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Know about the grace of God?

Grace Of God

Many times you encounter diverse signs while performing a ritual or a pooja. It is not possible to comprehend all of them. But these signs are imperative in our life. These indications indicate that God or the deity you worship etc. is on your side. And by understanding these signs, you can tell your thoughts to your beloved or God. During this, the Supernatural being fulfills the promises made before. So let us know about some of the indications given by God during worship.

Intensification of a flame

Fire is one of the five elements. Lord Shiva exists in the fire. If you are in the midst of worship and the flame of the lamp placed before you increase, it is an indication that the Almighty is pleased with your worship and true devotion. At such times we should pray to God and tell him your wish.

Incense smoke

If the smoke of incense sticks placed by you while worshiping is going in the direction of the idol of your deity, it means that God has recognized your worship.

Flower fall

If you have offered flowers to God during worshiping or meditating, and while worshiping or meditating, a flower falls towards you, it is regarded as a promising indication. It is a sign of your worship being accepted, and you will get its positive result immediately.

Cow at the door

It is an excellent sign if a cow comes to your door at the time of worship or aarti of Lord Shiva. Worship the cow at your door. Feed bread etc. And, with folded hands, tell your wish to Gaumata. Your wish will come true.

When there is the grace of God on being, then only one gets a human birth. Man can lead for salvation by correcting his past, present, and future deeds in human life. Man can become male to the devil and from human to superman and Godly by his actions.

We can become this able with our hard work and mind, but sometimes our ability is not enough to work for us. These are occasions when some events are beyond our control. This is what we call a bad time in common, and the nature of man is such that he remembers the almighty only when facing crunch situations. Then he goes to a shrine or temple and starts praying to the supreme power to fulfill his wish.

But one thing you will certainly agree that God does not even listen to everyone's prayers every time. If you want your cry to reach God, you must know how to pray and make it heard.

Meaning of prayer

Prayer is a way to speak your heart out to God by establishing a divine connection. With this, the person tries to accomplish his wishes or those of others. Incidentally, tantra, mantra, meditation, and chanting are also a kind of prayer. Prayer works on a small scale and, nature changes according to your needs.

If numerous folks do a prayer at once, it is more effective. Praying together brings rapid variations.

Why prayer goes unheard

At times a person feels that he is praying to God a lot, but the prayers do not reach God. If you are in this situation, then we will tell you why prayers sometimes fail. At the outset, you should understand that prayer, just like business and transaction, also fails.

There are some whys and wherefores why prayer fails, such as:

Prayer fails because of a lack of regulation in diet and behavior

- Prayer fails because of disrespect of parents

- Prayer fails even if you are hurting yourself

Absurd prayer also bites the dust

Rules of prayer

The prayer which is done right can bring about miracles in life.

- Prayer should be done crisply and clearly and should be an easily spoken prayer.

It is best to pray in a positive and calm environment.

The prayers are done, especially in the middle of the night, are accepted rather quickly.

It is good to stick to a particular time for a prayer every day.

At the same time, do not pray unreasonably or with the motive of harming others.

Before praying for others, think about them and then start praying.

If you abide by these rules, then believe me that your prayer, whether for money or children or job, will undoubtedly be fulfilled.

Way to pray

If you want God to accept your prayer, you should pray with some rules. Learn about these rules:

It will help if you sit in a secluded place

The spine needs to be kept straight during worshiping

Then first meditate on your Ishta, Guru, or God.

- After that, do the prayer you want

-  Don’t reveal your prayer to anyone

- Keep repeating your prayer now and then.

If you sincerely follow these ways, then there is every chance of your wish getting fulfilled. It is said that human birth is the only birth in which a person can sanctify his life by doing charity. The Household life or the grihastha ashrama is considered to be the best ashram of human life. The daily work performed by the householder is deemed to be the worship of the almighty. Bhakti is the feeling of the presence of God in all the actions, duties. This is why Devtas also yearns for birth as a human, and the farmer is also termed as Annadata, Annapurna Bhagwan. God has created the human to do charity. Satsang and Bhagwat Katha are both acquired with luck. Those whose fortunes rise during the vicious cycle, only then do they get this chance. Bhagwat Katha gives redemption to the sinner. Bhagwat Katha shows human beings the way to make life eloquent by following the path of mortality. The story's outcome is attained only when the story is heard so prudently that it does not leave its senses. Some people don’t want to listen to the story but to tell their story. Some people come just to doze off and not be all-ears to the story, and when the story begins, they fall asleep. That is why there are three sorts of listeners. One is called the listener, and the others dozers. The dozers and braggers do not get any advantage from the story.

We all have heard about the grace and kindness of God. And most have even felt it. This is a feeling that is understood by the one who is blessed by the almighty

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