Scorpio Weekly Horoscope | Weekly Prediction for Scorpio

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (20-09-21 to 26-09-21 )

This week, students will do well in their studies. This week can prove to be better for education. The exam result will come as per your hope; however, you will have to work hard for this. You will have a full focus on your studies. You will work hard to get good marks in the exam. Your passion for education will be worth seeing early this week. If a subject is not understood, then your classmates and teachers will help you with this. At this time, the students of the board examination will have to work harder. Luck will also support you at this time. The result of the exam this week will bring happiness to your face. Simultaneously, students who are preparing for any competitive exam will also get their hard work this week. This week will give you small gifts at different occasions. The circumstances will be favourable to you, which will also benefit you.

Do's - Students need to focus on their studies because this time is extremely crucial for them.

Don'ts - Don't take any decision in haste.

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Your new love story can begin at this time. However, there may be tension with your beloved over anything this week. When this happens, do not create trouble and try to control the situation. If there is any kind of misunderstanding between you, then also remove it through conversation. read more about love...

The native of Scorpio will be confused about any investment-related matter. In such a situation, only an economic advisor can give you the right suggestions. Follow their advice. You will make a big decision on financial matters. The right and prompt decision will take you ahead of others. read more about finance...

At this time, it may be that the Scorpio zodiac has a dispute with his colleagues. They can also cheat you, so beware of such people. If you work, then this week is bringing a lot of happiness for you. read more about career...

The natives of Scorpio zodiac need to be careful about their eating habits. By doing this, many of your health problems will begin to be solved by themselves. Limbs such as the liver, thighs, kidneys, and hips need attention during this week. read more about health...

Number : 4

Color : Cream

Mantra :

Om Shuddhaphtikabhasvaraya Namah


Remedies :

 Do the recital of Goddess Laxmi