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Taurus Yearly Horoscope (01-01-20 to 31-12-20 )

Our routine involvement in personal and professional life sometimes makes us miss a few important signals which the Horoscope has for us. Not depending on only Horoscope but spending a few minutes in the beginning of the year through Yearly Horoscope Forecast for your Zodiac Sign makes a little sense. This Yearly Horoscope forecast is a Macro overview but can be significant in planning our important actions in the year to come. Now let's explain about the Taurus Horoscope Yearly Forecast amongst all Zodiac Signs.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 Predictions

We should start with understanding the basic significations of Taurus Sign. The sign of Taurus is the second in the zodiac and is a fixed and Earthy sign. Those with this Moon sign are slow and steady seeking stability and long term associations and relations. The symbol of Taurus sign is a ‘Bull,’ so when angered, they can grow horns. Taurus Horoscope Year 2020 promises progress and accomplishments through your determination, perseverance, and efforts. You must realise that only material success is not enough, so give a thought to your spiritual development and create a balance in these two fields. Some challenges are in store, but only to test your perseverance and faith in God. Travelling is involved, which could be due to studies or pilgrimages.

For Taurus sign Year 2020 is favorable for creative self-expression, and artists, actors, designers, and musicians will progress.But it is possible only through self-efforts and perseverance. The year promises accomplishments, name and fame, and progress, but also through facing challenges and the right efforts. Saturn going retrograde from 12th May to 29th September will bring challenges in career, higher education, and general well being. Stay strong and grounded using your inborn positive qualities, and you will be the winner.

How will 2020 be for Taurus people?

Having understood the main significations of Taurus, now we should see how will the Year 2020 for Taurus sign. For better & easy understanding, we will divide the whole year into 4 Quarters of the Year. Here we would explain the impact on the main traits of life of Taurus sign natives.

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Taurus Horoscope 2020 – January to March

Health: The year begins with a healthy start. The 2nd and 5th lord Mercury in the 8th house in Sagittarius and 12th lord Mars aspecting the Moon sign may cause some anxiousness. Venus moving to Aquarius on 9th January and the 12th lord Mars moving to Sagittarius on 8th February will give you relief from any health issues and will end anxiety. From 22nd March, exalted Mars will boost up your energy.

Education: The 5th lord Mercury will move to your house of luck from 13th January 2020, giving you success in education. From 24th January onwards, you will have favorable time for higher education and traveling abroad for education. Retrograde Mercury from 18th February to 11th March 2020 can cause interruptions and lack of focus.

Career: Your career lord Saturn moving to its own sign in the house of luck from 24th January 2020 will bring favorable conditions for the career. The period from 3rd February to 28th March 2020 will prove excellent. Debilitation of Jupiter from 30th March can cause some career-related issues.

Finance: The year 2020 may begin with some sudden financial gains probably from speculative sources. From 13th January to 17th February, the 2nd and 5th lord Mercury will boost up your savings and help you build up assets. From 30th March onwards, debilitated Jupiter is not favorable in financial matters.

Romance and Marriage: Favourable time for love affairs from 13th January till 17th February 2020. Avoid conflicts in the period from 18th February to 11th March 2020. It will be a romantic and harmonious time for married couples from 9th February onwards. Married women may face some marital issues after 30th March.

General: Comparatively, this first quarter of the year 2020 is conducive to persons of Taurus Horoscope for progress and stability.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 – April to June

Health: You will enter this 2nd quarter of the year with excellent health and vitality. From 14th May to 24th June 2020 Your Moon sign lord Venus which also owns the 6th house of Disease will be retrograde and may cause some health problems till it moves direct from 25th June 2020. During this period, exercise and avoid junk food.

Education: From 7th April to 24th April 2020 Aspect of Mercury on your 5th house will fortify Your intellect and memory and will give you ability to concentrate and succeed. The 8th lord Jupiter going retrograde from 14th May 2020 will not be favorable for research students. From 12th May onwards problems can be faced in higher studies abroad and foreign travel.

Career: Favourable time till 11th May 2020. But from 12th May 2020, the 9th and 10th lord Saturn going retrograde, as well as Jupiter going retrograde from 14th May. This can pose some struggle and challenges in career.

Finance: The 2nd lord Mercury’s transit in its sign of debilitation in the house of gains from 7th April to 24th April 2020 is not conducive for savings and assets.

Jupiter’s debilitation and retrograde motion from 14th May 2020 can further cause financial issues. Some relief can be expected in financial matters from 24th May when 2nd lord Mercury will transit in its own house.

Romance and Marriage: Debilitated 5th lord Mercury aspecting the 5th house from 7th April to 24th April 2020 and Retrograde Venus from 14th May to 24th May 2020 can be problematic for love affairs and selecting marriage partners. Marital relations of married couples will improve because of exalted 7th Lord Mars from 1st April till 3rd May 2020.

General: This second quarter of the year 2020 is just average for Taurus Horoscope. But your patience and right efforts in this period will pave the way ahead for better conditions. So take things with a positive attitude. Beware of the presence of Rahu in the 2nd house, so avoid any shortcuts for boosting your wealth, invest carefully.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 – July to September

Health: Take great care in what you eat as the 2nd and 5th lord Mercury is retrograde in the 2nd house of food and eating habits. Mercury will go direct from 13th July 2020, but its association with Rahu in the 2nd house till 22nd September can cause digestive issues.

Education: Mercury’s transit through the 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses from 2nd August to 21st September will be a good time for all students. For higher studies in foreign lands and foreign travel, the period from 30th September onwards will be favorable.

Career: The 9th and 10th lord Saturn going direct from 30th September 2020 will prove good for career. From 14th September direct motion of Jupiter will start giving stability in career.

Finance: The 2nd lord Mercury going direct from 13th July 2020 will improve your financial status, but the presence of Rahu here till 22nd September may tempt you to misuse your savings and assets. Direct motion of 11th lord Jupiter from 14th September 2020 will improve gains. And this will increase the probability of getting blocked income if any.

Romance and Marriage: Good period for love affairs from 17th August to 21st September 2020. Some discord in marital harmony from 16th August cannot be ruled out for married couples during the transit of 7th lord Mars at the 6th place from the 7th house. The Mars going retrograde from 11th September 2020 can further cause a lack of marital bliss. Exercise tolerance and avoid arguments.

General: Overall, this third quarter will be comparatively favorable for Taurus Horoscope. You will need to take care of your assets and savings and overcome temptations to use insecure ways to boost these.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 – October to December

Health: You will enjoy average health until Venus becomes debilitated from 23rd October 2020. The presence of Rahu in your Moon sign may cause health issues through too rich food and indulgence; however, direct moving Jupiter transiting in the 8th house will save you from serious health issues and accidents.

Education: This last quarter of the year is not favorable for students. Students may be tempted to indulge in some self-consuming habits from 23rd October to 17th November 2020 when debilitated Venus transits in the 5th house. You will need to discipline yourself and ignore all temptations for a greater focus on studies.

Career: The 9th and 10th lord Saturn transiting direct in the 9th house in its own sign of Capricorn is good for a career in general. Those in service will prosper, provided they exercise patience and keep cordial relations with seniors. Business-class will prosper as 7th lord, Mars goes direct in the house of gains from 15th November.

Finance: This last quarter of the year is not very promising for financial gains and status. Jupiter becoming debilitated in the 9th house from 20th November onwards and 2nd Lord Mercury transiting in Scorpio between 28th November and 16th December 2020 will make the saving of money difficult.

Romance and Marriage: Those in love affairs can expect a challenging time, especially from 23rd October to 16th November 2020. Aspect of retrograde Mars on the 5th house can be lethal for cordial relations. Married couples may face discord and difference of opinion from 5th October to 14th November 2020 in particular. The presence of Ketu here will tend to give dissatisfaction in relations.

General: This last quarter of the year has mixed results for Taurus Ascendants & Taurus Horoscope . The presence of the Rahu/Ketu axis on 1st and 7th house can cause dissatisfaction in relations, health, and business. This can turn you towards inner development through spiritual pursuits.                                                

A small Caution

These astrological predictions are based on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology on a Macro basis for all Zodiac Signs. These astrological predictions should be taken as general idea of the yearly horoscope forecast. For specific queries & advice, it is always better to consult any good astrologer practicing on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology as final results depend on many things including your own karmas. These Karmas can be of past life deeds or past of present life

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