Weekly Horoscope

What are Weekly Horoscopes and Predictions? 

Weekly horoscope predictions are widely available on many websites. One may not find the weekly horoscope predictions as easy as daily horoscope predictions, but you can still get them on many good astrological websites. Weekly horoscope predictions need a little more astrology expertise as it takes into account the planetary transits also. Some important information down in the page is worth reading.

Weekly horoscope predictions for all twelve signs are basically an extension of today's horoscope as it has to consider the impact & expected results of movement and transit of planets in the seven days. It gives a reasonably good idea to a person to plan the major events expected to happen in a week's time. The weekly horoscope should be seen based on the Moon sign and the impact of planetary transit in these signs.

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Importance of Weekly Horoscope – Weekly Astrology 

Weekly horoscope predictions play a crucial role in helping a person plan some events that will happen in the immediate future like business changes, change in job, making investment plans, buying and selling property, and taking care of expected issues in the health, planning business travel. In a nutshell, weekly horoscope predictions help a person concise his/her thinking regarding some important changes in life. It also helps a person to chalk out the dos and don'ts for one week.

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