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Do you know what is Kapaal kriya during a funeral?

Kapaal Kriya

It is that process in which the head is hit with a stick while performing the last rites of a dead person

As stated by the Hindu scriptures, it is significant to perform the last rites whenever a person dies. Apart from Hinduism, this tradition is not followed in any other religion. The dead are buried in Islam. Likewise, the dead person is cremated in the Hindu religion. But it will spring a surprise to know about the process that happens during this time.

It is supposed that after death, this last process is associated and affects the next life of the person. Maybe this is why everything is done cautiously while performing the last rites of a person so that no glitch occurs at this time. Nevertheless, Very few people know that an imperative ritual is also done upon the funeral. This is known as Kapaal Kriya.

Yes, let us tell you that without performing the Kapaal Kriya, the funeral of any person is not complete. Although, performing and seeing this action is tear-jerking. This action is awful. So, many times it is also thought by some folks that why this Kapaal Kriya is imperative. As per the Garuda Purana, after cremating a dead person, more ghee is poured on the head than on the rest of his body.

This is done to ensure that the head of the deceased person burns well. So, when the head gets burnt, it is broken with a stick. Let us tell you that this process in the crematorium is termed the Kapaal Kriya. Now there may be a question hovering in your mind that why a person's head is broken after death by hitting it with a stick. So let us inform you that there are two reasons behind doing so.

This is a belief

 Yes, the primary reason for this is that if it is not broken by hitting a stick, the head is half-burnt several times. That is, it does not burn completely. Understandably, the last rites are not considered completed until the deceased’s head is not burnt. Furthermore

As per the religious beliefs, the subsequent reason is to free a person from all the worldly bonds. Yes, only after the Kapaal kriya, a dead person is free from all the bondages and achieves redemption.

Nevertheless, after reading about Kapal Kriya, we are sure that you must have understood why this is done at the time of the funeral and why it is imperative. So, one should keep all these things in mind, as not having complete information about life and death sometimes makes a person a sinner. So it is significant to be aware of the entire process.

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