Some essential qualities of an Astrologer can change your perception about Vedic Astrology totally. Do not depend totally on the wisdom of the astrologer unless you have done some homework yourself. And that is where I being an astrologer myself want you to do some self-check about the essential qualities of an astrologer. I am purposely not using any technical word of astrology in this blog. Because this is for the understanding of every layman. I mean, I am not saying what particular planet/planets constitute essential qualities of an astrologer. Foremost, do not visit an astrologer thinking he/she can change your horoscope or fate. If your perception is this, it is nothing but self-betrayal. The knowledge, intentions & attitude, and some technical qualities of an astrologer matters a lot in Astrological guidance.

Predictions failing can be due to the absence of essential qualities of an astrologer 

Let’s be very clear that each horoscope has both Positives & Negatives. Yes, you read it right & no Astrologer should deny this ardent fact. However, good & bad results depend on how with our Karmas, we activate or deactivate them, respectively. But do all astrologers practice like it? And do all astrologers have the basic & essential qualities of an astrologer. Or the method is to pick the negative aspects of the horoscope & then drift the native towards rituals & poojas etc. Apart from some general traits of being a good person, astrologers must have some essential qualities of an astrologer. And you can surely check most of these qualities by applying some self-check. This particular blog is to highlight these essential qualities of an astrologer.

Essentials of an Astrologer

There are some protocols that the native should observe some help from the astrologer. Same way, the astrologer should not only possess some essential qualities of an astrologer and must follow some basic ethics. Otherwise, any of this factor missing will have a question mark on the quality of the astrological predictions. The essential qualities of an astrologer are described as below:

  • Must possess complete insight into the mathematical and Falit Jyotish.
  • Apart from this, some basic educational qualifications. There must be some documents to authenticate this.
  • Astrologer must have reasonable practical experience.
  • Now, this point is taken care of by some independent references about that astrologer apart own websites or forums. It can be either some information in the media, newspapers, public forums (like Twitter, Linked In, Quora, Wikipedia, testimonials & likewise). This enables you to judge that the astrologer is not a novice.  
  • One should request astrologer to tell at least one significant incidence of your life. This helps you to satisfy that you are not a total novice. However, A lot will depend on many other factors. 
  • This will also help both the native and the astrologer to have a general satisfaction that the birth time taken for analysis is correct. 
  • Should be religious.
  • His / her attitude should be virtuous/ethical.
  • One should be truthful & upfront.
  • A believer in God

Apart from other astrological combinations, the second house or the lord of the 2nd house should have an association with Jupiter. If the astrologer has this kind of yoga, then he is a blessed one. Mind you, this association with Jupiter is among the essential qualities of an astrologer. This is required for his oratory capability and divine graciousness, without which he will not be able to deliver judgments on faith in spite of having reasonable knowledge of astrology.

Apart from the above essentials that an astrologer should have, the basis of him should be devotement and humility.

How to consult an Astrologer 

Seeking advice from an Astrologer is like invoking divine intervention to resolve the ongoing problems. Since the matter relates to the divine, it becomes essential for the native to obey specific rules before committing himself/herself to be present in front of an Astrologer. The rules are general, but every rule has a hidden meaning behind it.

The Conscience of the native before meeting the Astrologer

The day the native chooses to meet the astrologer personally, or through other means like telephone or Skype, the following things are essentially required of him:

  • The native should go to the astrologer with a clean and unbiased mind.
  • The intention of the native should not be to test the astrologer. But should be to seek a spiritual solution for his problem.
  • He /She should pray to the Lord Ganesha and Kul Devta on the day when the consultation happens.
  • He /She should offer some fruits and fresh flowers to God while praying.
  • The reading from the astrologer should not be for free. A free reading further indebts the native and ruins his karma—an empty-handed native to an astrologer return empty-handed.

Protocol for meeting with an Astrologer

Before reaching the astrologer, the native should follow some simple rules, i.e.:

  • He should prepare a list of questions which have to be asked.
  • The same question should not be asked in different ways to get a favorable answer from the astrologer. It has to be kept in mind that the first answer offered by the astrologer is the Bhram Vakya.
  • Jyothisha is one of the six components of Vedang. The other five elements are Shiksha, Kalp, Nirukt, Chhand, and Vyakaran. Jyotish Shastra is further subdivided into Ganit, Samhita, and Hora. These all are related to Complex mathematical analysis with a put of divinity. It is therefore very essential that the intentions of the native should be apparent and pious.
  • It is seen that to test the astrologers, and the native poses false questions. If a native habitually raises wrong questions, then the native has paved ways to sink in the muddle that too without any respite.
  • The time should be the essence; wasting time by asking the same question over and over again is a bad omen.
  • Asking questions for others than the specific horoscope is again like indebting without consent. One should avoid this behavior and temptation.

What should be the quality time for the consultation session?

Astrologer does not have a magic wand. Do not expect that the moment the session starts, the astrologer will do miracles & start resolving your issues in minutes. One mandatory but logical requirement here is that the astrologer should have your basic details of the horoscope beforehand. Then the session should neither be too short (say 5/10 minutes) nor it should stretch beyond a reasonable time. In my experience, if one has accurate birth time, the normal session time should be 30 minutes (+ –) few minutes. And in case accurate birth details are not available, then the session will depend on the expertise of the astrologer as to how fast the astrologer can rectify the birth time.  

Final take on essential qualities of an astrologer

Every rules book classifies the relationship between a client/follower & the individual in the subject. As it applies to all the professionals, the same way, it applies to the querist and the astrologer. It is indeed a Guru- Shishya relationship with a pious bounding. Suppose this relationship adheres to the basic essential qualities of an astrologer and the protocol of the natives. Then I am sure the things take a trustworthy shape. And both will cherish a healthy bond.