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Libra Yearly Horoscope (01-01-21 to 31-12-21 )

You could end up spending more due to Rahu's placement, which in turn will bother you a lot. This year's mother's earnings are also on the Libra horoscope 2021 cards. Thus, the natives of Libra could experience a real-time ahead. For the field of education, the period from April to September will prove very promising. Librans will have to give in some extra hard work this year to prepare for competitive exams. 

Some natives will have to stay far away from their homes or family members, all because of Saturn's positioning, as per Libra 2021 astrology predictions. Your mother's well-being might stay in low spirits, so you might need to give her extra care. This year, your marital life and children will have to face some bitter consequences. Nonetheless, your love life will produce favourable results this year. Some of you will get lucky in marriage, and some might even marry the love of their lives. With frequent medical check-ups, one should remain vigilant about health.

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It will be equally useful as it was before, the Libra Love Horoscope 2021 suggests. The Libra Natives' Love Horoscope 2021 predicts that you will also get lucky in love. This year, some of you will even get married. It will teach you the essence of getting lucky in love this year. Your love life will be your top priority until mid-September, around April. You will plunge deeper into the depths of love, which will reinforce your relationship in turn. read more about love...

2021 will bring favourable results to you. The months of March, June, July, and August will prove to be the strongest in terms of finance, according to the Libra 2021 Finance Horoscope. You may be facing some challenges, which might make you spend more in September. You will continue to accumulate money, but expenses will not allow you to achieve the desired savings due to family affairs. read more about finance...

Libra natives are bound to get good results this year, as per the Libra Career Horoscope 2021. In June and July, Mars' transit to Gemini Rashi could have given you a lot of change at your workplace. However, it would help if you stayed out of any minor argument, as there are chances that you will get embroiled in battles with others. The influence of Saturn will make you work hard all year round. On April 6th, the transit of Jupiter in the Aquarius sign will bring you success in your attempts to improve your career. New career possibilities are likely to turn out to be better than your older job. Trade projects aligned with social upliftment will turn out to be fantastic business opportunities for the natives. In your business, this is bound to ensure prosperity. read more about career...

Libra's health horoscope 2021 does not send an excellent signal & natives of Libra should remain extra careful. The presence of Rahu in Ketu's Eight House in the second house is not a positive sign of your health prospects. read more about health...

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Om Sha ShanashrayraiNamha


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Remedy: Worship your forefathers