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Taurus Weekly Horoscope (23-11-20 to 29-11-20 )

There will be a feeling of dissatisfaction among the people of Taurus this week. Be patient and try to find a solution to this problem. This time filled with darkness will pass soon. This week, you may feel a little afraid of carrying your valuables, but that does not mean you are worried. Because there are signs of theft, you should take some steps beforehand and be careful. You should also be a little cautious about protecting your home. You are advised not to let any stranger enter your house. You may feel a change in your mood this week, probably due to this, you do not feel like doing any work. Take control of your changed behavior for a short time. You will return to your everyday activities again. 

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This week is going to be a favourable time according to the love life of natives. Your love relationship will be stronger this week. If you are going to start a new relationship, then you will be successful in it. The time before this week is a bit fragile, so try not to have any kind of debate in your relationship before that, or else your relationship may get worse, and the distance between you can also increase. You can find yourself in an extramarital affair this week. You should avoid greed this time. Think well before making any decision, because it will only lead you to trouble and headache. 

If you have taken a loan, then you can repay it this week. You will plan your project well with your understanding. You should check properly before making any investment because its advantage will be seen later. Your wisdom and courage will work in this. This week listen to your heart in all these matters. Thinking of selling your car this week, then postpone this plan now, there is no profitable deal yet. You would think that there was a loss from selling the car this week. The right time to sell the car is just around the corner; wait for it. 

Bad times comes in everyone's life. Sometimes But the important thing is how you face it. After getting into a dispute, you will realize that it is better to save your good image than win in the debate. This week you will think about taking up your work and meeting a career advisor. Your decision is correct because now the time has come to plan your career. Use this week to get yourself on the right track. You will feel that someone is showing you the right direction. It can be any mentor or even someone important in your life. 

This week, do some exercise for your interest and make them part of your lifestyle. Soon you will see benefits. There is a possibility of road accidents. Follow the rules of traffic and walk on the road with extreme caution. Looking at this challenging time, it will come out like this. According to the traffic rules, keep the vehicle's speed and drive the seat belt and helmet. You may get into trouble this week due to pain. Therefore, do exercise. 

Number : 9

Color : Blue

Mantra :

Om Shuchay Namah

Remedies :

Plant a Tulsi in your house