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How to read kundli

How to read Kundli

In ancient Vedic times, when we think about it, we usually imagine a scholar sitting with a quill, deeply engrossed in reading sacred scriptures or Vedas. The depiction shows us that reading is an integral part of Vedic times. Astrology, or Jyotish, is considered a Vedanga, often called the "eyes of the Vedas." Just like our eyes help us see the world, Kundli reading in astrology helps us to see the future. Thus, we can understand how authentic and valuable the knowledge of astrology is that people still use it to know about their karma connections and coming times.

Reading a kundali involves predicting a person's future and different life events. We all have our unique date, time and place when we came to this Earth. The moment of our birth is not a coincidence but contains our whole life story. This precious moment is captured through Kundli making, where an astrologer or modern software creates our birth chart or horoscope using our birth details.  

An individual's birth chart depicts his past, present and future life events based on planetary placements shown in it. One must have his kundli as it helps make better life choices. The horoscope reading clearly shows our physical, mental, financial, intellectual and spiritual side. We can get advance information about what, when, how different events will happen in our lives. A birth chart contains divine language, which can be translated by genuine, and learned astrologers.

Importance of Birth Chart/Kundli Reading

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Now, we've learned that Kundli can provide valuable insights into our personal lives. It gives detailed information about our:

Personality, Wealth, Skills, Hobbies, Education, Career, Marriage, Children, Health, Challenges, Spirituality, Family, Friends, Relatives, Enemies, Foreign Settlement and Much More.

Astrology reading acts like a guidebook, helping us understand what to expect in specific years of our lives. For instance, astrology can reveal which years will be favourable and when you might face challenges if you want to know about your career. It provides detailed information about potential difficulties in various aspects of life and suggests ways to overcome them. It also helps you identify your best and worst periods, transforming years and is a comprehensive guidebook from birth to death.


The birth chart reading isn't just about understanding yourself; it also helps you know more about your different relationships by looking at your birth chart. Your Kundli can provide detailed information about your siblings, parents, in-laws, friends, spouse, children, business partners, or any other connections you have. Surprisingly, an astrologer can even give predictions about your opponents in court cases or competitions, along with third parties involved. Yes, your Kundli can help you understand the personalities and nature of your relations, keeping you aware so you can avoid fights, differences, or misunderstandings.

Understanding Kundli Significance

The first step that every Indian parent considers just after the birth of their child is to get the Kundli of their child prepared. A person's birth chart is created using their date, place, and time of birth, revealing the positions of planets at that moment. 

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Understand Kundli Doshas and Yogas- Beyond giving valuable information about the personality and other essential aspects as mentioned above, a birth chart read identifies:

  1. Kundli dosha - Challenges
  2. Kundli yoga - Opportunities

Kundli yoga, like Rajyoga or Dhana yoga, brings positive outcomes, such as success in a career or harmonious relationships. On the other hand, Kundli doshas, like Manglik dosha or Kaal Sarp dosha, may pose challenges, leading to obstacles in various aspects of life. These doshas are believed to impact health, relationships, and overall well-being.


Matching Kundli for a happy marriage: The age-old tradition of Kundli matching is widespread in Hindu marriages. Matching Kundli ensures marriage between compatible partners, thus increasing the likelihood of a prosperous and happy married life. Reading horoscopes also aid in finding the most auspicious time, known as Muhurata, for the marriage ceremony. The things done in the right Muhurata are believed to bring auspicious results.


Know future challenges and opportunities: Making a Kundli helps you see your future. It lets you know what might happen in your life. By finding out about potential challenges and advantages beforehand, you can make the most of them. The Kundali read helps you make better decisions, not just for yourself but also for the people you care about. Knowing what's coming can prepare you for what's ahead in life.


Make better choices: Understanding how to read your birth chart helps you choose the right career, pointing to professions that match your skills and intelligence. Your Kundli holds reasons for life challenges, such as difficulties in finding a job or delays in marriage. A kundli reading by an astrologer gives insights into these issues and offers solutions. Knowing how to interpret a Kundli is useful, giving individuals the power to navigate life's complexities more effectively.

How Can A Birth Chart Help

A person's birth chart provides valuable insights into various aspects of life, helping identify strengths and weaknesses for success in different fields. Regarding education, it's essential to understand a child's interests and where they can excel through hard work. Astrology plays a role in discovering fields where a person can thrive, whether in education or career. Similarly, the birth chart helps determine the type of life partner who would be suitable, considering compatibility and mindset. In the realm of career, working in a field that aligns with one's strengths is crucial for success. Kundli reading aids in identifying the best fields and areas for personal growth and prosperity.

Birth Chart for Career 

Your birth chart can indicate the most suitable career field for you, preventing wasted efforts in pursuits not meant for you. Career astrology assesses your strengths, weaknesses, and the influence on your professional house to suggest the best field for maximum success with minimal effort. It also highlights good and challenging periods in life, aiding in seizing opportunities. Career astrology guides decisions like job changes, transfers, business partnerships, expansions, or starting new ventures. With your birth chart for career, you can navigate your professional journey with less stress and more success. Additionally, it can contribute to achieving desired financial gains, recognition, and fame.

Birth Chart for Marriage and Love 

Marriage astrology provides answers to various questions about your marital life. It can reveal details about your future spouse, including their appearance, occupation, and origin. You can learn about their character, whether they will be respectful, loving, and faithful. Marriage astrology also helps understand your love life, especially if you're considering a love marriage. Love predictions indicate if your partner's love will remain consistent and whether your marriage will be happy or face challenges. Additionally, the birth chart for marriage can offer insights into the timing of your marriage, your relationship with in-laws, and the overall dynamics of your married life.

Birth Chart for Health 

Health astrology explains how your overall well-being might be. It helps predict whether you'll have a healthy life or face health issues. A Birth Chart for Health shows potential health concerns and which body parts might be more prone to diseases. It also indicates when you might face health challenges like falling ill, needing hospitalization, accidents, or surgeries. This chart guides you on maintaining your well-being and highlights periods when health might be better or more challenging. Understanding your health birth chart empowers you to take proactive steps for your physical and mental health based on astrological insights.


Remember that learning to read your kundli requires knowledge and experience in astrology. It's advisable to consult with a professional astrologer for accurate and personalized insights.


Yes, Kundli reading can help predict the future accurately. By using specific birth details, astrologers can provide insights into various aspects of life that individuals want to know. To make accurate predictions, astrologers require precise information about the person's birth time, place, and date. This data allows them to analyze and reveal the future of the individual.

A Lagna chart, also called a Rashi Chart, is crucial in Vedic astrology. It shows a person's ascendant or rising sign and provides information about the positions of planets in the chart. This chart helps understand the Vimshottari Dasha (planetary periods) and the movement of planets that can influence a person's future. Simply, it plays a significant role in predicting future events accurately.

Navamsa is a part of Vedic astrology that divides the zodiac signs or Rashi into nine smaller sections in a specific order. At times, understanding the Navamsa chart is as important as understanding the ascendant chart for a more comprehensive astrological analysis.

When you share your Kundli with an astrologer, they will help you know about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, blessings, and shortcomings. You can know the timings of occurrence of different life events. They'll also suggest ways to overcome challenges in life. Additionally, they help you find how your present life has karmic connections with your past lives. You will know the purpose of your existence and more.