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Gemini Monthly Horoscope (01-03-21 to 31-03-21 )

During this month, you will face several ups and downs in your life. Planet Mercury will create stress in your life. Apart from all the troubles in your work field, you will make good progress. Try to push yourself to work hard during this period. Natives born under this sign will be interested in risky activities. Thus, the financial horoscope advices you to stay away from unethical mean. There will be some errors in your marital life. The main reason will be differences in opinion between you and your spouse. This will create a stressful situation. Natives who are single will have a favorable period, and they will finally find their soul mate during this period. Student natives will be happy, as they will fulfill their ambition and goals. Gemini natives are recommended to take good care of their health during this period.

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This month will bring some wonderful time for the Gemini natives in their love, marriage, and relationship life. However, you will overcome them easily as time passes. Planet Venus will be governing your instructions towards love life and romance. Thus your love or marriage life will be blissful throughout the month. The single natives will be lucky enough to find their perfect match during this period. Some of the natives in a serious relationship will decide to move forward to this relationship. There is a great opportunity read more about love...

is a prediction that problems will come and go in the financial front during this period. There will be slow growth. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn will give benefits through inheritance of wealth or from in-laws.

Gemini natives will be facing some difficult situations during this period in their career and business. The planet Jupiter will govern your professional matter, and this planet will also create some difficulties for you as well. You can be confused most of the time. Saturn being the lord of eight houses will govern matters related to black magic. Saturn, with its 3rd house aspect, will be creating delays and problems on the professional front. The only way you can attain your desired result is through hard work and dedication.  read more about career...

Looking at your health horoscope, you will face several issues regarding your health. Saturn will rule over your house of chronic diseases and longer ivory throughout the month. The combination of Saturn and Jupiter will be extremely negative, and you will become an addict. Thus, control your drinking habit and get more involved in physical activities. There are huge chances of meeting with an accident; thus, remain cautious. 

Number : 8

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Sarvabhishtapradayine Namah.

Remedies :

Offer water at the roots of Peepal tree