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Gemini Yearly Horoscope (01-01-21 to 31-12-21 )

As per yearly horoscope Gemini, students of the Gemini zodiac sign may be given lots of new hopes. It seems that the time between January and May is helpful for those who dream of studying abroad. House decorations and refurbishment are on the cards, which can cover some fair costs. But specific issues may occur because of your partner and may become a source of a significant effect on your personal life. According to yearly horoscope Gemini, for those that are in love, the year 2021 will reveal a lot of good stuff. They might take a step ahead, and this year they might even tie knots. This year, singles are also likely to find their beloved ones. The year 2021 may be the year for your wellbeing to be well taken care of. To maintain good health, you should give up junk food and irregular eating habits.

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Dos: Youngsters will be hopeful this year. It is also a good time to pursue higher studies abroad. Those planning to tie the knot should be ready for the auspicious occasion.  

Don’ts: Do not indulge yourself in eating junk foods. Nor should you be voracious to maintain good health. 

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This year, love is in the air. According to love horoscope yearly for Gemini, this year will turn out to be much better in terms of love. From January to February, some natives could move ahead and get married to the love of their lives. This will be your life's most precious gift. There may also be some problematic circumstances, and you must face them with a brave heart. You'll have to be very committed to your partner in love. Any confusion could cause issues for you further.  read more about love...

This year 2021, will turn out to be a normal one for your financial life, according to finance horoscope yearly for Gemini. This is attributable to Jupiter and Saturn's placement. Because of this, economic losses are likely to come from investments. But it may turn out to be advantageous for you to transit from Jupiter to the sign of Aquarius. It can contribute to some financial benefits as well. read more about finance...

According to career horoscope yearly for Gemini, before heading out and taking advantage of the opportunities, you should be up to date and remember to keep appropriately focused on your mission. Jupiter's firm positioning can affect and build some barriers to your career. It will support and ease you to tide over these challenges with your focus and determination. Your luck can lead you to a promotion at the workplace from April to September. From September to mid-November, you need to stay vigilant and work diligently.  read more about career...

According to health horoscope yearly for Gemini, the health front signs look a little frail and low. This is so because there will be a conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in the Eight House. It will deteriorate further due to the presence of Ketu in the Sixth Building. These planets may impact Gemini's health. read more about health...

Number : 6

Color : Blue

Mantra :

Om Subh GuruGuddai Namah

Remedies :

Apply Sindoor to Laxmi Goddess