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Cancer Monthly Horoscope (01-03-21 to 31-03-21 )

The horoscope for this month will be extremely fruitful for the Cancer Native. Mars, the Lord of your profession, will influence your career and development. Business natives will get great opportunities to bloom during this period. Your financial condition will improve, and you will have a good flow of income. The family front will remain stable. 

Thus the period will be quite challenging for the student natives. Still, they won't find any difficulty in overcoming the challenges. Marital life will remain blissful, and you have to remain patient, mature, and understanding in marriage matters during this period. Health will be a matter of concern. Thus take proper care of your health during this month. 

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It is predicted that the planetary changes will bring a mixed impact on your love, marriage, and relationship life. Mars will be ruling over your house, and it will also govern your instincts towards love and romance. Ketu will be positioned in your house of love during this period. This conjunction will lead to a lot of misunderstandings in your relationship or married life. You will go through a stressful period.  read more about love...

The planetary changes in your horoscope will positively influence your house, and there will be great opportunities during this month. You will have a stable financial condition as the month ends because the Sun will enter your house during this period.  read more about finance...

Mars is the ruling planet of your career, and the profession will bring some difficulties in this field. Mars will stay in your house of the profession throughout the month, and you have to remain cautious regarding your speech. It is advised to deal very carefully and practice in professional matters. You will notice a good momentum in your growth by this time. Business natives will be fortunate enough to expand their business even in other cities and countries. Take every step patiently, or else some situations can become very stressful, which will directly impact your health. 

According to the health Horoscope of Cancer sign, this month will bring ups and downs in the health of natives. Saturn will negatively affect the health of your spouse. You will be affected during this period as well. Thus take proper measures to avoid any complications. Some unexpected problems can arise in your health during this period. Remain careful while driving or crossing the streets; you can meet up with an accident. Practice yoga or get into sports, even encourage your family to do the same. 

Number : 2

Color : Black

Mantra :

Om Sharanaya Namah

Remedies :

Offer some sweets to Shani God