Marriage Matching/Horoscope matching

Kundali Matching/ Kundli Milan, also popularly known as horoscope matching or birth chart matching for marriage, is one of the main aspects of marriage matching, especially in India. Kundali Milan in Vedic Astrology means matching the horoscopes of two persons for a good marriage. 

In India, arranged marriage seems to be a common affair, and to proceed with it, Kundali Matching appears to be the topmost priority for marriage-matching. It is with the help of matching Kundali of respective bride and groom, it is decided whether the stars are in favour or not, and if not, then the focus shifts on seeking ways that could be impeccably helpful in ensuring everlasting marital ecstasy. 

Why should one do Horoscope Matching?

In modern times, many people feel why should one go for matching charts for marriage, and it is simply a waste of time. However, as per the ancient culture, tradition, principles, and ethics of Vedic Astrology, the historical significance and the tremendous credibility and vitality of Horoscope are undeniable. With an escalating inclination towards education and awareness, the entire concept of 'Kundli Matching' has become a huge question. People often feel that it is a wastage of time, and no one really prefers spending time on it, but it does have repercussions. 

Should we match horoscope in love marriage?

Yes in a love marriage, one should match the horoscope for sure. It is because while in Love, we tend to ignore many aspects of partner’s behavior. Generally, both the Love birds want to enjoy only their bonding without any family or social boundaries. Many times such factors become the main reason for married life issues. Therefore, in Love marriage, horoscope should be matched more predominantly than even arranged marriages where at least family have some say before and after the wedding. 

Marriage Matching

Marriage matching is matching the birth charts of two persons by date of birth. It must be based on the date, time, and place of birth of both the charts. One should be very careful about accurate birth time in marriage matching of charts. 

What happens if we marry without kundali matching?

People, who are in love or in a relationship, they feel that they already know each other, and there is no point in matching Kundali for marriage, especially when it comes to love marriage. It is not that the marriages will not survive at all if we marry without matching the charts. But marriage without proper perfect horoscope matching of charts can have serious questions on Longevity of the marriage in terms of age of either of the spouse & others factors of compatibility leading to Longevity of marriage as mentioned below. 

However, this isn't the actual scenario as matching Kundali as it holds its own significance. Marriage isn't just an association of two individuals; it is a complete collaboration of two existing families who would look forward to a better and brighter future. Along with that, one should remember that matching Kundalis or Charts is not confined to individual stories; it covers a vast arena including families, in-laws, Professionalism, Children, social status, and even old age. 

If the Horoscope or Kundali perfectly blends, syncs or even matches, it leaves a greater impact on every individual, including its family and all other aspects. So, it is undeniable that a perfect Kundali plays a major and important part in ensuring a blessed married life. Once your concept is clear about this, the next question that might pop up in your head would be the exact and proper way of matching the Horoscope and ways to match the Kundali in order to lead a perfect married life. 

How to proceed for Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

Again, one of the most important questions that might come to your mind could be efficient ways to match Kundalis for marriage. There is also a constant conflict that occurs in understanding the concepts such as many people also state that Gun Milan is Kundali Milan. There is innumerable software available in the market that would give you the Gun Milan Report in just a few seconds.

Many people do believe that Gun Milan is perfect or appropriate for making any marriage decision. No doubt that a Gun Milan Report is efficient too, but it does not bring out the specific, certain and exact results. It eventually lacks adequate results which could be a matter of concern and problem for you in future. It is Gun Milan which is the preliminary step towards synchronizing and matching the charts for marriage purposes. People usually remain anxious and curious to find out if Gun Milan is efficient enough for marriage. 

Gun Milan for marriage

Many people think that matching of charts or horoscope matching means only Gun Milan. This is grossly wrong as Kundli matching is much beyond only Gun Milan. Horoscopes matching for marriage means checking all marriage compatibility factors of marriage. Many people feel 18 out of 36 Gun matching are good marriage, but this is again wrong. Even 12 out of 36 Guns matching can be good and even 36 out of 36 gun matching may not be the best match for marriage. It all depends on checking the marriage compatibility factors. These compatibility factors mean checking compatibility between family background, mismatch of perception, social & family values, financial status, or belief contradictions.

Generally, the perception is that amongst 36 Guns, Milan 18 is absolutely good for marriage. But the views are different as many also believe that 18 Guns are not compulsorily needed to match however, some also believe that even if nearly 36 Guns matches and even one does not match, then it is not appropriate. A complete comprehensive matching of charts is actually a definition of a perfect Horoscope. Before you spend your time matching the Kundalis, make sure you do have an idea about the partner's prior life's status and background. This would definitely help you to understand in a better way, and knowing all of these would also boost your confidence level. 

Online horoscope matching

Can we believe 100% on online horoscope matching , yes we can provided it is supported with a confirmation of marriage compatibility factors by the astrologer. 

Kundli/horoscope matching by name

Can we believe in horoscope matching for marriage by name: I say no, we should not believe fully on horoscope matching by name because human themselves gives name and that too after the birth. Many times people change the name for different reasons, but the birth chart is fixed & no one can change it. Therefore, horoscope matching by name is not the right method of marriage-matching. 

Does horoscope matching guarantee a successful marriage?

Proper Kundli matching will increase the success ration of marriage for sure and leads to a successful marriage. But here proper horoscope matching does not mean not only Gun Milan but it means comprehensive charts matching f all marriage compatibility factors. 

Why marriages fail even after matching horoscopes?

It happens when people resort to either depending only on Gun Milan or making short cuts in checking the marriage compatibility factors. In such cases, more than the natives, astrologers are to be blamed who resort to such practices. One should always insist on point-wise confirmation on all compatibility factors then the marriage will not fail after matching the charts. 

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