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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (20-09-21 to 26-09-21 )

After many months, Sagittarius natives will finally have a very favourable week for themselves. Despite that, many of you will find your anger turned onto a new high, which brings increased possibilities of arguments with your family members. In certain situations, it is essential that you try to curb your temper. Even if you do end up getting upset, ensure that you do not overstep the bounds of decorum. Always remember in all that you do that getting into unnecessary debates will only impact your health negatively.

Moving on, this week you are likely to find one of your very prized and consequential things. It can be a gift that somebody gave you, a precious item, or any essential documents. Whatever the case may be, now that you have finally found it, keep it somewhere safely and securely. Also do not forget to thank whatever situation or person who was responsible for leading you to this article.

Sagittarius natives are inherently independence lovers and commitment-phobic; however, the truth is that there is a loving caring and soft natured person present within you. You need to develop these particular traits within yourself. Once you start walking on this path, you will finally be able to discover a new aspect to yourself. According to the predictions for this week, this duration will prove to be especially favourable for the male natives of the sign. Any plan that you may have been working on for the past few days, you will receive the necessary encouragement to go out and work on the same. Your generous and energetic traits will bring many moments of love and happiness for you this week. On the contrary, this is also the time for you to think about yourself and your future.

Do's - Try to focus on your work and just think about your future and work on your plans.

Don'ts - Don't forget to thanks to the persons who was standing by your side during your weak times.

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The week will prove to be slightly challenging for the love and family life of Sagittarius natives. It is possible that natives in a relationship may find themselves getting attracted towards someone else. In such a situation, instead of immediately acting on your emotions, pause, take a breath, and think about your partner first. Do not let this momentary attraction take away a lifelong relationship from you. read more about love...

This week will prove to be unfavorable for Sagittarius natives whose business is associated with foreign countries. Therefore, before you step towards any new investment or partnership, especially if it is international, weigh all the pros and cons first. The better alternative will be to postpone these decisions, at least for this week. The time after this will be very beneficial for you. Any business decisions that you make at that time will be especially favourable for you. read more about finance...

Sagittarius natives who are still unemployed will remain busy throughout the week in giving interviews. As per the planetary positions, you will be successful in leaving a positive impact behind in all of these. In addition to this, working professionals of this sign will also be successful in performing well at their workplace. read more about career...

This week there are possibilities of accidents for Sagittarius native. Therefore, follow all traffic rules while driving and try to remain ever more cautious for the time being. In addition to this if you have to work with fire or any electrical equipment at the time, then remember to follow all safety regulations for the same. read more about health...

Number : 7

Color : Blue

Mantra :

Om Dinartiharakaaya Namah


Remedies :

Remedy: Offer Durva grass to Goddess Laxmi