Libra Weekly Horoscope | Weekly Online Prediction for Libra

Libra Weekly Horoscope (20-09-21 to 26-09-21 )

The weak arrives with mixed results for Libra natives. On the one hand, a friend of yours can ask you for help. In such a situation, you need to show your loyalty and assist them in whatever they need. If required, do not hesitate in criticising them either. If at any instant you feel that your friend is wrong somewhere, then make them realise the same. On the other hand, Librans may end up losing track of time as they find it unable to concentrate on their work. Instead, your mind will be wandering through some different plane at the time. A friend of yours can be the cause of this confusion that you are in or it can be some other mental stress that you are under.

Under such circumstances, our advice to you is to remember that problems come and go, but you should not let them overpower your present. Do not let such a situation arise where you remain tangled in troubles and end up neglecting your responsibilities. This can create new concerns for your future. Apart from all this, your life will be once again filled with some adventurous moments this week. Leave everything that bothers you behind and step forward towards this new experience unhesitatingly. This week, some Libra natives can find themselves getting attracted to a new person. Maybe it is the "someone special" you were looking for, finally stepping in your life.

Besides this, you will also need to work on your communication skills this week. Research and study different ways through which you can improve your speech and make it more intellectual and witty. Talking about the working professionals of the sign, who are unhappy with their current jobs and are thinking about changing it, you need to postpone your plans for some time. This is not a favourable duration for any such changes. You need to stay where you are for the time being. There is a lot you have to learn before you can finally start your dream project

Do's - Work on your skills to improve yourself and to become better version of yourself.

Don'ts - Don't ever repeat your past mistakes as it might create chaos in your life.

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The week arrives with transparency for Libra natives in love. If you and your partner genuinely love and respect each other, then this duration will prove to be very romantic and beautiful for you both. On the other hand, if you are in this relationship out of peer pressure or some other social responsibilities, then this time will bring clarity to you both. You will be forced to think whether you are truly happy with this bond or if it is only some kind of delusion that you are under. read more about love...

The week will prove to be quite favorable in terms of finances and properties for Libra natives. However, it is still essential that you remain careful. Weigh all the pros and cons, and take the advice of your elders before making any significant decisions. Apart from this, if you have been planning on starting a new and colossal project, then this is not a favorable time for this initiation. It is better to fall back and improve your financial aspect for this first. For this, you first need to understand which is the right direction to move in, in order to accumulate better wealth and strengthen your finances. You can take advice from an expert, a wise person from your home, or among acquaintances for the same. read more about finance...

This duration may prove to be not so favourable for the working professionals born under the sign of Libra. Some tasks of yours can get spoiled or go wrong this week. To recover the same, it will be essential for you to bring some changes in yourself and your way of working. Our advice for you this week is to remain as far from any sort of debates as you can and stay respectful towards your seniors. Make sure that you do not end up saying something terrible, even accidentally or ignorantly. read more about career...

This week seems not so promising in terms of health for the Libra natives. Minor problems like pain in your eyes, headache, stomachache, and troubles with your reproductive organs are likely to occur. If you have been continuously working for quite some time, then you need to rest for a little while now, in order to regain the same level of energy. For this, you can spend some of your time and focus on new and creative works and activities. Working on your hobbies will help you step out of your tiring daily routine and once again enjoy the same level of vitality that you used to have. read more about health...

Number : 8

Color : Blue

Mantra :

Om Subhrawahai Namah!


Remedies :

Offer Kheer to Goddess Laxmi