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Leo Monthly Horoscope (01-09-21 to 30-09-21 )

Career and business prospects are appearing uncertain at the beginning of this month. Things shall start to fall in place, mid-month onwards, though. As per September horoscope Leo, the mid-month to the end will be vital for you. Progress is guaranteed for you. However, you will need to remain focused on the duties at hand. You should attempt your best to put up an accelerated performance. Your function at your place of work will be secure. Uncertainty in business may come down gradually. You can expect matters to begin rolling in your favour gradually as the month progresses. According to September Horoscope Leo, you will have to take considerable risk to clinch a top deal. Avoid taking any important decision in haste, particularly about forming any trade alliances or commercial partnerships. Be prepared to work more challengingly to achieve favoured results. 

Do-Try to be focused on the work at hand.

Don’t- Avoid taking any decision in haste regarding the business and trade.

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This month may work well in assisting you to keep concord in most of your relationships. According to Love horoscope September for Leo, but be cautious throughout the 2d half of this month. Some misunderstandings might also happen around this time only. However, you must stop yourself from getting attracted or attached to an old relationship. Along with that, this will be a time when you may also feel entirely withdrawn from your relations. Let this pass! Do not react aggressively. Your family member may also appear to be immensely vocal and demanding. Be tactful, while dealing with such situations, there may also be a sure unrest brewing on this front. You can't manage to remain detached at this time. The excellent issue is that planets will imbue with enough energy and tact to deal with this effectively. read more about love...

Planetary positions the month will seem supportive for growing earnings. In accordance to the finance horoscope September for Leo, the movement of planets will give an upward push to your finances. You may also come across new avenues to increase your income. read more about finance...

Career and business matters look unsure at the commencement of this month. Here, you will be entrusted with some essential venture at work.  According to the career horoscope September for Leo Progress is guaranteed for you. However, you should be focused on the tasks at hand. read more about career...

Your health will be fine this month. However, some old health issues might also bother you around this month. According to Health horoscope September for Leo, if you are suffering from ailments like diabetes, you need to be extra careful in this regard. Some minor health issues may also make you uncomfortable around the middle of this month. You might also be somewhat unhappy or disappointed with something or anyone in your life around this time. As per the Health horoscope September for Leo, such bad feelings might also affect your fitness to an extent. So, attempt and shun such defeatist feelings. read more about health...

Number : 3

Color : Cream

Mantra :

Om Subhlakchharaya Namah!


Remedies :

 Offer two white flowers on Goddess Laxmi