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What is the importance of wearing Pitambari clothes?

Different colors have different importance in both Hinduism and science. Still, the yellow or pitambar has special significance in religious work. Whenever an auspicious or any religious work occurs, we see that the priest prioritizes the yellow color. Have you ever wondered why only yellow color? After all, why is only the yellow color considered paramount in religious works? Let’s try to figure it out through this article.

Yellow color or pitambar Importance

Yellow-colored clothes are also called Pitambar. In Vedic scriptures, Lord Krishna is also known as Pitambar. Lord Krishna is known for his knowledge and he is the universe of infinite knowledge. When Pitambar and knowledge come together, it gives us an impression of the relation between color and knowledge. It is the reason why in every religious work, the yellow color or pitambar is worn to get knowledge and blessings from God.

Relation of pitambar and astrology

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered the factor of knowledge and good luck. Each planet has its own special color, and the yellow color denotes the planet Jupiter. As per Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is a planet that gives the person more religious and spiritual tendencies. Vedic Astrologers usually say that to strengthen the planet Jupiter, a person should wear yellow clothes or can use any yellow-colored things. If you have the blessings of Jupiter, then you will get honor and respect in abundance in your lifetime. So, it shows the actual importance of wearing Yellow clothes as per Astrology. This is the reason that most people wear yellow clothes on Thursdays.

So, if we wear yellow clothes or pitambar during worship, we will get the cosmic energy of Jupiter, which helps us attain auspicious results in our lives. Some people say that wearing pitambar keeps our mind focused and helps us worship with better concentration for getting god’s blessings. We are surrounded by cosmic energy, and we have to choose only those energies that can help us to attain auspicious results in life. 

Pitambar and dispassion

The planet Jupiter is the symbol of knowledge, and when one truly attains knowledge, it means they deeply understand the truth of life and death. It is the major reason for the born of dispassion or vairagya in life. After attaining knowledge, the person's attachment to worldly pleasures starts to drop. As per Hindu scriptures, we should devote our minds to religious work during performing religious rituals or worshipping. At that time, attachment to worldly matters can distract us from our original goal. In such situations, wearing Pitambar can help us concentrate on our goals by diverting our minds from all worldly matters. By wearing yellow color clothes, we will be devoted to worship just like a sannyasi. Through this, one can attain Virtue in life. 

Pitambar and Auspicious work

The yellow color also symbolizes positive energy. The light of the Sun also appears yellow to us, which is the limitless source of life. By wearing Pitambar, we conduct positive energy in our body, which inspires us to complete any auspicious work with the right method. According to scientists, the yellow color also shows the resistance of our arteries and blood. By using yellow color, we can increase our immunity and ensure good health for ourselves. Yellow color is like a boon that guarantees the completion of the work on time.

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