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Importance of Aarti

why do we perform aarti

The importance of Aarti is first discussed in the "Skanda Purana." Aarti is an essential function of the worship of Hindu tradition. At the end of any pooja, yagna, ritual, Aarti of the deities is performed. While doing Aarti, the flame and some extraordinary things are kept on a plate and moved around the Lord. Different things kept on the plate have different importance, but the most important thing is the 'Stuti,' which is sung along with Aarti. The more devotionally it is sung, the more effective it is for devotees. 

What is the Importance of Aarti, Performed after Pooja is Over? According to Hindu Religion?

Is it essential to perform Aarti after every Pooja or religious ceremony in the Hindu religion? Whenever we walk past any temple and the chanting of Aarti echoes in our ears, we dive into the devotion of the Almighty. Our soul and body bow to His veneration. It is said that there is such magic in the Aarti of God. According to religious assumptions, Aarti is also called 'Nirajan.' The meaning of the word 'Nirajan' illuminates something specially. That means positive energies sought after by worshipping God illuminate our minds and glow our personalities. 

The Worship of God is Complete

It is said in Skanda Purana that if any person does not know 'mantra,' and also the method of worshipping, but he performs Aarti devotionally, God accepts his worship.  

Importance of Aarti in Shastras

Aarti is always sung in a high tone and a single rhythm, making the atmosphere all-around devotional and musical. This atmosphere gives solace to the mind under any condition. By playing with different musical instruments and singing different Stuti for different Gods, one can please Gods and Goddesses.  

Scientific Importance of Aarti

Apart from religious importance, Aarti has scientific importance. Remember which things are used on the plate of Aarti. You must have remembered things like cotton, Ghee, Camphor, flowers, sandalwood. Cotton is pure and has no impurity in it. Similarly, Ghee is also an essential element of milk. Camphor and sandalwood are also pure and Sattvic material. When a cotton wick is lighted with Ghee and Camphor, a wonderful fragrance gets diffused in the atmosphere. Negative energies present in the nearby atmosphere disappear, and positive energies start circulating. During Aarti, whichever God is remembered amidst singing of devotional songs, blowing of Shanakh, and bells' ringing, the mind is concentrated towards that God. Duality brewing in mind comes to an end. An asleep soul awakens in our body, by which our mind and body are energized, and it is felt, and God's grace is being bestowed on us. 

How to Decorate Aarti Thaal?

In Aarti thaal, a lota full of water, flowers, kumkum, rice, Diya, dhoop, Camphor, clean clothes, bell and book of aarti sangrah should be kept. Make swastika with kumkum in thaal. Thaal should be of brass or copper. 


It is said that Punya (holy blessings) can be sought by seeing and listening to Aarti apart from doing it. According to the Padma Purana, one should perform Aarti of Lord with kumkum, agar, Camphor, Ghee, five or seven wicks of sandalwood, and wicks made of cotton ghee by playing conch, bell, etc. According to shastras, Aarti can be done one to five times a day. But in the houses, Aarti is usually done in the morning and the evening.

What are the Rules of Doing Aarti?

  • Aarti cannot be performed without worshipping, chanting, or singing Bhajan.

  • It is always best to perform Aarti after any Pooja, or religious ceremony is over.  

  • In Aarti thaal, the flame can be ignited from Camphor or Diya with Ghee. 

  • If you do Aarti with diya, it should be Panchmukhi. 

  • Also, it would be best if you kept flowers and kumkum.

  • Move aarti thaal in such a way that  is formed. 

  • Move aarti thaal in the Lord's feet four times, naval two times, on the face once, and the whole body seven times.

  • After Aarti is over, offer flowers kept in the thaal to the Lord and do tilak on His face with kumkum. 

Why Perform Aarti with Deepak or Diya?

Along with cotton, the wick of Ghee is burnt. Ghee provides prosperity. Ghee also provides affectionateness after removing rudeness in one's nature. The meaning of diya with Ghee offered to the deity means the more smoothness in the Ghee, the more smoothly all the works of our life will be completed. One will not face any obstacles in one's life.

Why Sound of Shankh and Ghanta in Aarti? 

During the blowing of Shankh and beating of the bell, whichever God is remembered, one's mind is concentrated, and the turmoil brewing in one's mind becomes less annoying. One's body's follicles become pulsated, which makes one's body more energetic.

Why Do Aarti with Camphor?

  • The smell of Camphor gets diffused rapidly in the atmosphere. It attracts the positive energies (divine powers) present in the universe. Aarti is the medium through which the divine power finds its way to the place of worship.

  • While doing Aarti, the devotee should feel that he or she is wholeheartedly doing Aarti of God. The flame of Ghee should be considered the flame of the soul. If a devotee remembers God from the core of his or her heart, it is called Pancharati. 

  • Aarti can be done one to five times during day time.

  • Aarti is done two times at home—one time in the morning and one time in the evening. 

  • According to Deep bhakti science, while doing Namaskar, one should offer God flowers three times before doing Aarti.

  • After that, one should keep some ghee in Diya and burn three, five, or seven wicks to do Aarti of God. Generally, Aarti is done with five or seven wicks, which is called Panch Pradeep. After that, Aarti is done with Camphor. The smoke of Camphor gets diffused in the environment. This smoke joins our worship with cosmological power. 

  • Aarti can be done with five things in any special worship—first with dhoop, second with deep, third with a neat and clean cloth, and fifth with water. 

Method of Doing Aarti

  • Aarti should be done in such a way in front of God that a figure like ऊँ is formed. 

  • There are different numbers of doing Aarti for different gods and goddesses. For instance—move Aarti around Lord Shiva for three or five times, around lord Ganesha four times, around Lord Vishnu twelve times, around Lord Rudra fourteen times, around lord sun seven times, and around other lords seven times.   

  • Start doing Aarti from your left side, then take it to the right side. The sequence should be repeated seven times. First of all, Aarti should be moved four times around the feet of God's statue, twice around.

  • His naval, and once around His face. After that, Aarti should be moved seven times around the statue of God in a circular direction.

  • Regarding Aarti, it has been explained in the Padma

  • Purana that Aarti should be performed with kumkum, agar, Camphor, Ghee, five or seven sandalwood wicks, and cotton wicks with Ghee amidst blowing of shankh and ringing of bells.  

  • After Aarti is over, water should be circulated thaal of Aarti, which pacifies Aarti. 

  • After Aarti is over, Aarti is offered to the devotees. One should offer Aarti from one's right side. 

  • All the devotees take Aarti. While taking Aarti, devotees turn their palms upside down and then join and move them around and touch their foreheads. It is believed that Godly power is hidden in the flame of Aarti. There is one more belief that one takes away the evil effects cast on God. The genuine reason for this is to express one's love and devotion to God. 

How to Take Energy from Aarti? 

  • While taking energy from Aarti, keep your head covered.

  • Circulate your both palms over Aarti and then touch your eyes and the middle part of your head. 

  • Please do not touch water for at least five minutes. 

  • Donate money inside the donation box. Do not keep money in aarti thaal. 

Do the Following Things after Aarti

After Aarti is over, one should take Aarti with both palms. It is believed that Godly power is diffused in the flame of Aarti. The devotees feel blessed by taking Aarti on their foreheads. 

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