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Taurus Monthly Horoscope (01-03-21 to 31-03-21 )

During this month, it is predicted that Taurus individuals will have great deals on their business front. The planetary positioning will positively influence your luck. Soon, you will soon a gradual increase in your growth. There will be a great inflow of income. Unfortunately, one of your family members will face uncertain health issues throughout the month. During this month, the planet will be perfectly positioned, which will give huge benefits. Even thus, the period will prove to be soothing for the married natives and the ones in love. 

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The month will bring a positive impact on the love and marriage life of natives. It is predicted that Venus, which is the lord of love, will bring some downturns. It will cause some issues in your relationship.  read more about love...

It is also said that there will be an economic increase during this period. The planets will be perfectly positioned, which will influence your finance matters positively. Luck will be in your favor. This is probably the perfect time to invest in risky deals, as you might earn great profits through this. It is strongly advised not to get involved in illegal matters or perform any unethical business activity. Handle matters related to money carefully and have a proper record of your spending. 

The professional front of the natives will bloom during this period. The planets transiting will give fruitful results during this period. Natives who are struggling in their career for the past few times will finally notice an improvement during this month. Planers Saturn, which is governing over your career life, will be entering your house along with Jupiter. Both of them together will create a good flow on the career front. However, your progress will be slow, but slowly things will be on track. 

The planetary changes will bring a negative impact on your health. Venus is the lord of disease of your house, will be posited in the house of chronic diseases; this will create health problems related to throat, liver, and kidney also. It is also predicted that thyroid and dialogues issues might occur during this period.  read more about health...

Number : 2

Color : Black

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Om Shantay Namah

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