Monthly Horoscope Details

Leo Monthly Horoscope (01-11-20 to 30-11-20 )

Your financial situation will improve, especially earlier this month. The ascendant lord and eleventh lord in the eleventh house are in your favor. So, make the most of this period. However, everything has to be by solo efforts, without trusting others. Your savings account will take pride in flaunting the balance. Also, you’ll receive good support from your siblings and dad, which will ensue good outcome.

People in partnership business will see significant profits. Your business will be influenced by the share market. So, constantly keep an eye on your investments. You’ll have a rendezvous with an accomplished person who will impart good ideas to you. Also, you get support from someone in the government sector. Be considerate will your coworkers, especially your subordinates.

Students will chalk up some lucrative opportunities and you can choose the best one. Certain outcome will turn out to be creating even more opportunities. Your close buddies will be supportive. Your younger siblings’ deteriorating health and mood swings can be a matter of concern, which leaves you in an anxiety. You’ll also be worried about your kids’ health. Those who are in a desk-bound job might suffer from neck pain.

You’re so occupied in work that you won’t spend much time with family. Also, there will be conflicts between family members, which will take away the peaceful atmosphere at home. During this time it’s better to listen to the elders. You’ll see your friends to get it off your chest. Also, you’ll receive moral support from your parents. There are no complaints in your married life. 

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Number : 5

Color : Blue

Mantra :

Om Varanayya Namah


Remedies :

 Light a diya near the root of Peepal tree