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Why is Gangajal holy?


Why do bugs not corrupt Gangajal? Know the reason! Benefits of Gangajal in Hinduism: the river Ganges is said to be a sacred river and the river of the Gods; this is why even today, Gangajal is used on every auspicious occasion. In Hinduism, Gangajal has a significant role from the birth of a child to death. Gangajal is required from time to time; that is why whenever a person goes to Haridwar to take a dip into the Holy Ganga, he certainly brings holy water. It is common to find a bottle full of Gangajal almost in every Hindu household. But have you ever wondered why the Gangagal never gets spoiled or adulterated even after being bottled for many years, whereas normal water, closed for several days in the bottle, either gets spoiled or there are all bugs in it? Scientists have also done a lot of research in this regard. Scientists, after their research, have proved that the reason for the Ganges water never getting spoiled is a virus. Let us know the reasons why the Ganges water never gets spoiled?

In the Himalayas, the Ganges (Bhagirathi), which originates from Gangotri, meets the Alaknanda at Haridwar (Devprayag). In this journey, some distinct salts and herbs dissolve in the Gangajal. Due to which the Ganges water becomes purer and full of medicinal properties than other waters. The water of each river has its biological composition, in which the salts are dissolved. Those which allow certain bacteria to grow, some do not. In scientific research, there are bacteria in the Ganges water that do not allow the germs to grow, so this water does not spoil for long.

Why is Gangajal considered sacred?

 India is an exclusive country where the people worship trees and plants; we also worship rivers and lakes.

Therefore, we can say that we worship God and everything created by him, following the value of Vasudeva Kutumbakam.

But if we dwell a little logic and scientific point of view and think that why do we worship all these things? So the answer would be "because this was the teachings of our ancestors."

When nobody was aware of what Science was, our country's ancient sages and intellectuals knew everything from spirituality to Science. That is why our sages have related some of the things of nature with religion so that people do not harm the natural heritage because of its association with religion and this natural heritage includes the Ganges.

Ganga is the foremost river of India, it originates from Gangotri, and it goes into the Bay of Bengal. Meanwhile, it covers a total distance of 2510 kms through India and Bangladesh. It cleanses the body and mind of the devotees while passing through the holy cities of Haridwar and Banaras, two centers of faith in Hinduism.

Apart from many religious texts, the characteristics of the Ganga and its unique water are shown great respect in foreign literature. Many Indian poets have also described the Ganga beautifully in literature, including Prithviraj Raso, Kabir Vani, Jayasi, Surdas, and other poets.

Religious reasons

In Hinduism, the Ganga is considered the most sacred of all rivers. And it has also been well-recognized in Sanatan Dharma. For this reason, the Ganga Jal is kept by Hindus in their homes. This Ganges water is used in all sorts of religious rituals. In Sawan, Lord Shiva is worshiped with the Gangajal brought by the Kanwars from the Ganga, which is highly fruitful. Hindus use Gangajal from birth rites to death. On the normal death of a person, Gangajal is poured into his mouth. As per religious beliefs, this destroys all sins and evil thoughts and purifies the body and mind.

Mythological significance

Hindu Dharma Puranas have also called Ganga holy and divine. Ganga is mentioned in almost all the Puranas of Sanatan Dharma. According to the beliefs, Ganga sat on the head of Lord Shiva. Once, a king named Bhagirath pleased Lord Shiva by doing penance and favored him to send the Ganga to the earth, after which the Ganga descended on this earth with its holy stream.

Scientific research

In Scientific research, it has been found that Gangajal is more important than the water of all other rivers, even from a scientific viewpoint. Keep Gangajal in any vessel for any number of days; it never gets spoiled. That means no moss is found in it, nor are germs there.

Ability to kill germs

As per the research, the Ganga sand comprises copper, chromium, and microscopic amounts of radioactive Thorium much more than in other rivers. These elements can kill germs. These elements are produced by the rubbing of stones by the water in the Ganga. The research also states that a useful bacteria called Kaliphaz is found in the water of the Ganga; this cleans the water by destroying all the harmful germs. Along with this, the National Botanical Institute of Lucknow determined from its research that the Ganga water can kill the toxic E. coli bacteria. These miraculous properties are there in the Ganga water at its foothills or surface. When scientists mixed the harmful disease-causing germs with Ganga water, they found that all the germs were excluded due to the effect of Gangajal.

The opinion of the Scientists

Many scientists from England, France, America, and Germany have tested Gangajal and found it unique. The famous English physician, C.E. Nelson, while researching on the Ganga water, has written that there are no germs in this water. Subsequently, quoting Maharishi Charak, he has written that Gangajal is truly pathya (drinkable).

Scientific tests have concluded that bathing with the Gangajal and drinking it destroys the germs of cholera, plague, malaria, and tuberculosis. To confirm this once, Dr. Hackins came on behalf of the British Government to test the diseases caused by Ganga water. He put cholera germs in the Ganges water to try it. Cholera germs died in just 6 hours, and when those germs were kept in ordinary water, they became alive and multiplied.

Like this, it was seen that Gangajal is the water that cures various diseases. Russian scientists said in 1950, after bathing in Haridwar and Kashi, that they came to know only after bathing that why Indians contemplate Ganga as a sacred river.

Oxygen absorbing power

Devendra Swarup Bhargava, retired professor of environmental Science at IIT Roorkee, states that Gangajal has a wonderful ability to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and, together with it, can destroy the dirt in the Ganga up to 15 to 20 percent more than other rivers. 

How to keep Gangajal at home?

When kept in the house, Gangajal should not be stored in any plastic vessel. When stored in Brass, bronze, copper, or silver utensils, its quality is intact. As per the religious fundamentals, Gangajal should always be kept at the place of worship.

Apart from this, this Gangajal is also used a lot in the worships in the house. But are you aware of the things to consider while keeping Gangajal in the house? 

Things to be kept in mind before keeping Gangajal in the house

  • Most people keep Gangajal in a plastic bottle, which is inauspicious. This holy water should always be kept in a copper or silver vessel.

  • Where Gangajal is kept in the house, it should be spotless. Ganga water is valued, and owing to which cleanliness should be upheld around it.

  • In the room where you keep Gangajal, do not consume meat and liquor at all, as it invites misfortune.

  • Gangajal should not be kept in the dark place.

  • Hands should be cleaned before using Gangajal.

  • From time to time, a few drops of Gangajal should be sprinkled in the house. This keeps positivity going around the house.

  • Fill a lotus with clean water and put some Gangajal in it every Saturday. Offer this to Peepal. This gets rid of other defects of the horoscope along with Saturn.

Holy water solves every problem, disease, or epidemic

Good health- Science believes that bathing and drinking with Gangajal reduces the risk of infections. Along with this, owing to its medicinal properties, it helps strengthen the immune system. So we should have two drops of Gangajal every day.

Freedom from planetary defects- if there are unfavorable effects on a person, he should worship Lord Shiva every Monday and offer Gangajal. Along with this, one gets rid of the planetary defects by adding a little Gangajal to the water and offering that to the Peepal tree every Saturday.

Avoiding Evil eye - if a member of the house or a child has caught the Evil Eye (Nazar dosha), Gangajal should be sprinkled on him. By doing this, the evil eye effect nullifies.

Get rid of scary dreams-If anyone has scary dreams at night, before sleeping, the bed should be sprinkled with Gangajal. It gives respite from scary and bad dreams. Along with this, it helps in advocating good and deep sleep.

One attains success-Vaastu defects are the reason for getting constant problems in business or office. In such a situation, Gangajal should be filled in a brass bottle and kept in the northeast direction of the house. You can also keep Gangajal in your place of worship and the kitchen. This will give you progress and success. Along with this, positive energy enters the house.

Vastu Dosh- This can be the reason behind constant brawls at home, tension, and lack of progress in the business. In such a situation, after worshiping every morning at home, shop, and office, one should sprinkle Ganga water. It cuts down on the negative energy and brings happiness to life.


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