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Why is Shraddh observed in Ashwin Month?

Why Shraddh in Ashwin?

If Amavasya is the mealtime for ancestors, why Shraddh is organized on all Ashvin month dates? The answer to this question is: Shraddh of Amavasya is quite similar to an everyday meal of ancestors. But ‘Pitrpaksh’ of Ashwin is a grand festival of our ancestors quite similar to other social festivals. Therefore, Shraddh organized on the above mentioned time is called ‘Paarvan Praaddh.’ During this time, all ancestors land on earth from heaven to visit their kith and kin. And, being satiated with the things offered in their honour by their children, bless them.  

According to astrological calculation, the present Sun at 10 degrees of Aries sign is of the Supreme and is situated at 10 degrees of Libra and is at the lowest. That is, the Sun in Aries is far away from the Earth's orbit, while the Sun in Libra is always near the Earth's orbit. The Yajna-Yagas etc. performed on the Earth first reach the Sun and then go to ‘Tattatta’ places from there. The 'Havya' put into the material fire become the source of satiation for gods because Devaloka is present in the Sun's orbit. But for the ancestors, in the Udyavidhi Agni, the Hut 'Kavya' first reaches the orbit of the Sun and then goes from Suryamandal to the Chandramandal.

All these scientists know that the moon itself is not illuminated, but the sun illuminates a moon called 'Sushumna'. Just as our forefathers receives the objects provided by on Amavasya due to the relationship of both the above-mentioned Mandals, similarly the 10 degrees of Libra from the 10 degrees of Virgo is present in the extremely low orbit of the Sun i.e. Earth, Moon, and due to the proximity of the Sun, it is also scientific to perform 'Kanyagat' Shradh.

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