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Angarak Dosha in Kundli

Angarak Dosha

There are numerous names of the Red planet Mars in Astrology, out of which one is Angarak. Angarak Dosha is formed due to the connotation of Mars with Rahu-Ketu. Mars and Rahu/Ketu form Angarak dosha in the horoscope of a person. Angarak dosha is considered an ominous yoga. The effect of this yoga gives numerous problems to the person. When Mars and Rahu/Ketu are together in any house in the horoscope, it can diminish the outcomes related to that house and increase the troubles related to it.


This Dosha affects the auspiciousness of the horoscope because of the position of Rahu and Mars. Its adverse effect can also be seen on the person. Mars and Rahu/Ketu are like fire. Their coming together is a big defect in itself, in "Angarak Dosha" where Mars is like fire, Rahu/Ketu indicates smoke. So, the presence of these two together is a zodiac denotes suffering in many ways.

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Angarak Dosha in Kundli


The Angarak Yoga formed in Kendra Trikon

Each and every yoga, whether auspicious or inauspicious, have some such elements which can affect the effects of that yoga in many ways in the life of an individual. Likewise, when it comes to Angaraka Dosha, this yoga also shows some of its propensities, but differences can also be seen in its effect. If Angarak dosha is formed in the Kendra or Trikona house, then it has different effects on life.


With this, when it is formed in the 3rd, 6th, 8th house of the horoscope, then it can have different effects. For this reason, it is imperative to consider the fact that at which place this yoga is formed and how is the relation of other planets and houses. Because the effect of malefic planets is helpful in giving positivity at some positions, but gives a negative impact in some positions. The result of the positioning and planetary effect of this yoga will give negativity to the person but will also give some positivity which will be helpful in giving a distinct direction to his life.


How to check Angarak Yoga in Birth Chart

After the confirmation of this yoga in the horoscope, there is a need to understand other things, including the position of Mars and Rahu in the chart of Rashi, Nakshatras and Navamsa chart etc. Another idea that is derived from the scriptures is that if Angarak Dosha is formed in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces, then this may indicate reduction inauspiciousness. Because at these places Mars gets more strength than Rahu and Rahu does not have that kind of effect on Mars. In contrast, Angarak Dosha can display trouble in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra or Aquarius zodiacs.


There is a necessity to comprehend many such hints present in the horoscope which intensify or decrease the effect of this yoga. Apart from the general form, any yoga needs to be considered in its other aspects and only a capable astrologer can comprehend these things and by analyzing the horoscope of a person, can tell that how the yoga formed in the horoscope will change his life. What will be the impacts and how can good results of yoga be achieved?


Effect of Planet's Auspicious Position

Another thing that is to be understood in Angarak Yoga is that, what is the position of Mars and Rahu in the horoscope. If Mars and Rahu are in inauspicious position, then this position gives an enhanced environment to develop the ill effects of this yoga, if Mars or Rahu is in benefic position on the other side of it, then this effect will diminish the inauspiciousness of this Dosha. It can also prove to be very helpful in reducing some of the negative impacts.


Negative Impacts of Angarak Dosha

Due to the combination of Mars and Rahu/Ketu, certain important effects are seen on the life of a person. When Rahu and Mars conjunct, then the following effects are visible -

  • Excessive anger and stubbornness can be seen in the person.
  • Due to the effect of this Dosha, ups and downs in the economic situation maybe there. There may be obstacles in property matters.
  • The person can be aggressive and make hasty decisions. Maybe he doesn't want to give much heed to what others have to say. The tendency of trying to put himself at the forefront can make him arrogant and selfish.
  • There may be separation or tension from the family.
  • The person may be lazy or careless at work. Selfishness can bother him big time.
  • On numerous occasions, mental negativity and the sense of taking revenge can also be there in the person.
  • Troubles and sorrows in married life can affect him. Misunderstandings in work can lead to a defeat.
  • Health problems, consulting doctors and courts may be more than usual.


Positive Impacts of Angarak Dosha

  • An Inauspicious yoga also has some positivity within its inauspiciousness.
  • While Angarak Dosha gives troubles, it also gives courage to a person to do tasks which are not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • This can make a person inclined towards politics.
  • If a person is hardworking and courageous, then he can also get success in life.
  • The person can earn a lot of fame and profit in business partnership.


The effects of Angarak Dosha can lead a person to become short-tempered and prone to getting angry easily. They may often feel overexcited and rush into tasks without considering the consequences. As a result, they may encounter failures and even accidents because of their impulsive behaviour and lack of caution. Individuals with Angarak Dosha need to learn to control their temper and impulsiveness and to approach tasks with more mindfulness.

The presence of Angarak Dosha in marriage can lead to anger and ego issues between partners. It's \ like adding a matchstick to fuel; the person with Angarak Dosha may frequently feel furious and act impulsively without considering the consequences. A severe dosha can be detrimental to marital bliss because the individual affected by it may be unwilling to listen or compromise, leading to conflicts and challenges in the relationship.

To remove Angarak Dosha, one can perform remedies associated with Mars, Rahu, and Ketu. Consulting with an astrologer is essential to receive personalized remedies tailored to rectify the specific Angarak Dosha in your birth chart. As a general remedy, it's\ important to avoid anger and overexcitement. Additionally, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa can be beneficial. These remedies, combined with efforts to control anger and impulsiveness, can help control the negative effects of Angarak Dosha and promote harmony in life.

If Mars or Rahu and Mars and Ketu are together in a person's\ birth chart, it's\ called Angarak Yoga. If someone gets angry easily or is frequently angry, they may have Angarak Dosha. The first signs of Angarak Dosha are anger, overexcitement, jealousy, and having too much energy. While Angarak Dosha can be good or bad, it's\ important to handle these feelings well to avoid negative results.

Performing the Angarak Dosha Puja can help reduce the negative effects of Angarak Dosha. This can make the person feel better, think more before starting tasks, and use their energy in a productive way. As a result, they can lead a more balanced and peaceful life, and handle challenges better.

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