Monthly Horoscope Details

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (01-11-20 to 30-11-20 )

Some problems prevail in the early part of this month.  Later, there will be some developments, which will ensure pleasurable moments. Your intelligence, thoughtfulness, and will are the reasons for it. Planetary motions are also favorable. You’ll spend a lot of money for religious activities and some on social activities.

You are likely to go on business tours. In the process, you’ll attract some external deals, through which your income will increase. You’ll be tired of heavy workload. Moreover, you’ll complete all the pending work and the pressure is alleviated. If you have plans of investments, go ahead. You’ll work harder, but your financial condition will be a little bit gloomy.

If you are a student, it is recommended that you exhibit your skills, now, as they will be recognized. You’ll work harder and gain good scores in examinations. You will also put extra efforts to stand out in the competition.  There will be very minor complaints on health, but with timely attention, you’ll get back to your normal self. Say yes only to home food. Your spouse’s ill health will be concerning you. Because of busy work life, you won’t be able to spend much time with family. Some conflicts within the family are possible, especially with your spouse. Be thoughtful and strengthen your relationship with family members. Be polite and considerate. 

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Number : 9

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Survandyaya Namah

Remedies :

Offer some oil on Shani