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Yearly Horoscope - Yearly Astrology Predictions

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We have seen most people talking about the Yearly Horoscope. I have a different opinion on Yearly or Annual Horoscope. It has to be “Yearly Horoscope predictions” and not “Yearly Horoscope.” I will explain it from an average person's understanding. Horoscope has to be one that is allotted to a person at the time of one’s birth. Horoscope is based on a person’s date, time, and place of birth. Horoscope remains the same throughout a person’s life, so it is the horoscope predictions that change & not the horoscope. Some important information down in the page is worth reading.

What is correct: Yearly Horoscope or Yearly Horoscope Predictions?

It is not the yearly horoscope but the yearly horoscope prediction, which is correct. You see: a person lives for some definite years in life. So does that mean a person will have many horoscopes for all those years called Yearly Horoscope? Or will it be the predictions Year on Year for the same horoscope? Therefore, one should clearly understand that the Yearly Horoscope predictions can be different for different Years and not the different horoscopes.
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If we were to go with the word Yearly horoscope, there would be a monthly horoscope, weekly horoscope & daily horoscope. Means if a person lives for 60 Years, there would be 21900 daily horoscopes, 3120 weekly horoscopes & 720 Monthly horoscopes. It is a gross error in the interpretation of the word Yearly or Annual Horoscope.

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What is Yearly Horoscope – Predictions? 

A horoscope is fixed at the time of birth. This is based on ten recognized planets and twelve bhava (houses) in astrology. This subject of these planets & houses and their impact on a horoscope is too comprehensive to explain here. It is described in the different sections separately to do justice to this vast topic. However, important here to understand is that these planets have a fixed position at the time of birth. But all these planets keep moving in the Constellation as per their own characteristics and speed. This is called planetary transits. Some of these planets move slow, and some move fast.   

Yearly horoscope predictions mean reading the impact of these transits to see how these transits of planets would behave for a particular moon sign. The same way, monthly, weekly, or daily horoscope predictions are derived at. Reading the impact of all these transits is a very vast subject which I have explained in the different section. 
How do Yearly Horoscope Predictions help?

The yearly horoscope predictions become a blueprint for a person to learn as to in a year: what a person can achieve, what a person will not achieve, what a person should do, what a person should not do. It also helps a person know auspicious and inauspicious times in a year for any activity and plan. Annual horoscope analysis helps a person to basically plan the next 365 days of life based on the above facts.

In my opinion, Annual Horoscope predictions are one of the best astrology tools to take benefits from a horoscope. How do the Yearly horoscope predictions help a person is through planning Karmas. One is to let the mishappening take place and start mitigating its impact through rituals. The second way is to plan your acts to avoid mishappening. A Yearly horoscope analysis enables one to foresee obstructions that are likely to come, adverse decisions one can make, and the best action one can plan to get the best benefits out of a horoscope.

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