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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (23-11-20 to 29-11-20 )

The week arrives with many new responsibilities for Scorpio natives. The members of your household may depend on your skills and competency to resolve an ongoing problem. This may seem an entirely novel and unknown area for you, but despite that, you will do all you can to resolve the issues. The planetary positions this week are indicating that certain circumstances are likely to arise, which will make your near and dear ones feel safe and secure under the protection of your affection. You yourself will find yourself happy and more content after helping others. Your efforts will also be praised.

In addition to this, many Scorpio natives will find themselves spending a lot of their time on the phone and social media. However, ensure that you do not forget your responsibilities while wrapped up in your conversations. Once you're done talking to everybody you love, return to your work. There are also indications of unexpected financial gains coming your way this week. The reason behind this may be significant energy within you which will keep you stimulated throughout the duration.

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The social and family issues that have been troubling Scorpio natives for quite some time will finally come to an end this week. On the other hand, your parents are likely to pressure you for marriage around this time. In such a situation, our advice to you is not to agree out of this coercion. Instead, you should attempt some introspection and try to discover what it is that you really want. Then, attempt to make your parents aware of the same. Once you talk to them with a calm mind, they will surely understand your perspective. However, through all this, ensure that you do not overstep the bounds of decorum, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Always remember that these are your parents — your mother and father — standing in front of you and remain respectful towards them.

The week arrives with the agenda of hard work for Scorpio natives. Only your positive thinking and true passion will be responsible for taking you towards financial success. To achieve the same, you need to plan a goal and work hard to attain it. On the other hand, the business personnel of the sign, who are planning on expanding that trade can state the next steps for the same. This is a very favourable duration for this motive.

Always remember that marketing is the best mode of bringing your work and merchandise in front of your clients. Promotion and advertising will help your business reach more and more people. In addition to this, our advice for Scorpio natives is not to let your intentions break due to the words of a third person. It is possible that an acquaintance of yours may confuse you with their talks and put you in a situation of mental delusion. Under such a circumstance, you need to act intelligently. After discerning the motives of such people, maintain distance from them.

This week will bring many challenges for the working professionals born under the sign of Scorpio. Planetary positions during this time are indicating possibilities of you losing your temper at your workplace. If this happens, your image will be tarnished in front of your colleagues and seniors. Therefore, our advice to you is to curb your anger and remain courteous with your coworkers. This week, such situations will arise where at one moment, it will seem as if everything is going according to the way it is supposed to. However, the results will end up disappointing you. Therefore, it would be better to remain prepared for the same.

In addition to this, many Scorpio natives will also find themselves unhappy and discontent with their present jobs. Under such a circumstance, it is better to start looking for a better option for yourself; however, do not take any decisions impulsively. Whether you are a working professional or business personnel, keep yourself focused entirely on your objective and do not let your professional relations deteriorate. Always remember that your long-term goals are much more important than these minor issues.

This week, many Scorpio natives may find their levels of mental stress increasing and energy decreasing. Do not let any unexpected and unwanted piece of news increase the tensions in your mind. Work calmly and with a relaxed mind. For achieving this, you can also take help of meditation yoga and exercises. However, remember that a healthy diet is as important as working out. Therefore, drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day, and prefer eating only the fresh meal cooked at home. Avoid junk food, especially the ones that are fried and too spicy. The small changes made in your daily routine today can help you get rid of numerous problems for your present as well as the future. Keep good company and read informative books. Not only will this bring an increase in your intellectual levels, but will also help improve your communication skills.

Number : 6

Color : Beige

Mantra :

Om Saumayya Namah.


Remedies :

Offer water at the root of Peepal tree