there is a blend of the third and ninth houses, child custody will go to the father. If there is an association between the fourth and eighth houses, child custody goes to the mother. In case the alliance is between the third and the eighth houses, the child custody will go to someone else other than the parents.

  • What are the effects of divorce on children?

    Parents separate from each other due to their bad relationships, regardless of their children's safety, security, and happiness. As a result, they are misled and adopt the wrong ways. Being fed up with the children's aggressive attitude and behaviour, they seek help and cooperation of other people, not accepting that they were responsible for their unhappiness and disappointment. Under this condition, astrology comes to their rescue. A qualified astrologer counsels them by examining both parent's and kids' horoscopes.

    Now, we will look into some common effects of divorce on children. Many problems crop up due to parents' separation of—poor performance in studies, reclusion, inability to adapt to changes, becoming emotionally sensitive, short-temperament, blaming themselves, destructive behaviour, health problems, etc. A well-qualified astrologer will peep into malefic planets placement in different houses and give their children remedies accordingly. 

    To get a better understanding of your children's subconscious condition and their psychological needs, feel free to contact Dr. Vinay Bajrangi for an exhaustive astrological reading. 

    What does a divorce counsellor do? 

    When marriages are not successful, counselling is the only best solution for this. It is a type of psychotherapy that helps both husband and wife resolve their issues. If a counsellor is an astrologer, they can give excellent advice to the couple. By peeping into their horoscopes, he or she can figure out how the time in their life is. If there are signs of divorce in their life, how will their lives go on, and how they can correct it for themselves. 

  • Which house is responsible for divorce?

    The 7th house represents marriage in your life while the 6th house helps in indicating divorce. The 6th house is the 12th one from the 7th house, which kind of nullifies the relationship quality of marriage, resulting in separation or divorce.

  • Which planet is responsible for divorce/breakup?

    The planets that cause disharmony in an individual’s life are Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun because of their separatist nature. Breakups usually happen if Rahu and Mars have more effect on  an individual’s birth-chart. In rare cases, Jupiter and Venus too can be responsible for breakup or divorce of an individual.