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Why Annaprashan Sanskar is important?

Why Annaprashan Sanskar is important?

Annaprashan Sanskar is performed when an infant is in the sixth month. In the scriptures, food is called the soul of human beings. It has been explained in Gita that human beings remain alive with the consumption of food. The mind is formed only by food. That is why food has the highest importance in life. AnnaprashanSanskar is the process of removing the contaminated food from the body of an infant when he or she was in the mother’s womb and feeding him or her pure food. (अन्नाशनान्मातृगर्भेमलाशाद्यपिशुद्धय्ति।) When an infant is six or seven months old, he or she is fed grains in addition to beverages, milk, etc., for the first time. The purpose of this Sanskar is that an infant should get sacred food. It is explained in the Chandogya Upanishad that body and mind remain healthy only through nutritious food, and a healthy mind is the only means of enlightenment. The conscience is pure only when the diet is pure. 

आहारशुद्धौसत्वशुद्धि:। The meaning of this Shloka is that by eating a pure diet, virtues increases in the human body. A proper diet nurtures the body and nourishes the mind, intellect, sharpness, and soul. For this reason, to accept Annaprashan in the form of Sanskar, AnnaprashanSanskar is performed to make a vow to take pure, sattvic, and nutritious food only in life.

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