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Weekly horoscope predictions are widely available on many websites. One may not find the weekly horoscope predictions as easy as daily horoscope predictions, but you can still get them on many good astrological websites. Weekly horoscope predictions need a little more astrology expertise as it takes into account the planetary transits also. Some important information down in the page is worth reading.

Indian Weekly Astrology tool offering free Weekly horoscope predictions for all twelve signs are basically an extension of today's horoscope as it has to consider the impact & expected results of movement and transit of planets in the seven days. It gives a reasonably good idea to a person to plan the major events expected to happen in a week's time. The free weekly horoscopes available are based on the Moon sign and the "impact of planetary transit" in these signs.

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Your horoscope for next week – Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly horoscope predictions play a crucial role in helping a person plan some events that will happen in the immediate future like business changes, change in job, making investment plans, buying and selling property, and taking care of expected issues in the health, planning business travel. Weekly predictions for horoscopes are some generic guidelines for a person to review what precautions one can take in his/her life with some do's and don'ts for one week. Thus, these weekly predictions for horoscopes enlighten a person as to how if something went wrong in the previous week could have been avoided. Reading your horoscope for next week or such weekly horoscopes is nothing but an extension of the daily horoscopes to give a broader horizon of time for a person to plan some actions.

There are many things in our daily lives when we plan to apply for a new job, plan an outstation trip, plan to make investments, or visit a doctor for health check-ups. Sometimes we, out of compulsions or out of attitude, defer such actions. That is where the Indian weekly astrology and Weekly horoscopes help a person know if one should act on few such important things or can and should defer such acts to the following weeks. A regular reading of free Weekly predictions for horoscopes can bring dramatic changes in a person's life in terms of attitude, obedience, and discipline in life. Once you feel such things in your life, you develop a good habit of reading your horoscope for next week & this way this becomes a part of your regular life.

Reading your horoscope for next week does not need any commitment from you. These Indian  weekly astrology predictions only give you hints about a few things based on some planets' transits in that particular week. Let me tell you, some transits of planets can have too adverse effects on a particular sign in a "particular week" but can become positive after a few weeks. So reading your horoscope based on these Vedic Weekly astrology for predictions for next week helps you manage some of your actions for sure in a particular week or defer for some weeks.

How are weekly horoscopes different from daily horoscopes?

Weekly horoscopes are different from Daily horoscopes, mainly on one factor: the movement of planets known as "planetary transits". During these transits, one particular planet leaves one sign and enters the next sign. Some fast-moving planets like Sun & Mercury change the sign after 30 days, Mars and Venus within 23 to 60 days. But each week, we have the transit of some or the other planet, and all these transits have a vast changing impact on all moon signs. Reading your horoscope for next week helps you to understand the impact of such transits on you. There are many good websites for these Weekly astrology & you read your horoscope for next week from any of these good sources. Here you will find if in one week they advise you some do's, in weekly horoscopes of a few weeks later, it will suggest you don'ts for the same act. 

Indian Weekly astrology  

What is Indian Weekly astrology & how is this different from a normal & regular Vedic astrology. You may be surprised that the experts offering Vedic Weekly astrology can be different from a normal astrologer. Considering planetary transits in weekly horoscopes, Indian Weekly astrology becomes a much exhaustive subject than a normal astrology website because it has to study the planetary transits which is not an easy job. But yes one you get attached to a good source of Weekly Astrology, you will get a much better and broader guideline for you to plan your actions for your next week. But daily horoscopes are based on the daily movement of the planets thus, the thought process going into the daily horoscopes will be much narrower compared to weekly horoscopes. And since the sources of Indian Weekly Astrology offering free weekly horoscopes needs a much wider astrological analysis than the free daily horoscopes, you will find the sources/websites offering free Weekly horoscopes are much lesser than the websites offering free daily horoscopes. Because it needs the source to spend more time on reading about the impact of the planet's transits before giving you suggestions on free weekly horoscopes.

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