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Guru Chandal Dosha

Guru Chandal Dosha

There are a lot of terrible planetary disorders (Graha doshas) on the birth chart. Guru Chandal Yoga is among one of them. The combination of the planet Jupiter (Guru) and Rahu is called Guru Chandal Dosh.


What is Guru Chandal Yoga?

Jupiter is called the Sanskrit Guru, and the scandal (mleccha) means a villain or a demon. So he is called Guru Chandal Dosh.

Jupiter plays an important role in doing this yoga in the birth chart. When the Rahu and Ketu planets merge with the Jupiter (Guru) planet in a house, Guru Chandal Yoga is called Guru Chandal Yoga.

In some cases, the promising combination of Guru and Ketu becomes promising, known as Ganesh Yoga.

The constellation of Jawaharlal Nehru is a good example of Ganesh yoga.

"हिंदी में गुरु चांडाल दोष" पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें


Guru Chandal Dosha


Common Features of Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu Planets

Jupiter is a favorable planet. Anyone with a powerful Jupiter will be free, generous, spiritual, social worker, and rich. The promising planet Jupiter in the birth chart also makes a person a good ruler or manager.

Jupiter in the female constellation makes a woman a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter-in-law, and a mentor.

Rahu, who is indifferent to the natives, can make a person self-centered and sensual. Native women are bold and confident. Indigenous women's Rahu generally cleans the indigenous people and strives for a luxurious lifestyle. They are attracted to the opposite sex even after marriage.

Native women with Ketu are becoming very strong, independent, and independent. They can break up with their husbands or become widows. Male natives are spiritual and philosophical. They are attracted to married women or widows.


Features of Guru Chandala Dosha

The combination of planets Guru and Rahu is generally harmful. However, the positive or negative outcome of Guru Chandal Yoga depends entirely on Jupiter's position and strength.

The degree to which Guru Chandala Dosha is affected depends entirely on Jupiter and Rahu's location in different houses and different conditions.

Guru Chandal Dosh is always hostile, but other planets also affect this Dosh positively or negatively.


What are the Effects of Guru Chandala Dosha?

  1. It is becoming difficult for native speakers to complete and excel in education and careers.
  2. The media will lose their jobs at a tremendous rate.
  3. It will be difficult for a person to make independent decisions.
  4. The financial crisis will always be with your family.
  5. There will be a family dispute. Even there will be a disagreement between father and son.
  6. A harmful liver can cause health risks such as asthma, jaundice, high blood pressure, tumors, chronic constipation, and liver problems.
  7. Indigenous peoples make impulsive decisions that cause danger.
  8. The person becomes so independent and stubborn that it sometimes becomes difficult to work with others.
  9. Someone can face a scandal and stay in jail.
  10. It will be difficult for the natives to inherit.
  11. This guy will be the jack of all trades, but not the master.
  12. Natives will be voluntarily guided by immoral and unethical conduct.


Results of Guru Chandal Dosha in Different Houses


1st House

If Guru Chandal Dosh occurs in Lagna or the first house, then the unborn baby's moral character is rather suspicious. Even if this man is lucky with money and wealth, he will be selfish and greedy. The person has little or no interest in spirituality. But in the case of a strong junior, the unborn person is wise and polite.


2nd House

The powerful Jupiter in the second house can make a person rich, prosperous, and rich. However, weak or affected juniors become the cause of quarrels, money loss, and stressful life among family members.


3rd House

The third house's Guru Chandal Yoga will make the natives brave and leaders. If Jupiter hits Mars, the unborn baby will be honest and rough. Indigenous people may be inverse winter.


4th House

The fourth birthplace, Guru Chandal Dosh, will have a home and property. However, a harmful liver can cause problems with general well-being and family problems.


5th House

If Jupiter is strong in the fifth house, the natives will be educated and wise. Natives will be blessed with successful children. If the fifth house is with the harmful Jupiter, the natives will face many child-related problems.


6th House

Weak Jupiter and the affected Mars planet can provoke an annoying family life. Aboriginal people are more likely to defame their religion. But the powerful Jupiter can make a person rich and prosperous.


7th House

7 Having Guru Chandal Dosh at home can put your family life at risk. Without the planet's other beneficial influences, the problem of marriage could be even greater.


8th House

If Jupiter's harmful period continues, there will be many accidents, injuries, and surgeries. Harmful Rahu Mahadasha can have a devastating effect on an unborn baby.


9th House

If Jupiter is in a strong position, the unborn baby will be rich in everything. When Jupiter meets, birth will not have a good relationship with his father. The success of family members is delayed.


10th House

Aboriginal people will have money, wealth, career, and business success, but their moral value will decline. Relatives will be indifferent to people.


11th House

Guru Chandal doshas are considered promising in the 11th house. The base currency comes from a variety of sources. Natives will create wealth through inheritance as well as personal endeavors.


12th House

The native would be extremely critical of his religion and caste. Perhaps it will be against family members. Natives will have their way of thinking.


Guru Chandal Dosh and Effective Solutions

According to the Vedic scriptures, there are various corrective actions. Here are some healing remedies that can cure the negative effects of Guru Chandal Yoga.

  1. Perform wise pandit's Chandal Yoga Nivaran puja.
  2. Worshiping Lord Vishnu can weaken the negative effects of Guru Chandal Yoga.
  3. Grind "Do Mukhi Rudraksha" (two-faced Rudraksha) allows you to neutralize the negativity of Rahu, Ketu, and Guru.
  4. Natives can neutralize harmful influences from Havana to Jupiter.
  5. Lord Ganesha can be worshiped regularly to neutralize the evil influence of Guru Chandala Dosha.
  6. Natives can wear yellow sapphires along with gold. However, before wearing yellow sapphire, you should consult an astrologer.
  7. Respect your parents, mother-in-law, the elderly, teachers, saints, and guru.
  8. Provide teachers, yellow Brahman, honey, turmeric, and dresses to neutralize Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu's negative effects.
  9. Natives need to feed their birds and animals.
  10. Natives can regularly worship the goddess Bagalamukhi.

Bottom Line: Almost 10% of the population has Guru Chandal doshas on their birth charts. It is very important to calculate the moon's position and rise to understand the effectiveness of the Guru Chandal Yoga. The connection between Jupiter and Rahu wouldn't hurt if you had a positive Mahadasha.


Guru Chandal Yoga occurs when Jupiter and Rahu are conjunct in the birth chart. It's\ generally considered unfavourable because it affects Jupiter, a beneficial planet. Rahu's\ influence can lead to a decline in moral values, potentially pushing the person towards unethical or illegal paths. However, some astrologers believe this yoga can benefit "Kalyuga" as it provides extra cleverness or intelligence gifted by Rahu.

Performing Guru Chandal Dosh Puja can help mitigate the negative effects of Guru Chandal Yoga. Once the dosha is relieved, it can bring prosperity and mental peace into the person's\ life. Their efforts may yield positive results, and they may experience success in various endeavours. By resolving the dosha, the individual may find greater fulfilment and success.

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