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Leo Monthly Horoscope (01-03-21 to 31-03-21 )

According to this month's horoscope, Leo natives will witness mixed results due to the planetary changes. This period will be favorable for the student natives, and they will do well in their competitive exams. There will be enormous opportunities on the professional front during this period. But, your performance won't be up to the mark, which will cause delays in results. You will face certain challenges. There is a huge chance of growth and development on the professional front during this period. Your economic situation will remain stable during this period. Things will go smoothly in earning. You will go on a short trip with your family, which will bring joy and attachment. Things will be a little problematic in your married life. However, they will get resolved quickly. Your love life will be amazing during this period.

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The change in the position of the planets indicates mixed results for the Leo natives. Jupiter will be governing your love house. This transit will bring problems and misunderstandings in your love life. Though you are in a relationship, yet you will be attracted to someone else. Thus, don't do anything which is unethical or may ruin your self-respect. Single natives will find the perfect match during this period. Saturn will be the Lord of your spouse's house, which will create a problem in your relationship.  read more about love...

Number : 1

Color : Yellow

Mantra :

Om Kli Brashpataya Namah

Remedies :

Offer Yellow flowers to lord Vishnu