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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (23-11-20 to 29-11-20 )

Working professionals can get a promotion this week, along with any good news in both jobs and business. This week you can start a new business, or you can expand your business. Your financial side is going to be very strong this week. Because many additions to wealth gain are being made, with the increase in income and profit of money, and respect will increase in society. Make money and capital investment related plans carefully until this week. If you talk about your love life and married life, you will get pleasure in both love life and marital life this week. The loving couple will go a step ahead and give new strength to their relationship. Love will grow between you, and you're beloved. At the same time, peace and harmony will remain in the family life this week. The parents will be happy, and their blessings will bring happiness and prosperity to the house. 

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This week is going to be memorable for your love life. Because this week, you will take another step in your love life and give new strength to your relationship. The result will be that your relationship with the beloved will be stronger than before, and mutual trust between you will increase further. This week you will come closer to your sweetheart. During this time, you will understand your partner's feelings and give importance to their thoughts. This time it is going to be very good for love affairs. Keep in mind that never try to impose your views on your beloved; otherwise, it can cause stress in your love life. 

This week is going to be excellent for financial matters. Start doing yoga. You will earn income and money through many mediums. Your social status will also increase due to the healthy financial condition. During this time, your interaction with people will increase, and they can also seek financial advice from you. However, the time of the week will be a bit cautious in terms of economic matters because money can increase during this period. 

This week if you are sitting hoping for a promotion, then that too will be fulfilled. But all this will happen this week only. Therefore, before this time, work to fulfill your wishes and keep good relations with your superiors. If you do this, success will kiss your footsteps. Those who do business this week may get benefit only if they work with some care and thoughtfulness. If you were negligent in the transaction of money, you might have to suffer loss instead of profit. 

Sagittarius people need to drink a sufficient amount of water daily. At the same time, you can be a master of good health by making all the regular exercise habits, yoga, jogging, etc. as part of your routine. Try to keep yourself happy. Except for the things that worry you, do what you feel comfortable doing. Avoid outside food and junk food, and eating less homemade oil, chili spices, and green vegetables will keep you healthy. To overcome your illness, you will adopt different types of prescriptions.

Number : 9

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Survandyaya Namah

Remedies :

Offer some oil on Shani