Monthly Horoscope Details

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (01-11-20 to 30-11-20 )

You’ll have a beneficial meeting with some people, this month.You’ll repay all your debts and this gives you a great relief. You might want to be in a calm environment. Don’t cry over spilt milk. Think twice before making important decisions. Rather, it’s better to postpone them, for next month. Meditation and contemplation is recommended, as it can help you move forward.

Extra efforts are necessary, in order to cope up with increased workload. You need adopt better strategies and incorporate plans correctly to improve efficiency. If you can accomplish this, you might achieve a higher rank. People in business will do well, as usual. You’re likely to go for a loan. Do all the documentation meticulously, since some financial damage is indicative, in the early part of this month. You’ll spend most of the time in property-related matters. Short-distance travel is also likely.

Students will achieve success in academics with hard work and dedication. Transit of planets depict change in your strategies. You might opt for a major in literature or professional writing courses. There might be acute competition, but with patience and self-confidence, you can win over it.

Health will be a matter of concern, especially pain in knees and joints. Your daily routine has to comprise of simple exercises like yoga, for better health. Do care about your health from now on, or you’re increasing the risk of blood pressure and other complications.

Although happiness with family prevails, you won’t be able to spend much time with your family members. To have a harmonious marital life, make your spouse, a part of your profession or work. In love life, there will be ups and downs. Be considerate, to avoid any dispute, especially with your spouse. Give time, some time, to get over from these problems. There will be conflicts with your dad, but your mom will be supportive.

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Number : 2

Color : Purple

Mantra :

Om shanaishcharaay Namah.

Remedies :

Light a diya filled,oil under a peepal tree