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Leo Weekly Horoscope (20-09-21 to 26-09-21 )

This week, students will have to work hard and put more effort into getting good marks in the exam. The conditions for education will be better now and in the coming times. You can get success in competitive exams. Time will also be favourable for higher education. Students can go abroad for higher education but keep in mind, choose the foreign educational institution correctly. However, despite all this, at the beginning of the week, the students' minds may deviate from studies. They will face obstacles in their studies and will also be stressed about exams. But there is no need to panic as the situation will improve soon. If there is any problem in classes, then classmates and teachers will help you. 

Do's - Students need to work more hard to get good marks in exams. 

Don'ts - Don't take any study related decisions in haste like selecting the best institute for your studies.

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Your love life will be stable this week. There will be no noteworthy change in your life. However, to maintain your relationship, it is necessary to have transparency in it. The movements of the planets are showing a conflict of ego between you and your beloved this week. Such circumstances will only cause bitterness between you. Not only this, but distances can also arise between you. read more about love...

Be grateful to your relative for any help this week. If you are thinking of buying a new car or selling an old one, then this is a good time. Without wasting much time, go to the showroom of your choice and bring a new car home. Anyway, you have realized that your tasks are not accomplishing efficiently without the vehicle for a long time. read more about finance...

This week's advice for working zodiac signs of Leo zodiac is that you keep working unitedly in your work field. Doing this will also help you in achieving your big goals. On the other hand, strong willpower and good decision-making will help get you out of challenging situations. This week, the idea of ​​studying abroad or going to a career will be born in your mind. Look at this and think seriously about fulfilling this desire. read more about career...

This week you have to be careful about eating unhealthy items. Keep on exercising. This will reduce tension and improve your health, as well. Your efforts to stay mentally and physically healthy will keep you stress-free. Keep the flow of positive thoughts in your mind. read more about health...

Number : 3

Color : Cream

Mantra :

Om Subhlakchharaya Namah!


Remedies :

 Offer two white flowers on Goddess Laxmi