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Why do we do abhishekam to Lord Shiva?

Why do we do abhishekam to Shiva?

If it is a matter of Shiva Ji, His 'Abhishek' comes at the topmost. According to Shastra, the best way to please Bholenath is to perform 'Abhishek' on His' Shivling.' This mythology is why devotees of Lord Shankar perform 'Abhishek' by having fast on the special occasion of Maha Shivaratri. In astrology, many types of 'Abhishek' has been explained. But very few people know the correct method of performing 'Abhishek.' Because of which they remained deprived of His grace. Since they do not know where they are committing a mistake, they continue to worship Lord Shiva with incomplete information. If you too are thinking of performing 'Abhishek' to please Lord Shiva, I must tell you that you should read the following tips with rapt attention. If the following things are not used in 'Shiva's Abhishek,' His worship is considered incomplete.

In astrology, many things related to Lord Shiva's Abhishek have been explained. Some of these things are so important that they ought to be used while performing 'Abhishek.' Apart from this, according to 'Shiv Purana,' the bathing of Shivling with the things mentioned below fulfills all the wishes of the native.

Honey: The native who performs 'Abhishek' of Lord Shiva with honey develops sweetness in his speech. 

Cow's milk:  By performing 'Abhishek' of Lord Shiva with cow milk, the native gets good health and blessings from Him.

Pure curd made from cow's milk: By performing 'Abhishek' of Lord Shiva with the pure curd of cow's milk on the fourth day of the month of Phalgun, i.e., on the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri, the native starts developing seriousness in his nature. 

Pure Ghee made from cow's milk: By performing 'Abhishek' on 'Shivling' with pure Ghee made from cow's milk, the native gets divine power in his body. 

Scented perfume made of Sandalwood: By performing 'Abhishek' on Lord Shiva with the scented perfume of Sandalwood, the native gets purity in his thoughts. 

Pure Sandalwood: Those who perform 'Abhishek' on 'Bholenath' with pure Sandalwood get an attractive personality, and they start getting respect in society.   

Pure Saffron: On the day of Maha Shivaratri, by performing 'Abhishek' on Lord Shiva with pure saffron, the native becomes mild. 

Gangajal:  Those who perform 'Abhishek' on Gangadhar Bholenath with Gangajal and offer Him Cannabis eliminate all mental disorders and evils. 

Sugar: If a native performs 'Abhishek' on 'Trilonath Shiva Shambhu' with sugar on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri, he gets happiness and prosperity in his life.  

Method of Doing Rudrabhishek

First of all, meditate in the form of Lord Shiva.

Take milk in a copper vessel and do Tilak around it with Kumkum. 

Chanting the mantra, 'Om Sri Kamadhenve Namah' tie a 'Moli' to the vessel.  

Offer flowers on the 'Shivling' while chanting 'Om Namah Shivaya,' the beloved mantra of Lord Shiva.

After this, wash the 'Shivling' with clean water and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Which Things Should Never Be Used During Abhishek? 

Apart from this, some things are forbidden to be included during the worship of Shiva. It is believed that using those things during worship is not considered successful.

Tulsi - Lord Shiva killed a demon named Jalandhar. After the death of her husband, Jalandhar's wife, Vrinda, became a plant of Tulsi. This notion is the reason why Tulsi is not included in the worship of Shiva.

Shankh - Shankh is considered taboo during the worship of Lord Shiva. All the gods were troubled by the demon named Shankhchud. After which, Shiva killed a demon named Shankhchud. Shankh was born due to the burning of Shankhchudha's body. That is why Shankh is not used.

Coconut water - Coconut is offered on the Shiva Linga, but coconut water is never offered on the Shivling because coconut water is considered as the form of Lakshmi.

Ketki Flower - According to religious beliefs, Ketaki flower supported Brahma Ji in his lie. Due to this, Shivji cursed the Ketki flower that it will never be offered to the Shivling.

Turmeric - Shivalinga is never offered turmeric as turmeric is used for women’s beauty, and Shivalinga is considered the form of Shiva. Therefore, turmeric is never offered on Shivlinga.

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