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Virgo Weekly Horoscope (23-11-20 to 29-11-20 )

The week will arrive with several opportunities for Virgo natives. Some of you can get in touch with an essential personality at this time. You should ensure that your first impression on them is favorable. This personnel can help you a lot in moving forward in your personal as well as professional life. Meet with them with full confidence. Resolve each aspect of this field, because it is possible that you may choose a new path for yourself tomorrow. This will also help increase your productivity in the future. Your efforts and hard work from the past days will finally be fruitful, and you will be able to reap what you had sown so far. Your care and affection for your children will be quite prominent this time.

Moreover, you will also be seen showering your love on other loved ones as well. If you weren't able to take out time for your creativity in the past days, then this week is here with several golden opportunities for you. Clear your schedule and make efforts towards improving your art. Not only will immersing in your hobby bring you peace and tranquillity but will also re-energies you. However, in all this, it is necessary that you work hard throughout the week. Do not let such circumstances arise where you end up leaving your tasks incomplete, in your uncompromising stance of not using your talents more effectively.

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Virgo natives are likely to remain quite sad this week because the duration may not prove to be as romantic as they expected. Most Virgos in love will remain woeful due to the physical separation that is currently there between them and their beloved. Sometime during the week, you may even feel that your plans for meeting are coming through, but that is not really the case. As a matter of fact, you are least likely to meet this week. Instead of losing heart over this, prepare for your future meetings.

Apart from this, Virgo natives are especially advised to keep away from any such attractions which can create troubles in your love life. This fleeting infatuation may seem enticing for the moment; however, it is a short-term temptation. Do not let yourself fall for it; otherwise, you may end up losing a lifelong bond. If some misunderstandings are taking up space in your relationship, then you should try to resolve them by sitting down with your beloved and talking things out. Do not walk down a path that you know is wrong, merely to maintain a distance between you both.

Contrary to their health, the week will prove to be quite favourable in terms of finances and properties for Virgo natives. Those of you who had applied for a loan recently, then it is likely to be passed now. In addition to this, any paperwork that you may have to finalise now or documents that you may need to submit in the bank etc. should be done at this time. This is because the week will prove to be auspicious for any such official work. Moreover, the planetary positions in your birth chart during this time are also predicting prosperity and abundance for your future.

Working professionals born under the sign of Virgo are also likely to enjoy a favourable time this week. Business personnel whose trade is associated with foreign countries can expect significant financial gains. In addition to this, new clients are also likely to get associated with you now. It is also possible that they offer you an enormous order; therefore, do not let this opportunity slip through your hands. You have worked hard through the years for this moment, and now you are finally getting to reap what you had sown.

However, it is possible that the financial gains promised through this work may get delayed a bit, but they will, but it will indeed arrive. Intellect, knowledge, and wisdom are the things which will help you take your business forward. Natives associated with the fields of education, consultancy, banking, media, writing, and so on, will be able to perform even better this week. This can be a great time to push your professional boundaries. Virgo natives will remain inclined towards improving their vocational as well as social abilities and learning new things. If you wish to enhance and refine yourself, then take out time to discover your strong and weak points, and work on them.

This week Virgo natives are especially advised to stay away from any electrical equipment as well as fire. Planetary positions in your birth chart indicate possibilities of accidents and you are likely to be in danger from these two elements, specifically. Moreover, such situations can also increase the mental stress on you. As a result, not only will your life be in jeopardy, but all this will not be favourable for your mental health either. Therefore, stay far away from any such circumstances which can be deemed hazardous or perilous for your health.

Number : 3

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Sarveshay Namah


Remedies :

 Circumambulate Shani God