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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope (01-11-20 to 30-11-20 )

It is recommended that you simply relax and reset your mind this month. The autumn stars, completely in your favor, will present to you a sea of opportunities to getaway and enrich your beauty in and out. Having said that, you are busy like a bee, although you are excited about work, especially around the Full Moon appearing day. But, at times, your soul jumps into vacation mood and it becomes hard for you to keep up with the speed.The exciting news, however, is that Jupiter, the lucky planet, will move into Scorpio during the second week of this month and prepare you for the most glorious years ahead. This movement is going to happen after twelve long years. This ostentatious sway of loveliness will continue to shower myriad of blessings all through the year. Communication becomes intense as Mercury enters unites with your cautious and surreptitious stars. You take more about relevant things this month, than usually. The New Moon that appears during the third week of this month carries for you the much essential relief you have been hoping for. Consider this as an arrangement for your upcoming birthday, Allow your hidden femme fatale to act upon now.

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Number : 4

Color : Cream

Mantra :

Om Shuddhaphtikabhasvaraya Namah


Remedies :

 Do the recital of Goddess Laxmi