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Gemini Weekly Horoscope (23-11-20 to 29-11-20 )

Whatever you say, think thoughtfully, or else you may have to repent later by taking your harsh words. You will probably be very worried this week. You will get relief from this tension with your family and friends only. These problems are also guests of two moments, and soon you will get rid of them too. This week, you will want to spend time with your loved ones and feel relaxed in it.

On the other hand, this time will encourage thinking about your future and making plans. The Gemini sign people are going through some troubles; now is the time you change your strategy to achieve your goals. This step of yours will be encouraging for your future. The ceremony performed this week will serve an essential purpose. Maybe a meaningful deal is confirmed, or a project of yours reaches its final stage. 

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This week, there may be difficulties in the love life of the Gemini zodiac. This is because your partner has to go out of town for some time. But you do not have to be worried because these distances will bring new strength to your relationship. You will understand each other better. When you feel your partner's lack, you will wait for their reunion and cherish dreams for that moment. Meeting after this distance will bring that wave of excitement and love in your relationship again. Apart from this, the people of the Gemini zodiac are very excited this week. Your mind is running away from its responsibilities and is desperate to get along with its love. If you are alone, then this time is also remarkable for you. Who knows where you bump into or who you find. 

This week, you will feel that some things should be purchased for the house so that the house's decoration and your home will start looking better once again. This is the right time for this. To make a house a home, things kept in it contribute very significantly. This week you will like many things, and you will also buy. This will make your home look new once again. This time is also suitable for repairing or enlarging the house or buying a new place. You can enlarge the rooms of your parents and your children. You can also take care of purchasing a property with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment. 

A big one this week will help you sort out your career issues because you will need the advice of a skilled consultant concerning your workplace. However, you must be careful while choosing a consultant if you do not get any wrong advice. Trust your elders at this time. There are signs of stress this week, so you are advised not to fight a fight unnecessarily. If you have your own business, then maybe this week you will get an opportunity from abroad. This opportunity will take your place to new heights. 

If possible, this week, focus your attention on those things that do not involve much effort to make yourself feel good. Do not meditate in negative thoughts to get rid of the disease and take care of your health. You can resort to light exercise to protect yourself from excessive physical work and loss. Remember this time until you do not feel better, do not do any hard work, or have a lot of trouble. You will soon return to your previous position.

Number : 8

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Sarvabhishtapradayine Namah.

Remedies :

Offer water at the roots of Peepal tree