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Gemini Yearly Horoscope (01-01-20 to 31-12-20 )

Vedic astrology provides a macro level Yearly Horoscope 2020 predictions for all Zodiac signs. This is an overall general idea as to what is in store for the native of different Zodiac Signs in next 12 months. This gives a broader idea about many dos and don’ts for next 12 months. Now let’s explain particularly about Gemini Horoscope to see what is there in Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2020.

Gemini Horoscope 2020 Predictions

We should start with basic significations of Gemini Sign. Gemini, the third sign of zodiac, is a mutable Air sign, and it is the sign of communications. It also represents creative self-expression, intellectual activities, accounting, marketing, relationships, friends and network circle, and logical thinking, etc. The year 2020 for Gemini Moon sign will bring progress, prosperity, and name and fame. Some struggles and challenges cannot be ruled out, but keep in mind that these are bound to make you strong and self-reliant. Never be discouraged by the Rahu/Ketu axis since these two shadowy planets are in their respective signs of exaltation.

To enjoy relationships during this year, especially with loved ones, life partners, and partners in business, if any, give up your egoistic attitude and give importance to the views and needs of others.

For better health and an anxiety-free mind, you must give extra importance to relaxation and avoid multitasking. This year is overall good for wish fulfillment and a rise in courage and improvement of communication skills. Good for accountants, journalists, writers, lawyers, students, creative people, IT, communication, and marketing-related careers in particular.

How will 2020 be for Gemini natives?

How will be year 2020 for Gemini natives? And how will have effects on some major traits of life during the whole year? For easy understanding, we can break the year into four quarters & analyse the results on these important traits of life. Now the same are described as below:

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Gemini Horoscope 2020 – January to March:

Health: With the Moon sign Lord Mercury and Jupiter aspecting the Moon sign, you will enter the year with zest and enthusiasm. Health will improve from 24th January 2020 as Saturn will move to its own 8th house. Take great care of your eating habits and impulsiveness from 8th February to 22nd March 2020 during the aspect of the 6th lord Mars on the Moon sign.

Education: It is a favorable time for students in general, and conditions will improve further after 9th January as 5th lord Venus moves to the 9th house in Aquarius. Favorable time for higher studies and going abroad till 30th March thereafter Debilitation of Jupiter can cause delays and difficulties.

Career: Good time for a career in general; however, from 30th March 2020, some problems can be faced. Those in service will have a favorable time from 24th January onwards. Delays and obstacles in business will be reduced as Saturn leaves the 7th house from 24th January 2020. 

Finance: Good time for savings and assets from 8th February onwards. Exaltation of the 11th lord Mars from 22nd March will boost up your income. However, from 30th March, onward invest wisely and pay taxes on time.

Romance and Marriage: Favourable time from 9th January for love affairs and selecting life partners. For Married couples this first quarter of the year can be a time of test for their mutual trust and cooperation; however, conditions for amicable relations will improve after Saturn leaves the 7th house from 24th January onwards.

General: Presence of Rahu/Ketu axis on the 1st and 7th house can pose some difficulties in general well being and relationships, especially till 12th January 2020 because of the association of Ketu with Mercury in the 7th house. Overall this first quarter of the year from 13th January onwards is going to be favorable in general, and you will have progress and prosperity.

Gemini Horoscope 2020 – April to June:

Health: Take extra care of health from 7th April to 25th April as your Moon sign lord Mercury transits its sign of debilitation. Some relief from health-related issues can be expected from 24th May 2020 when Mercury moves to your Moon sign Gemini. 

Education: Saturn’s retrograde motion from 12th May 2020 can create delays and distractions for students in general. However, it is an excellent time for research work and writing thesis until 11th May 2020.

Career: Debilitation of the 10th lord Jupiter till 29th June 2020 is not conducive to career pursuits in general. The business class, especially dealing with foreign lands such as import-export, etc. can have new opportunities and growth till 13th May 2020 thereafter from 14th May to 24th June the time is not favorable for them.

Finance: The 6th and 11th lord Mars exalted in the 8th house till 3rd May 2020 creates a favourable yoga and will help you in financial matters. However, time is not very favorable for new investments.

Romance and Marriage: The 5th lord and significator of love and romance Venus occupying 8th place from the 5th house is not conducive for love and romance and its retrograde motion from 14th May to 25th June 2020 can further pose problems. Married couples will have a roller coaster ride in relationships during this quarter, especially till 29th June 2020.

General: Transit of Mercury over the Moon sign Gemini in the 1st house from 24th May 2020 will keep you enthusiastic and progressive in spite of the presence of Rahu/Ketu axis.

Gemini Horoscope 2020 – July to September:

Health: Presence of Rahu and retrograde Mercury in the Moon sign Gemini may keep you busy with health issues, however, Mercury going direct from 13th July can give some relief, but Rahu will be there till 22nd September. 

Education: Mercury going direct in Gemini from 13th July and thereafter transiting over the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses from 2nd August onwards will favour students in general. Its transit in the 4th house will prove excellent for studies. From 22nd September onwards channels will open up for higher studies and study abroad.

Career: The 10th Lord Jupiter going direct in Sagittarius from14th September 2020 will prove favourable for a career in general. It will be an excellent time for those in Information technology, communications, journalism and creative arts and design from 13th July onwards. Businesses will progress from 14th September onwards.

Finance: Retrograde Saturn aspecting, the house of savings and assets till 29th September, can pose problems in saving money and protecting your assets. However, Jupiter going direct from 14th September will be helpful.

Romance and Marriage: Transit of Venus over the sign of Cancer from 1st September to 27th September will be of some help to all in love affairs. Mercury’s transit in Libra over the 5th house from 22nd September onwards will improve relations. Married couples must exercise patience and tolerance in relations until 14th September. Rahu/Ketu axis leaving the 1st/7th house axis from 23rd September will help in greater marital bliss and harmony.

General: This quarter, due to the transit of Rahu/Ketu over the 1st and 7th house axis, can be challenging and may demand a lot of patience and let go attitude. However, you will feel the burden being lifted off from 23rd September onwards. 

Gemini Horoscope 2020 – October to December:

Health: You will enter this last quarter of the year with good health. Moon sign lord Mercury’s presence in the 5th house till 27th November 2020 will keep you high spirited. Take good care of your general health and well being from 28th November onwards as, during this period, Mercury will transit over the 6th house in Scorpio.

Education: It will be a favourable time for students in general from 5th October to 19th November 2020. From 23rd October to 10th December 2020 it will be a good and favourable time for higher studies and foreign travel. Those are doing research work and writing their thesis may face some obstacles and delays in their work, especially from 20th November onwards.

Career: Presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius till 19th November is favourable, but retrograde Mars in 10th house from 5th October to 15th November can create some obstacles and difficult situations. The entry of direct moving Mars in Aries in the 11th house from 24th December will spark up career pursuits.

Finance: It is favourable time till 19th November for savings and improving assets. Try to clear up any pending taxes and renewal of insurances, if any, before Jupiter goes into debilitation from 20th November 2020. Try not to invest in new ventures from 20th November till year-end.

Romance and Marriage: If you stay calm and dare to face some opposition due to aspect of retrograde Mars on the 5th house from 4th October to 23rd December 2020 then you can expect a wonderful romantic time for love and affection in relationships and for dating from 23rd October 2020 onwards till10th December 2020. For married couples, time is good for cordial relations till 19th November 2020.

General: This last quarter of the year can prove to be the best comparatively and shall boost up your morale for entering the coming New Year with zest and hopes.           

A small Caution

These astrological predictions are based on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology on a Macro basis for all Zodiac Signs. These astrological predictions should be taken as general idea of the yearly horoscope forecast. For specific queries & advice, it is always better to consult any good astrologer practicing on the basic principles of Indian Vedic Astrology as final results depend on many things including your own karmas. These Karmas can be of past life deeds or past of present life.

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