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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (01-03-21 to 07-03-21 )

This week there may be misunderstandings in your life, be careful. Pay attention to what you say, so that you do not tell your friends anything wrong. Don't say anything that hurts them. You will be able to make your relationships stronger by remaining calm. You may feel a little stressed at your office or home this week. The chances are that the people around you will be angry, which can also affect your mood. But don't worry because this time will also pass. You just focus on your work. Soon everyone will get a good mood, and the conditions will once again be satisfactory. This week you should try to express your thoughts clearly. You are full of unmatched views, but these ideas will lose their importance if you cannot tell them properly. 

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This week, you can meet your firm and old friend in a place you have not thought about. You have been thinking about a relationship with him. This week is an excellent chance to carry on the relationship. If a friend has recently proposed to you, think well. Do not rush because this relationship has come suddenly for you. You should consider all aspects before entering into a relationship, especially if you want it to be long-term. 

Whatever advice your advisor will give you this week, you will feel that you will not benefit from it, but it is a communication gap. This week you need to identify your goals. Only then will you be able to share these facts with your advisors. This week is good for investing in a house or car or applying for a loan. Auspicious changes are going to happen in your life; enjoy it. Go ahead; you've made the right decision. 

You may feel a bit stressed this week about work. If you do any illegal work, then leave it as soon as possible; otherwise, you may have to suffer the loss as well as the jail air. This week, you will have to accumulate as much money as possible and spend the money wherever necessary; otherwise, it can be a considerable loss. Anyway, in bad times, funds are useful. A good time is coming for the working professionals of this sign. If you are looking for a new job, then may your wish be fulfilled this week. 

In the case of health, Maybe allopathic medicines cannot satisfy the natives of Capricorn, they may go for Ayurvedic treatment. It would be best if you got the treatment you trust, giving you comfort. You will get relief soon by doing so. This week will be good for your health, but you will need to be a little careful. After this week, you may have problems related to the stomach, liver, kidney, gallbladder, intestine, etc. So you have to take great care of your food, eat less homemade chili spices and less ghee, oily food, and strictly avoid eating outside.

Number : 2

Color : Purple

Mantra :

Om shanaishcharaay Namah.

Remedies :

Light a diya filled,oil under a peepal tree